The total cost of joining cross strait coffee business

today Xiaobian to recommend for everyone is the coffee chain brand in the heavy item – Cross Strait coffee, want to join the coffee shop friends this will be a good choice. Here’s a small series I come together to understand the brand!

on both sides of Zhejiang food chain Co., Ltd. by the well-known female entrepreneurs in Zhejiang, Ms. Jin Meiyang for the pursuit of greater ideals and better coffee service concept, the establishment of the coffee chain. The implementation of multi brand strategy: cross-strait coffee A Well-Known Trademark in China "cross-strait coffee" is a world famous joint venture brand restaurant chain, in addition to Kaka King steak restaurant, on both sides of the wooden orchid Teppanyaki Japanese restaurant.

"cross-strait coffee" in 2008 was ranked first in the world of investment banking, one of the world’s top 500 enterprises "Goldman Sachs Group" and "Wahson investment" favor, invest more than 200 million yuan, the "cross-strait coffee" have rich human resources and strong financial strength, determined to more perfect enterprise architecture, more pragmatic business philosophy, to create a Chinese belongs to his own coffee Western-style food chain brand.

"cross-strait coffee" future development blueprint has been drawn up four distinct purpose, the layout of the regional development plan of progress, including in Hangzhou as the center of the East China region, with Wuhan as the center of the central region, with Tianjin as the center of the North China, and Chongqing as the center of the western region, "the two sides will be in the coffee" within two years of the Hangzhou headquarters of the central kitchen, training school, coffee factory and logistics distribution system, Wuhan, copied to Tianjin and Chongqing three central city, and nearby surrounding areas to do food, taste, service consistency and standardization, health service.

"cross-strait coffee" has been successy operating coffee restaurant, Teppanyaki, wood of blue Huaishi food catering brand number, is expected in ten years according to the company’s shop plans to complete the 5000 "cross-strait coffee restaurant" chain planning, provide convenient national chain business casual platform for all domestic success business people, and hope and identity "around the country on both sides of the coffee" successful experience and mode of operation of the investors together to work together to create one of the Chinese their coffee chain Western-style food national brand


the national chain of "cross-strait coffee restaurant" sincerely welcome you to join

and coming!

so how much would you like to invest in the brand? How much is the cross-strait coffee join fee?

cross strait coffee to join the cost:

join fee 160 thousand yuan /4 years (Note: chartered to obtain the franchise for four years)

margin 50 thousand yuan (Note: contract expires)

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