A stone Yiguo multi join advantage

as a modern Hot pot of delicious, delicious flavor has been attractive, Hot pot market has always been the hot field of investment business, one stone Yiguo selected materials, carey cooked, for consumers to bring the wonderful experience.

since the reform and opening up, the development is very rapid, has been the main force of China’s food and beverage industry, mainly due to:

1. it is a cultural

Hot pot pot is brass, the fire is red, the bottom of the pot is China for thousands of years of history the food cooked, add various food which is new and fresh, can exist in the pot at the same time, a variety of flavor sauce is mixed, taste is various, when you can eat Hot pot choose your favorite. One stone Yiguo join? The characteristics of Hot pot on behalf of the diet food culture of the Chinese nation for thousands of years of heavy, also reflects the modern China open, inclusive, unity of thought. China’s hot pot culture is the country, but also the national culture.

2. it’s eating, taste diversification, there are levels, can be flexible change

fresh. Using different methods of fresh ingredients wok, the purpose is to ensure that the bottom of the pot soup is fresh and fragrant. With the addition of a variety of fresh food, whether vegetables, mushrooms, meat, to ensure the freshness of food. Hot pot with fire, fire, fire, gas or alcohol fire, or other fuels, in the process of proper grasp of diners eating cooked food is delicious guarantee.

hot. First of all, the hot pot from the following hot pot heating, followed by a source of hemp pepper, pepper, ginger, garlic, sesame oil and other raw materials to add. The right amount of food with a modest amount of cooking achievements of the hot pot, so that the instant cooked food, which is the secret of Shabu shabu.

the word for a moderate taste. Eat the most worried about is Tastes differ all tastes., but Hot pot solves this problem. As a result of the hot pot from the bottom of the spicy taste, taste distinction is very thin, and the most important thing is the uniqueness of hot pot utensils, he has a small pot, the bottom of the pot. The pot bottom is divided into a mandarin duck pot and three or more pots. So many people at the same time, you can choose to eat their favorite taste, so eat more satisfied.

A stone Yiguo

easy to enjoy. Chinese people are family oriented, generally like collective life, and family reunion. China has thousands of years of food culture, diet has become a way of life, life, work is an important means of communication. Especially in family life, communication between each other is optional, so the family dinner is also more concerned about a casual, relaxed, lively way. And the rise of hot pot culture is positive

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