The crowds thronged the South yesterday

South Mojianjiezhong yesterday! Qinghai International Convention and Exhibition center! Looking for Xining development highlights, explore the Xining delicacy of citizens to seek cooperation; Italy, Sri Lanka, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey and other foreign businessmen; looking for investment hot spots of Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shaanxi and other foreign businessmen have come to!

entered the pavilion, both the exhibition industry chain exhibition, agricultural industry chain, or the chain of cultural tourism industry exhibition, every exhibition are crowded. In the industrial chain exhibition area, the number of people around the bridge in front of an open internal structure, a careful study of the beating lithium battery car is what the structure, how the force. Citizen Han said: I am a fan, after this new energy vehicles will become more and more popular, I must take the opportunity to see clearly, understand."

in the city construction area, whether it is the three-dimensional display area, 3D cinema, or a computer simulation of bicycle Easy Access, a tall on the technology experience for the public are very fresh, many people have pulled out a mobile phone, the science and technology exhibition photos as a souvenir. Mr. Gao said: "living in Xining, but did not perceive the earth shaking changes have taken place in Xining, through this high-tech three-dimensional display, we really touch the development and change of Xining."

in the intangible cultural heritage exhibition, several national and provincial industrial heritage, on-site production of leather embroidery, paper cutting, shadow, with teeth carpet, let zero people feel the charm of intangible cultural heritage.  

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