Yesterday Xining City 9 illegal buildings were demolished

With the acceleration of the urbanization process, some people in order to gain personal benefits, regardless of the laws and regulations, in the urban planning area of private construction, this phenomenon has become a stumbling block to building a harmonious society,

. May 11th, the relevant departments of the northern city of Xining City, together to force the removal of the Temple Village 9 illegal buildings, the demolition of illegal buildings started fighting.

phenomenon: private chaos phenomenon repeated

recently, there were people reflect: Lanxi Chu Ying Expressway to the temple stands on both sides of the road segment Sidaluanjian phenomenon is serious. Some time ago, this was reported to the train station construction phenomenon near the relevant departments to strengthen supervision, but others Sidaluanjian footsteps did not stop.

on the morning of May 11th, the west side of the south side of the temple village, some people are building houses. These private houses built, and some are built on the first floor of the building is two, and some are in the old building, wearing a hat, and some even engage in the enclosure, with red brick to open up the space. See law enforcement officers rushed to steal the builders immediately stopped living. Standing on the high point of view, everywhere is wearing a hat building.

witnessed: the house was forcibly removed

11 am, from the north of the city construction, urban management, public security, office and other departments to form a joint law enforcement team came to the temple village, according to the law forced the demolition of illegal buildings in the village of.

was forced to dismantle the first illegal building enclosure fence, 123……" Along with the slogan, one side of the wall built privately collapsed. Law enforcement officers ready to remove the side on the third floor of the "top hat", the owner will be closed the door, law enforcement officers can not go upstairs, had to use a ladder to climb to the top of the building, the demolition of illegal construction. As of the afternoon of the same day, law enforcement officers have been removed according to law Zhang, Wu and other 9 illegal construction, demolition area of nearly three thousand square meters.

reporter saw at the demolition site, the construction of illegal housing wall fragile, a push down. Almost all of the sand mud, some beams are very short and directly on the brick, there are a lot of security risks.

visits: private chaos to build more for defrauding compensation

it is understood that, in order to curb the phenomenon of illegal construction, in November last year, the relevant departments of the North District has been a large-scale joint regulation of the illegal construction of the area, but the phenomenon of illegal construction of private repeated why? The phenomenon of illegal illegal construction of private repeated, the root cause is driven by interests." North District Construction Bureau deputy director Ma told reporters, according to the requirements of city planning and construction, the North District currently has a total of 5 key projects, including railway, Beishan rock Golmud transformation, biological park, Chaoyang Logistics Park 4 projects to the expropriation of large areas of land in the Lake District construction also occupy a small part of the land. Affected by land acquisition, the original agricultural;

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