Xining travel agency comprehensive transformation and upgrading

"to create tourism standardization, travel agencies have to do a lot of Kung fu." Since the end of last year, Xining major travel agencies in strengthening internal management, expand the business, make a fuss, this does not highlight the characteristics of Xining, beautiful Qinghai, Xining. Cool this year’s tourism market, travel day reception Travel Team 50, a test of my travel service reception and service capabilities. In the standardization of the creation of the city’s major travel agencies transformation quality, internal strength greatly increased.

reporter learned that, in accordance with the city to create the National Tourism standardization demonstration city to implement the program requirements, a rainy day in Xining City Tourism Bureau, asked all travel agencies in accordance with the "standard" classification and evaluation level of travel agency, using the standard concepts, principles and methods of the tourism service elements and links, establish standard the travel agency system of its own business development, to achieve the goal of tourism service quality, service method and service process standardization program. Further expand the scale of existing travel agencies, strengthen internal management, the use of standard contract text, the use of standardized means to reform and improve the operation and management of travel agencies.

at the same time, in the tourist route and product development requires that all travel agencies highlight the characteristics of Xining travel service mode and adaptability, achieve reasonable, standardized and efficient, the corporate image and brand as a priority among priorities, and effectively improve the quality of travel agency service and management level, this year will travel through the standardization of city, the city’s travel the participating agency standard reached 75%, completed the travel agency rating 6.


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