A small wooden Hot pot off Chongqing Hot pot nostalgia investment boom

in today’s food and beverage market, hot pot brand, want to gain a firm foothold, establish their own brand, no feature is difficult to stand. Chongqing Hot pot franchise new brand small wooden bench nostalgic story Hot pot is a subversion of the traditional model, classical taste of the story.

The innovation and development of

Hot pot

a customized goods store sales

small wooden bench subversive business philosophy, which focuses on the Hot pot made of a customized goods exhibition platform in the industry’s first rate.

in small wooden movable nostalgia Hot pot, everything, as long as the guests love, can be bought in accordance with preferential price. It is reported that just opened soon, a customer is very fond of customized personalized bamboo cup, just bought a 40-50. Create a slow life mood lighting, there are customers buy back to the living room. General manager Yang Zonghong said, according to the company’s development plan, the small wooden bench is not just a personalized Hot pot shop, is a customizable display and sales platform, customer satisfactory items can be bought.

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