Xining organizations to observe the democratic life of the masses

Recently, the North District of Xining city in the team standing feature of democratic life to really open the door, open the door, open the door the whole process, invite 6 grass-roots party members and representatives of the masses, 5 grassroots Party (workers) and the District Committee responsible for the director of the office of the leading group to participate in educational practice, the scene feeling process between the team feature of democratic life will members confide and collision of thinking and spicy flavor.

Xining attaches great importance to high standards and high quality of the second batch of educational practice unit leaders held a special democratic life. The area of the unit leadership team members bold use of weapons of criticism and self-criticism, open up, face the problem, one by one investigation, deeply analyze and criticize each other honest good, the rectification spirit throughout the meeting. In order to overcome and avoid the topic of democratic life will "fear" of the thought, "around" phenomenon, "empty", a little spicy, to prevent the grass-roots party organizations will be the topic of democratic life "form, simple and vulgar, beautify the overflow", to ensure the quality of open, open level. Determine the North District Party Committee Standing Committee held a special democratic life will be held for the various regions and units to open a good topic of democratic life will make a demonstration.


team North District standing committee will be the topic of democratic life to each of the Standing Committee of muzzle, aimed at their focus on the four winds, straight Chen has had deep ideological roots, analysis of the real problem, tell the truth, tell the truth, tell the truth, really tough action, mutual criticism and sincere criticism keep the public interest in mind to remind, listen and open-minded in order to wholeheartedly accept others, opinions and suggestions. Through the topic of democratic life will make the demonstration of the county and towns, streets and other grass-roots party organizations to learn from top to bottom, dare self Jieduan bright ugly and deep self criticism, moving really tough action good atmosphere. The masses of the county district office responsible for that, good planning, arrange the topic of democratic life in all aspects of work is a prerequisite for meeting the determination, in strict accordance with the educational practice activities related to the leadership of the speech and documentation requirements, analysis of possible problems affecting the quality of the meeting, to ensure that the topic of democratic life will truly become the political life of the party spirit cultivation thought ready and work style of self sharpening and positive health a rare practice.


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