Hao fund micro Charity Fund for Foshan on a higher level the whole

charity related to the other side of society, many people will be through their own efforts, have done a lot of charity. Foshan charity was informed that, as at fifteen pm on March 25th, to participate in the registration of the charity of the people of the city of Foshan, fifty km foot charity in F, a total of micro fund set up to raise funds of $218 98386.18 yuan.

it is understood that, in order to mobilize more people to participate in public welfare undertakings, the city charity will also set up a fund-raising campaign in the hiking activities. The task is formulated in accordance with the nature of the micro fundraising and fund, in May 1, 2017 before the individual family micro fund up to 500 yuan, micro team to raise funds up to 1000 yuan, micro enterprise fund raising up to 2000 yuan, you can get to by city charity donations to commemorate a certificate. Participate in charity registration of the people, groups and businesses are very active in the activities.

2017 love hiking micro fund raising from 100 yuan to set up the money 4296 yuan, has become a personal / family category for champion, 2017 "Hao fund" foot micro fund from 500 yuan raised to 6249.71 yuan at the time of the establishment, became the organization / group category for champion, and in 2017 silver soldiers love hiking battery enterprises for the micro fund, 2017 wide and 2017 foot electrical excitation micro fund to fund the mining foot micro fundraising task, become the enterprise list of the top three.

has long been a society that encourages more people to help more people in need of help. Foshan’s participation in the registration of the people who are wearing a uniform custom blue charity element walking T-shirt, carrying a uniform yellow backpack, personally involved in the charity charity foot on foot.

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