City investment will highlight the county busy with the scattered business card

in the afternoon of September 10th, as an important part of the forum will be the theme of the county project seminar will be held in Qinghai International Convention and Exhibition Center B hall two floor conference room, the city voted for the hot spot for the eye.

Xining four districts and counties, the delegates have their own items printed into a refreshing "golden card", in the promotion of the spread to the province and outside the merchants and entrepreneurs in all walks of life.

Xining development and Reform Commission Director Song Chenxi in an interview with reporters, said that Xining’s development and progress can not be separated from entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs who come here to develop entrepreneurship and sincere cooperation. The Investment Fair on the county to promote the project conforms to the national industrial policy, but also has a higher return on investment, in addition to today’s county project special promotion, we have also arranged for industrial projects, cultural tourism projects, the lake district and Nanchuan, Huangshuihe such as special project promotion and on-the-spot investigation we should seize the opportunity, make friends, to seek cooperation, urged the project landing as soon as possible, to achieve a win-win cooperation to build.

On behalf of the

"four districts and three counties" have emerged, a change in the past "raised in purdah no implicit knowledge", but "off the hijab" to those inside and outside the province to show their beautiful appearance of a person with breadth of vision and boundless charm. The Secretary for Economic Development Zone north of the city of Wang Jian said that the promotion of Seongbuk project has eight sections, including the city construction and industrial development, culture, commerce, tourism and other projects, the launch is fine and perfect the project, these projects have found "Po", the North District will usher in a period of rapid economic development, will be through the implementation of these projects, and investors to win the double harvest of economic and social benefits. "". At present, these projects have won many entrepreneurs inside and outside the province’s favor, they will put up the platform for investment through the city, led the north to go hand in hand with customers to north, make friends and seek cooperation and common development.

promotion will be accompanied by lively melodious background music, appear constantly "three counties" area four of the human history, urban construction project Conference Center on the big screen, so that the presence of the merchants mubuxiajie. Recommend books with a table in the hall, it is not difficult to see, these are from the county to promote their own "golden name card".

understand the Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County and county related investment projects in detail, one of the businessmen from Zhejiang to Datong in Eastern Metro five star hotel construction has the intention of excitedly told reporters: the district project prepared detailed and practical, the fair is ten kilometer, Xining carefully launched seven industrial project we eye-opening foreign businessmen, not only see the opportunity, also felt the Xining open and inclusive atmosphere. (author: Xiao Ling Hai Liusun)

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