Haizi ditch golden beans in Xining sell fire

March 20th 11, by the Huangzhong county Party Committee Propaganda Department of Party committee, government sponsored and Hai Zi Gou Xiang Huangzhong Zi Gou "beans" product promotion, on the 54 street Richpower commercial pedestrian street officially opened, to buy the Haizigou "beans" citizens Haizigou really let the villagers in a continuous line, Chaodou, busy and sell bean lea.
is busy with a villager to sell "golden bean" happily told reporters: "I think Haizigou" golden bean "is so popular in Xining, which further strengthened our confidence." Mr. Lee is the public carefully selected "beans", "in the past few days, the Xining evening news saw Haizigou ‘golden beans’ to Xining, specifically with the family together to buy the" golden bean ", really deserved reputation, crisp and delicious, delicious!" Speaking of Haizi ditch "golden bean", mr..


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