The winter Hot pot popular investment choice the whole

because of the cold winter weather, many people love to eat Hot pot very much, many entrepreneurs have seen Hot pot to join the market prospects, so they are extremely interested in the Hot pot, taste delicious, let a person very memorable, but also to eat Hot pot Caution.

In September

2014, a self-service barbecue shop Zhejiang Yiwu waiter directly add alcohol to Hot pot oven with glass bottles of alcohol in alcohol exposed to Hot pot furnace for a moment, and then ejected straight fire caused the fire, leading to a female college student body 80% burns.

2015 in December 22nd, Guizhou in Hongqiao province Dushan County Road fish shop Hot pot fire, but fortunately firefighters arrived, all 14 people trapped evacuation.

2016 at 20:16 on November 18th, Shanghai, Yangpu, a subsidiary of the 35 branch of a hot pot of carbon monoxide poisoning occurred, but fortunately all personnel are not life-threatening.

delicious winter hot pot do not forget to fire safety in strict accordance with the standard operation

so eat hot pot, the Fire Department reminded to pay attention to the following points:

1, at home to eat hot pot, you should buy a special pot, the quality of the product need to pass, carey check to prevent the purchase of the poor quality of the product without inspection, before use, to be familiar with the use of methods.

2, dining out as far as possible to choose the fire facilities in good restaurants, found that the presence of dining room fire safety risks, the service process is not standardized, should be made in a timely manner, or call 96119 to report to the fire department.

3, on the table as far as possible not to use the way to burn the fire, if you must use open flame, in order to ensure a good place to eat in the premise of good ventilation conditions, as far as possible the use of volatile, high ignition fuel.

4, if the use of electric hot pot, we should first take the hot pot, after the power supply, cut off the power supply after use. If the use of copper pot of charcoal, when dining choice well ventilated places, the ventilation window, to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning in the Hot pot pad under a plate, put some water to prevent high temperature bake bad desktop or even cause a fire.

5, if the use of alcohol, first of all to learn how to strictly in accordance with the standard operation, to prevent the improper operation caused deflagration. When the use of alcohol should be poured into the alcohol and then the ignition, the fire can not be added to the hot pot of alcohol, if you need to add alcohol, to be extinguished after the fire, the pot body temperature decreased by.

6, to learn fire safety knowledge, access to restaurants and other public places, to pay attention to safety exits and evacuation channels, in case of fire, should ensure that the

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