Sanjiang National Park Authority and the Chinese Academy of space technology signed a strategic coop

11 1, Sanjiang, China National Park Authority and the Chinese Academy of space technology signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement in Zhuhai. State Councilor Wang Yong, governor of Guangdong province Zhu Xiaodan, Ministry of human resources and Social Security Deputy Minister, director of the State Bureau of foreign experts Zhang Jianguo, Qinghai provincial Party committee and provincial reform office director Ma Shunqing attended the signing ceremony. Vice governor of Guangdong province Yuan Baocheng presided over the ceremony.

cooperation agreement to accelerate the application of space technology in the field of ecological protection and environmental protection to promote the establishment of pilot demonstration, the ecological characteristics of Sanjiang source to strengthen personnel training and exchanges and cooperation to establish a high-level framework, joint research, decision-making departments jointly organized and implemented, the project jointly prepared cooperation mechanism to jointly promote the development of the Sanjiang declaration, source of scientific ecological environment the protection of national parks and modernization, application. Agreement clearly: one is relying on the space of satellite remote sensing, UAV, Beidou navigation, satellite communication technology application resources, accelerate the upgrading of Sanjiang source ecological environment monitoring and evaluation system construction, the wisdom of national park construction as well as in comprehensive supervision and service of the people’s livelihood. The two is the application of mature domestic satellite communication, a variety of new energy hybrid energy station space technology, jointly set up to meet the integrated monitoring, mobile law enforcement and the national park management model, to establish a high standard, and alpine environment with much land and few people in sewage and garbage treatment technology for demonstration, set up in the solar central heating demonstration station. The three is to carry out multi-level, comprehensive, regular technical exchanges and professional training, improve the source of Sanjiang National Park talent intelligence and science and technology support level.


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