How to start a business without risk

now the employment situation is grim, many people have to join the tide of entrepreneurship. For a lot of people who are still working, but also want to start a business, but the heart is not strong enough. A lot of office workers absolute workload and compensation is not proportional to the day, want to start their own business value. However, the reality of the problem faced by the office workers have a lot of work, then how to start business without risk?

scheme two: make full use of the accumulated in the work of the resources and build connections.

scheme three: choose the right partner for entrepreneurship.

scheme four: find a good project.

scheme five: do a good product agent is also good.

now open newspapers, magazines, advertising agency is looking for products everywhere. Some people hold such an instinctive rejection of this kind of advertising, that is a liar, in fact, is not the case. It also hides a Kingsoft, the key is you want to have the eye. Select the product agent, the most important thing is to see the development prospects of proxy products.

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