Our city will add more than 20 roads

In March 3rd, the reporter visited the city’s "smooth Xining" three year action plan for tackling the key construction project of Huangshui waterway (Qaidam road – Kunlun Road) West Street viaduct, the Huangshui River Bridge, Delingha Road (bridge) road project site. Although the chill, but heavy traffic on the construction site, be in full swing, a good school shocking scene construction. It is understood that in the end of February, our city road project has been opened. By the end of the year there will be more than 20 roads completed.

[link] part of the road

– Huang water (Qaidam road – Kunlun Road Viaduct Project)

South of Kunlun Avenue, North Qaidam Road, 1840 meters long, 24 meters wide and 45 meters, 2.5 meters (sections sidewalks) +8 meters (car road) +24 meters (uplink viaduct) +8 meters (car road) +2.5 meters (sidewalk). The project is one of Xining city road network "five vertical and sixteen horizontal" Sixteen vertical, is one of the main traffic channel, connecting the Kunlun Road, 54 Road, three road the East-West main roads, while addressing the Huangshui River in Henan Strait north and Qinghai Tibet Railway in the north and south sides of the traffic conversion.Project

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