Along the high speed rail chaos was swept away

reporter from Lanzhou Railway (East Section) along the comprehensive environmental remediation work leading group office was informed that, in order to ensure the new high-speed railway Xining section along the clean and pleasant scenery, to the general public and tourists at home and abroad to leave a good impression, since the new high-speed railway along the line to carry out the work of environmental remediation, Chengdong district take garbage, Yan a number of measures, covering the fence, the high-speed railway (East Section) along the original chaos phenomenon disappeared.
– demolition of investment of 1 million 520 thousand yuan to the door, wood factory east of boric acid chemical factory is located in Fu village the legacy of construction waste carried out a thorough clean-up, clean-up of 18689 cubic meters of construction waste, and then use the dense mesh for full coverage of 103686 square meters of bare land, and the Wangjiazhuang village demolition site set up temporary fence 245 M. The investment of more than 5 yuan of happiness waste resource recovery company is located in Fu Village, supervise the relocation, clean up the garbage 15 tons, 300 tons of waste materials; environmental health 3 logistics company is located in the village of the hospital to carry out remediation, clean up 10 tons of garbage. The investment of 10 thousand yuan in the Fu Village a bare mound and building materials cluttered phenomenon of rectification, covered with dense mesh of 8500 square meters, up 26 tons of construction waste, and the wall and the door is arranged in the related area. The investment of 100 thousand yuan to Ning mutual road plug drains are clear, dirty and messy on the surrounding environment remediation, clean up the garbage 3 tons, 100 tons of silt cleaning; Zhu Lu carried out remediation, clean up 8 tons of garbage; bare land of Yun Jia Kou Zhen transition in the vegetable market on both sides of the cover, cover area of 1600 square meters. – located in the center of a small village Huixin on the northeast side of 20 thousand cubic meters of construction waste was cleared, the 2 cement products factory is located in the village of Wangjiazhuang to supervise the relocation, 1 mixing station carried out remediation.


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