Robin Li teaches entrepreneurial coup

Now many successful entrepreneurs understand

to build up the family fortunes of the road, to give people inspiration, drives the progress of the industry market is worth learning, the majority of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs brought seven coup Baidu founder Robin Li for the majority of entrepreneurs, hoping to inspire the majority of entrepreneurs.

the first one: look ahead two years

when Robin Li in the United States to abandon with extreme ease doctor cap, when the United States IT hard pioneer, is the hottest e-commerce. Many people desperately want to squeeze on this car to be optimistic about the of trains, and even throw away their familiar industry.

second strokes: less promising, more cash

– "how long this project can be completed? " "

– "6 months."

– "4 months? Give you 50% pay."

– "I’m sorry, I can’t do that. " "

This is

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