Qinghai national folk song and dance debut in Hongkong

Reporters from the provincial press and Publication Bureau learned that in October 27th, sponsored by the provincial government, the Provincial Tourism Bureau, the Provincial Department of Commerce, the provincial press and publication department hosted a "great beauty of Qinghai into the Hong Kong tourism promotion will be held at the Renaissance Harbour View Hotel in Hongkong. Hongkong and Qinghai, more than 200 entrepreneurs and celebrities from all walks of life to participate in the promotion. Qinghai national song and dance ensemble to participate in the promotion of cultural exchange activities. The delegation of the Qinghai folk song and dance performances to attract guests in Hongkong. Many guests said that Hongkong, through the appreciation of film and Qinghai national song and dance show, understanding and perception of the unique charm of Qinghai ethnic culture of Qinghai, longing, must have the opportunity to come to Qinghai, see.

the promotion in the prosperity of the dance "passion flowers" in a prologue, a female chorus "beautiful China starting from Qinghai" and "in that distant place", "green", "on the fly" chopsticks etc. with features of Qinghai folk song and dance are staged, guests from time to time to win the applause, live performances a warm atmosphere, frequent interaction on stage. Especially the Qinghai famous singer invited guests Hongkong common interpretation of the song "I love you" Chinese touching, passing Hongkong compatriots to the motherland. Promotion will end in the national costume show "Qinghai dream", accompanied by the melodious songs, competing with live guests dressed in colorful national costumes and danced together with actors, the joy of the Guozhuang dance, will promote atmosphere to a climax. Cultural exchanges played brilliant movement, the seminar will promote Hongkong and Qinghai cultural tourism integration development play a positive role.  

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