Catering franchise business skills advanced articles

food and beverage franchise industry development characteristics are easy entry, proficiency is difficult, but I do not know how many restaurants are due to the lack of shops operating skills, will be opened in a year or so closed down. In order to break the bottleneck, good development and operation, we must have a good management, and management. Venture food restaurant franchise, in the daily operation of a lot of problems worth thinking about, and also need to pay attention to, only in this way can make better join the project development.

one, break the cognitive barrier

this is the first "bank", is the key to the survival of a single store. It depends on the store catering to join can quickly establish reputation, can earn popularity, more important skill is to make money. To this end, as far as possible to allow potential consumers to try, and let more consumers become repeat customers, it becomes the key to break the cognitive barrier.

two, breaking the barriers to competition

once you make money, someone will copy, because the market is open. So, this store is very easy to meet the competitor, then, "is it easy to imitate others, whether can continue operation" has become the second hom".

when a food store after the success of many operators love through price increases to obtain higher returns, but did not consider to get more market share through the store expansion, resulting in the tourist community store is not stable, unable to form an effective repeat, not to mention the regulars. Because repeat customers and frequent customers or effective skills to deal with competitors. Of course, it is impossible not to encounter strong competition before success. Only their own unique things, in order to obtain a sustainable competitive advantage, which also requires that, if you want to carry out chain expansion, restaurant chain store operations must be continuous improvement and continuous improvement is essential.

three, to achieve sustainable operation


stores can win in competition, have the opportunity to continue operations, will be gradually taken catering to join store, see the broader market, and continued operation of the store, to provide capital, talent and technology to support the rapid expansion.

but can not rely on the continued operation of one or two personnel to maintain, more important is to institutionalize and standardize the operation, because the consideration is not a catering franchise operation, or a wide area within the scope of the operation, to take into account the expansion and development. Therefore, how to process management, production technology, innovation, etc. there are kitchen dishes collocation technical knowledge in fixed form a copy of the system, knowledge and technology system, is the key to continuing operations.


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