Qinghai tourism incentives introduced the highest 500 thousand Award for tourism industry hero

August 1st, the Provincial Tourism Bureau issued the Qinghai tourism incentives (Trial) and the implementation details, qualified travel agencies, scenic spots, star hotels can receive up to 500 thousand yuan reward.

in the future, any travel agency annual comprehensive performance ranking of the top five, followed by the reward of 30 thousand yuan, 25 thousand yuan, 20 thousand yuan, 15 thousand yuan, 10 thousand yuan; the main business for the first time the annual income reached more than 50 million yuan, 500 thousand yuan reward.

Travel Agency Annual outreach group country (territory) and foreign tourists in Qinghai reached more than 500 people, 15 thousand yuan reward; reached more than 1000 people, 30 thousand yuan reward; organization of more than 350 passengers train travel to Qinghai tourism travel agency, listed each reward 10 thousand yuan; Tourism Organization of more than 100 people charter travel agency, overseas sorties reward 15 thousand yuan, domestic sorties reward 5000 yuan, the highest cumulative reward 200 thousand yuan; the organization of self driving more than 30 vehicles, to stay in Qinghai for more than 3 days of travel agency, each reward 5000 yuan.

scenic spot, a new evaluation of the national 5A, 4A level scenic spots (spots), tourist satisfaction reached more than 90%, no major complaints and accidents, will receive a one-time reward 500 thousand yuan respectively, 300 thousand yuan; a new assessment of the National Tourism Resort, provincial tourism resort, tourist satisfaction reached more than 90%, no major complaints and accidents, a one-time reward 300 thousand yuan respectively, 150 thousand yuan.

Turist Hotel, a new assessment of five stars, four Starhotel Tourist Hotel, guest satisfaction reached more than 95%, no major complaints and accidents, a one-time reward 500 thousand yuan respectively, 400 thousand yuan; I will also encourage the introduction of advanced hotel management companies to introduce or entrust international famous hotel management company and China Hotel brand company management, management of more than 3 years in duration, significantly enhance the management level and service quality, tourist satisfaction reached more than 95%, a one-time reward 150 thousand yuan respectively, 100 thousand yuan; in addition, the creation of green hotel will encourage our province, was evaluated as the National Star Hotel Green Hotel, one-time award 50 thousand yuan. The measures for the development of excellent tourism talents, excellent tourist commodities, high-quality tourist vehicles (ships) company, qualified rural tourism demonstration counties, demonstration villages, demonstration points and rural tourism reception points, etc.. The "measures" from January 1, 2012 onwards. (author: Wang Yalin Zheng Sizhe)

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