Join the garment industry three self defense

joined the agency, China Merchants, shop everybody flattering. Nowadays, the garment industry has been booming, so many investment agents have also appeared in front of everyone, this is our own little self-defense, with anti self-defense, you will be successful into the safety belt.

the first one: as a "dark hook"

second strokes: act as "inspector"

as the entry of plants and animals need to quarantine, some foreign franchise brands also need to be "quarantine". Some foreign brands join while overseas business was very successful, but China entered the market, it is possible to The climate does not suit one". If you just copy the foreign model and not pay attention to the local situation, you have to consider carefully. In foreign countries to join the franchise brand has just joined, risks and opportunities are often relatively large, which is a test of the franchisee.


boutique recommended: students to join the army after the 80 entrepreneurs is not a dream

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