That you don’t know the tricky Zhengzhou hotel should switch to Moutai

in our daily life, with the improvement of living standards, the number of people go out to dinner is also more and more, many people like eating in, but for some tricky one does not know. After the introduction of high-grade drinks into the restaurant to eat, pay attention to. In September 5th, the Zhengzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau Zheng Dong Bureau recently uncovered Hotel Diaobao Moutai liquor theft gang, 21 people were arrested, involving more than 60 yuan, the specific details of the specific understanding.

guests to restaurants with Moutai liquor substitution

8 month 15 days, Mr Li came to Zheng Dong branch Case Investigation Brigade reported that their light in North Street and agricultural road intersection management features a restaurant, guest complaints and recently always comes with the warehouse store of Moutai liquor were substitution, the value about 65000 yuan.

, according to Mr. Lee introduced in early April 2016, the management of hotel customer complaints, said the store sales of Moutai wine wine, the guests bring their own drinks by substitution. At about 20 p.m. on August 5th, the guests came to the restaurant for dinner, because of the discovery of the taste of their own Moutai before eating has changed, on the day of the bottle with a few markers".

dinner, the guests again found drinking wine is wrong, can not find their marks in Moutai bottles of wine do, in the room for a bottle, the wine has its own markers found in food preparation in the cabinet. The guests found the restaurant manager theory and demand compensation, the restaurant was free for the guests.

waiter was caught in a private shop owner is

"no, experience", Mr. Li began to pay attention to the side of the clerk. The evening of August 8th, at the peak of dining, Lee found the clerk Gengmou, Wang frequent access to other guest rooms. 22 PM that night, Mr. Li came home from work by Zheng Dong new Bear River Road and agricultural road intersection, the clerk Wang Gengmou is a man, and found Moutai wine trading. Lee came out of curiosity to view, the other quickly leave.

after grilled Mr Li, two employees admit that they take for the guests really fake Moutai liquor, and the guests will be Moutai wine to about 400 yuan per bottle sold to others, in addition also revealed a shop floor attendant Zhao also has the same situation.

8 month 12 noon at 12:40 PM, Mr. Li discovered through video surveillance assistant Zhao together with her boyfriend Liu is exchange store guests bring their own wine Moutai. Mr. Li to verify the situation of two people, while it is not prepared to escape. Subsequently, Mr. Li started to check to the warehouse, found the opening of FCL and Moutai liquor stored in Moutai wine all guests were secretly exchanged, then report recommended

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