Xiamen young entrepreneurs to build a platform

good man, this is our China an old saying, in fact, is also very suitable for the social public entrepreneurs, each big city in order to attract young entrepreneurs, have carried out a lot of entrepreneurial activities.

this lively place, is now known as the "Xiangan Youth Entrepreneurs · neighborhood Youth Exchange". This "service, breeding, hatching" for the key to the city’s first youth hit off the growth as the theme of the integrated service platform, focusing on "public entrepreneurship, innovation" and "beautiful Xiamen together to create the two themes, Everfount to promote local landless farmers and fishermen in retirement employment and entrepreneurship set foot on the journey. "Entrepreneurs · neighborhood Youth Exchange" covers an area of 2000 square meters, with atrium space, Newell entrepreneurial Museum, hackerspaces, gas station, Internet entrepreneurship space, "92580", the public record office workshop, neighborhood house, fitness Museum, entrepreneurship Master exchange, 10 functional areas, as the district level the flagship store and the typical point, the model will be to the region’s towns street, the extension of community.

into entrepreneurs "; · is located in Xiangan Street neighborhood Youth Exchange", people will soon feel the oncoming strong passion and entrepreneurial atmosphere. A kind of "Chong min minimally invasive" business model, has become a unique logo here. Youth Exchange to the public venture, innovation "as the theme, the introduction of" entrepreneurial coffee "," Internet plus products "," Travel + business "," electronic library + Intelligent Gym "business model, will be divided into 10 10 functional areas of minimally invasive space, with" commonweal is the main income and balance "" zero cost, micro entrepreneurs "mode of operation.

"neighborhood Youth Exchange" recommended

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