Backward production capacity of 270 thousand tons by the end of the month to shut down

"Since 12th Five-Year", our province to eliminate backward production capacity, promote industrial restructuring and upgrading, as an important starting point to promote energy-saving emission reduction, "12th Five-Year" three years ago, the province’s total elimination of backward production capacity of 1 million 603 thousand and 900 tons, involving 36 enterprises, to complete the objectives and tasks assigned by the state in advance. This year our province plans to eliminate backward production capacity of 270 thousand tons, is expected before the end of November to complete shut down. It is understood that this year, our province set out plans and annual employee resettlement plan will eliminate tasks and placement of workers to the implementation of specific enterprises, establish the horizontal and vertical extension of the comprehensive coverage of the target responsibility system in the end. Nearly three years of total elimination of backward production capacity of 153 million yuan bonus, which strive for the national capital of 109 million yuan, the provincial matching funds 44 million 270 thousand yuan, effectively shutting down enterprises to ensure the smooth development of the work menace from the rear. After the release of the objectives and tasks, the occasional inspection, tracking the effectiveness of the inspection and acceptance of strict checks to ensure that backward production capacity according to the requirements of all shut down. Finally, through internal job transfer, guide enterprises to absorb laid-off workers and the surrounding tissue free occupation training and job introduction and other measures, the proper placement of diversion and eliminate backward production capacity of enterprise employees. It is reported that in our province a hand optimized stock, a supplementary increment, although the "12th Five-Year" three years before the elimination of backward production capacity of the province’s industrial output value of about 7 billion 600 million yuan, but by accelerating the optimization of industrial layout and increase investment, and promote a number of advanced production and investment projects landing production, production, the rapid increase of industrial security the development of strong support for the development.  

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