Xining City North District procuratorate to carry out five activities

to conscientiously implement the procuratorial organs of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate proposed to carry out the "Five" activities, the day before, Chengbei District of Xining City People’s Procuratorate carry out grassroots prosecutors into the organs, enterprises, into the countryside, into the community, into the school’s "Five" activities, to further strengthen and enhance the ability and level the prosecution service grassroots masses.

It is reported that

, north of the city of Xining District People’s Procuratorate to the crime prevention duties, service grassroots development, protection of the masses’ legitimate rights as the focal point, the grassroots, listening to the voice of the police opinion, solve problems, and do practical things, and actively carry out the "five" activities to further close the procuratorial organs and the masses of the people, the law enforcement activities the procuratorial organs of the masses. Xining City People’s Procuratorate organized more than two middle-level cadres and the city, district level more than sixty deputies, CPPCC members to contact each other to communicate and publicize the work of the procuratorial organs, extensive comments.

is the "Five" activities carried out more effective and more effective to extend the legal supervision tentacles, making procuratorial work to better serve the grassroots, rural services, Chengbei District of Xining City People’s Procuratorate will make full use of contact points, the procuratorial propaganda and check people contact mechanism, help rural grassroots organizations to further improve the system. In the promotion of the legal system, to resolve social conflicts, social management innovation, preventing and investigating crimes and other aspects as more new. (author: Guo Jia Ma Deliang)

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