Xining police Gang Gang Gang arrested 10 suspects

July 13th, the reporter learned from the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau, the province’s police in the fight against gang crime has made no small achievements, has arrested 10 suspects, destroyed two criminal gangs.

Sea Lake Road in the wholesale market of public security police station from the beginning of June, the night police organization in Lake Road near dunshou. The evening of July 2nd, the police arrested the suspect in Kunlun road robbery suspects, Zhao et al. After the trial, fan et al confessed since June 19, 2009, in the wells lane, people’s Theatre, central square, kylin Bay, Sea Lake Road in the wholesale market and other places near the knife wielding robbery crime 13 onwards, robbed 19 people, grab the cash two yuan, mobile phone (PHS) 9 facts of the crime.

according to the suspect’s confession, the police were in July 3rd, 4, from Tianjun, Ledu, Xining City, captured the gang members Ma, Ma Moumou, kim. So far, 6 members of the gang of 5 people were arrested and brought to justice, the 1 fugitives.

according to the police investigation, the main facts of the crime of the gang has been identified, Ma 6 people gathered together since mid June after the crazy crime. When he was arrested in July 2nd, fan, who carry knives, is looking for robbery targets.

July 13th, the reporter learned from the railway station police station, they are in the fight against gang crime in the special work, destroyed a hue seduce, robbery of property criminal gangs, arrested three men and two women.

director Xiao Pengfei said: "the City Public Security Bureau gang crime cases, bad social impact, cruel means, has been the focus of the work of the police, destroyed a criminal gang, to consolidate the social stability greatly."


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