Strengthen the role of performance appraisal to boost the development of Xining

since last year, Xining City, give full play to the target responsibility assessment office performance appraisal of the "baton" and "wind vane" role, innovative assessment methods, improve assessment methods, expand the assessment of democracy, strengthen the use of evaluation results, a strong impetus to the work of the city to carry out the task. Practice has proved that the scientific performance of the target responsibility assessment mechanism is to promote economic and social sustainable development booster, is the Party committee and government to promote the work, to grasp the implementation of the master".

highlight the "goal oriented" to improve the scientific evaluation mechanism to improve the internal driving force

start with a good goal, improve the evaluation methods, so that the test thing has a system, there are goals, test people have control, there is a comparison. In setting up the evaluation index system, adhere to the key strategic objectives and major decisions of the municipal government as the county and municipal departments annual objectives and tasks, highlighting both the economic development and ecological protection and improvement of people’s livelihood. 2013 issued by the target, livelihood, ecological environmental protection index accounted for more than 50% of all evaluation indexes, change the past catch index index and social economic development a neglect of the situation; in the formulation of objectives, adhere to the test, test precision, less real test and pressure ahead in principle. As much as possible the evaluation index quantification, standardization and refinement, effectively solves some regions and units from the newspaper, to avoid high low target evade the crucial point, which is hard to jump up the evaluation object to peaches; in the assessment method, the classification of leadership, leading cadres to implement multiple assessment, assessment the result is more fair and reasonable. The county level cadres in multi dimension evaluation strong correlation and informed the superiors, peers, subordinates and evaluation group, by the four aspects of democratic evaluation, performance evaluation, evaluation and assessment team leadership evaluation elements of the county cadres performance scores, realizing the transformation from one-way evaluation to multiple evaluation. The county assessment indicators in GDP, fixed asset investment, fiscal revenue and income calculation, evaluation scores and efficacy coefficient method is used in statistics, which emphasizes the development speed, and outstanding contribution to the city, the county in the incentive to make more contributions to the city’s development, and effectively opened the the county’s assessment score.

highlight the process oriented, daily supervision mechanism to stimulate the work force

from scratch, advocate the heavy start, strengthen routine assessment and supervision, promote the main assessment indicators, key projects and the implementation of the task. In 2012, has formulated the "Xining annual target task in daily supervision and evaluation measures", "Xining daily task of the annual target assessment and accountability measures" and "Xining to create a national civilized city work accountability Interim Measures" and so on, the main assessment index system, major projects and key tasks to implement and report regularly reporting, tracking supervision and evaluation, analysis, evaluation of the joint meeting for half a year, "reverse deduction and early warning analysis, accountable system. Set up a special inspection team 5 daily assessment, involving the city’s more than 40 key projects and key tasks, regular non regular;

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