How to successfully open the fruit shop Xiaobian tell you

both in the living area or in the vicinity of the school and other places, fruit shops are very common, people’s daily necessities of life, so that the industry has attracted much attention. How to open a fruit shop? Operating profit and how much? These problems are worth thinking about.

choose to shop location for a fruit shop, is essential. In the vicinity of the hospital has a lot of fruit stores, but also a large scale, mainly engaged in imported fruit; and in the vicinity of residential areas, but also the concentration of fruit stores.

A, how to shop?

first into the fruit, the main emphasis on low risk, with apple, orange, citrus and bananas, with stores, mango, watermelon and other fruits to show a total count down, about 4000 yuan will be invested. After each time into more than 1000 yuan of fruit, you can maintain the operation.

1. store:

2. in store equipment expenditure:

How much is


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