How to open shop in Taobao detailed steps

shop in Taobao is not uncommon, but many friends are not familiar with how to open shop in Taobao. How to open a shop in Taobao, detailed steps? Small series this is to introduce how to shop in Taobao detailed steps.

1, log on Taobao home page choose free shop

2, if there is no account, click on the free registration account, if you have an account, please jump directly to the fourth step

3, after the successful account registration, click on the seller’s Center Click Taobao shop

4, a Alipay need to complete the certification in order to set up shop, such as your Alipay certification is not complete, please click on the "immediate completion of Alipay

certification certification

5, such as your Alipay certification is already underway and you can click on the Taobao certified "immediately" certification of

6, upload handheld ID photos, identity cards, photos, I bust photos, pay attention to view the page display content

7, click Submit, waiting for Alipay and Taobao certification


8, if the audit is to click through the shop to enter the shop to create information to improve the page

9, fill in the store information can be successfully opened shop


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