Protection of the source of the river to protect the home care Park into the source of Sanjiang Na

listen to you, the Tibetan Plateau plateau, just sounded the clarion call for the construction of the national park……

you see, lovely children at the moment, plateau, Our wills unite like a fortress. eager for a fight……

dream green, this must be a protracted war.

spring to come, the seeds of hope spread over the source of Sanjiang River, Sanjiang source National Park pilot system will be 5 years, to the country to produce a copy can be extended experience.

The construction of

National Park, to ensure that a river of water to the East, in addition to the top-level policy and institutional innovation, more from the institutional guarantee to consciously practice the mass participation.

Sanjiang source of beauty, beauty in the hearts of the people.

protection of water tower, Sanjiang source to reproduce the green hills

let Sanjiang source Green million years, Qinghai duty bound. Adhere to the priority of ecological protection, building a harmonious and beautiful home, so that people of all ethnic groups living poetically. This is the Qinghai provincial Party committee and provincial government firm strategic choice.

In 80s and 90s the

century, due to overgrazing, indiscriminate digging, the Yellow River ecological environment deteriorated, vegetation destruction, soil erosion, Lake area, a large area of wild animal extinction, resulting in frequent natural disasters. In early 2004, the source of the Yellow River Lake in the history of the first appearance of a water outlet, up to 5 months.

in 2005, approved by the State Council, "Qinghai Sanjiang source of ecological protection and construction planning" implemented, Sanjiang source project officially started, fencing, with grass and livestock, easy to move. At the same time, the provincial Party committee and government to establish the ecological province strategy, Sanjiang source area is not assessed GDP, the ecological protection and construction as the main assessment of the work of the government at all levels of Sanjiang source area.

since then, Sanjiang source project step by step, solid progress for 10 years.

10 years ago, the source of Sanjiang smile stretch. Zhaling Eling Lake, lake surface is expanded to 99 square kilometers, Maduo County Lake recovery and increased to nearly 5000, the source of the Yellow River to reproduce the "1000 Lake scenery".

Because of the obvious improvement of ecological environment, the biodiversity of the source area of Sanjiang has increased obviously in

. The wild animal population of Tibetan antelope, Tibetan wild ass, blue sheep, wild yak, increased habitat range of activities is expanding. 10 years, a little bit of hard won achievements, fully reflects the protection of the ecological environment from the country to the local, the determination of the construction of ecological civilization, but also the source of the painstaking efforts of countless Sanjiang source engineering staff.

today, Sanjiang source of the guardians of tradition, not to mention an empty slogan, quietly buried in the building an important national ecological safety barrier in action.

is a 48 year old Zahi Nima, Madoi County, Golog Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Zhaling Lake Township of "ecological guard" one of the dark skin, tall shy Tibetan man, determined to take the rest of her life, as the mother river ecological environment become more and more beautiful to pay.

if someone asks Tashi, do one;

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