Xining 2015 key projects and private enterprises and the recruitment of college graduates to start a

in order to give full play to the role of private enterprises to absorb employment, promote the employment of all types of job seekers. Recently, in 2015 the focus of key projects and private enterprises recruitment week and college graduates employment fair officially launched. Presents three characteristics:

is a from the types of jobs, although affected by the pressure of the economic downturn, the recruitment will provide jobs for more than 325 enterprises to increase, an increase of more than 3400 jobs, an increase of 62%; the job involves administrative management, financial economics, mechanical manufacturing, animal and plant protection, biomedical science, economic management, social services such as job types and types of more than 100.

two is from the type of employment, marketing, engineering and construction, machinery manufacturing and other ordinary jobs still occupy the main body, network marketing and other new jobs increased significantly, both for college graduates, but also suitable for various types of urban unemployment and labor employment in agricultural and pastoral areas.

three is from the salary, job seekers increased the salary and social insurance expectations, the recruitment of more than 70% of job seekers salary expectations in more than 2500 yuan, a year earlier than the 10%-15% growth, but most enterprise salary increases and social insurance is not up to the expectation of job seekers, structural contradictions employment is still outstanding. The recruitment activities of a total of 402 home units to participate in providing employment positions of the 10369, to reach the employment intention of the 2511.


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