Xining Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau to take measures to make the urban and rural poor people to ce

  in order to make the difficulties of the two groups, the Xining Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau to take a series of measures, from the medical, living, housing and other aspects, to protect the lives of urban and rural residents in Xining.

3 January, the reporter learned from the Xining Civil Affairs Bureau, at present, the city of Xining is more than 80 thousand people issued winter relief food. More than 80 thousand rural households paid low premiums and low standard funds have to honor all the people. Up to now, has been for the city residents object to issue temporary subsidies 4 million 550 thousand yuan, spending their holidays to ensure the normal winter; for rural residents object and part five objects issuance of heating assistance payments 4 million 822 thousand yuan, has been distributed to all households; to support five objects issuance of gold about 5000000 yuan, five objects to ensure a stable life.

from October 2008 to the end of last year, the city of Xining for the 381 urban subsistence allowances issued medical assistance funds of 310 thousand yuan, for the reimbursement of medical expenses of $9 million 137 thousand and 400 for the rural poor people in. In order to ensure the basic livelihood of the affected people, Xining Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau for more than 100 yuan of relief funds, centralized procurement of flour, bedding, and will be in place in the near future. Reporters learned that, in 2008, to send warmth, dedication love activities donated $170 thousand, will also be issued to the rural areas before the Spring Festival


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