Supermarket business may wish to listen to customer suggestions

Although the owner of the

to provide customers with good service, but often because they can not stand in the customer’s point of view, even if the heart is not able to do a good job service. At this time, the customer’s advice will naturally be very important. Therefore, the supermarket management process may wish to listen to customer suggestions, the owner of this article is very good to do this.

is an important commodity in our supermarket, which can attract a lot of customers every day. Our vegetables are from the morning motivated purchase, customers see more love, can let us a lot of income every day. But one day, a customer came to me after the supermarket, he picked up the vegetables looked again, finally put down, and then he said to me: "boss, I found your bundle of garlic too big, our ordinary customers can eat so much, so I suggest you can not the garlic and other vegetables are tied too small."

listened to the customer’s talk, I immediately took it seriously, because every customer’s advice is to our advantage, they are from the customer’s point of view, and ultimately beneficial to us. So, I went over to check it out, and it was true that our vegetables were too big to bundle, so that the sale was slow. So, I immediately adjusted. I’ve turned the bundles into two bundles, so that each bundle is small.


can adapt to the needs of customers, the customer came in second days, I see all the vegetables into a small and very happy. The customer said happily: "boss, I did not expect that you care about us, it makes me very moved. Now we are very suitable for small."

customers can do so, let me more moved. If you do not have the support of the supermarket customers, then certainly not work. So, we should be more from the customer’s point of view, listen to the customer’s suggestions, can let our supermarket constantly improve. The number of customers to our supermarket more, see people on our supermarket boast good, very humane, respect for customer requirements and ideas.

he became the spokesman of our supermarket, free of charge for us to do publicity. Now, my supermarket has been improved and developed continuously in the customer’s advice. Now our business is better, thanks to the customer, ah, we do not have any suggestions, we can not have such a breakthrough.

the owner of the business was able to become more and more popular, because of customer satisfaction and the formation of a good reputation in the process of continuous development. Of course, the boss in the customer’s advice to improve themselves, first of all thanks to the sincerity of the customer, but also praised the boss’s humane management. Respect for customers, can earn income.

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