Caring for you and me he North meteorological Lane community health service station to send medicin

the morning of May 20th, the provincial capital of West Street Office of the North Lane community to carry out meteorological songyisongyao send health, Guan Ailian you and me "activities, the community health service station area for the elderly, low-income residents sent to the drug and health care knowledge.

at 9 in the morning, more than and 40 people came to the North Lane meteorological community health service stations, a family of commonly used drugs, free of charge through the clinic, residents learned about their physical condition. Scene, residents Wang Hong said to the medical staff: I was the first time to participate in such activities in the community, I did not expect to receive a free medicine, really thank you." Wang Hong’s mother is disabled, the family was not well-off, and now the community to provide them with free medical services and medicines, so that they reduce some of the burden.

it is understood that the west area health service center medical staff and community workers after a year of hard work, has jurisdiction over 3000 households, 11000 established family health records.


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