Be careful! There are 8 one way passage

To maximize the utilization rate of branch tunnel, reduce the narrow roadway traffic congestion, and take effective diversion of urban trunk road traffic flow, June 10th, Xining city traffic police detachment released by field research and demonstration, and then select the 8 branches for one-way traffic tunnel tissue microcirculation, at present, the city has 31 branch tunnel for one-way traffic the road.8 one-way

the announcement are the red wave (i.e. Long Xiang Xiang cattle, the one-way traffic from east to West), the tiger Taiwan Lane (the one-way traffic from north to South), Min Xiang (the implementation of one-way traffic from west to East), Xiang (the production from south to North one-way traffic) south Guan Jie (implemented from west to East and South one-way traffic) two lane (the one-way East-West pass), street to street small section (the one-way traffic from south to North), Yin Ma Street to street small section (the one-way traffic from north to South).

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