The province to establish a cooperative mechanism to prevent and punish crimes involving forest

recently, Qinghai province forest related crime prevention and punishment of the collaborative work mechanism formally established, marking the Qinghai forestry ecological resources protection has entered a new stage by the Department in charge of law enforcement to single joint law enforcement departments change, will further promote the province’s forestry work.

Qinghai has an important strategic position in the country. In recent years, our province forestry ecological construction and forest, wetland and wildlife and achieved remarkable results and plant protection of forest resources, especially the public security organs, procuratorial and close cooperation, mutual cooperation, the effect in the fight against poaching of Tibetan antelope, snow leopard and other rare wild animal protection obviously, without the occurrence of large poaching case. The first half of the year organized by the Qilian Mountains nature reserve and surrounding "Kekexili nature reserve and surrounding" joint patrol, "sword action", "sword action No. 3" and other kinds of special action against regulation, forest and wild animal were investigated in 632 cases, comprehensive investigation rate of 98.26%, including 37 criminal cases since administrative cases 595, a total of 1800 combat criminals who deal with all kinds of people. Concentrate on investigating a number of major cases, such as 1· of Qilian County Forestry Bureau of Forest Public Security Bureau to supervise the handling of the "; 11 serious illegal purchase, transportation, sale of rare and endangered wild animal and its products, effectively deter criminals, effectively safeguarding the security and stability of the ecological resource and safety zone.

according to the provincial forestry department responsible person, at the beginning of this year, the State Forestry Bureau in Xi’an forest resources supervision office, the provincial Procuratorate, the provincial public security department, the provincial forestry department four units jointly established Qinghai province to prevent and punish forest crimes involving the collaborative work mechanism, this is the implementation of ecological protection practice priority. Is also a polymerization force, promoting innovation and strengthen management of law enforcement, prevention and punishment of forest related crimes, has important significance to promote the forest resources protection and supervision.


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