Angelababy fear of losing money to make bold investment

star investment is not what new things, but for the past few years on various topics and made public eye Angelababy, is really a lot of fresh attempt, also refresh the public on the understanding of the topic of the queen, the smart star closer to business.

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Angelababy’s effort to appearance, really let the ocean terminal advertising is more eye-catching, and the advertisement is the most attractive, in addition to baby’s lovely smile, is the " I am Ocean Pier Star shareholders " advertising language.

Angelababy: from the topic actress to investment goddess

and among investors, the venture capital fund was established by the Angelababy "AB  Capital" more like a "ambassador" identity, although "AB  Capital" did not disclose the specific amount of investment to the outside world, but from baby to potential state ocean terminal appearance, endorsement of the prospect of the visible, Angelababy the electricity supplier is very promising. Ocean pier CEO had blue waves, said: 2017 we will enter a stable phase, the fastest in 2018 can be listed." By then, investors Angelababy also upgraded to shareholders of listed companies.

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