The province’s winter and spring fire prevention and control work mobilization teleconference held

10 month 21 days, the province’s winter fire prevention and control work mobilization teleconference held, summed up the fire work in the summer, winter and spring fire prevention and control work arrangements. Vice governor Han Jianhua attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

the meeting pointed out that this year the province’s ongoing winter fire prevention, fire inspection and other special operations in the summer, the successful completion of the major fire security tasks, maintaining the overall fire situation is smooth, without fire accident influence. At present, when the winter cold weather, alternating, fire electric oil gas increased, and new year’s day, the Spring Festival approaching, the flow of logistics traffic flow intensive, has entered the fire accident prone period, the social aspects of fire prevention and control of heavy and arduous task.

the meeting stressed that all localities and departments should fully understand the situation, strengthen the sense of responsibility and urgency, to find a comprehensive assessment and fire industry area, the risk points, to implement local management responsibility of planning measures, ensure the layers of conductive pressure, and levels of responsibility; public security fire control departments at all levels should play a leading role. To increase the fire safety inspection, timely carry out joint inspection, form a work force, lifting unit fire and zone defense cooperation ability. All localities and departments should further implement the responsibility, under good chess upper hand, lay the initiative, to ensure that the province is not larger than the occurrence of fire accidents, and resolutely prevent Qunsiqunshang vicious fire incidents, to maximize the protection of people’s lives and property safety, to maintain the good situation of our province, the fire situation continued steady.


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