Shanghai and other places in the land auction fiery

land as the government to control the state-owned resources, due to the needs of urban development, often in a certain period of time, will be for specific needs, thus selling the land to developers for developers. Recently, a land use rights auction in Shanghai once again ignited the local property market. Hongkou District, Liangcheng, new village street 073-06 plots of land use rights, the new town real estate to 3 billion 700 million yuan price won, becoming the new king of Hongkou". The following and small series of specific understanding, Shanghai and other places of land auction fiery phenomenon.

in addition to the local Shanghai, due to price regulation "Shanghai municipal government had issued the Shanghai nine", Suzhou, Jiaxing city and its surrounding property prices have continued to gain the momentum. In July 15th, on the second day of the Shanghai Hongkou auction, the neighboring city of Suzhou in Kunshan held the first auction of land use rights since 2016, the auction will also refresh the Kunshan floor price record, the premium rate, the birth of new local "the most expensive land".

7 17 April, Shanghai E-House real estate institute director Yan Yuejin told reporters, with the purchase of Shanghai policy tightening effect will continue to release, there is an obvious spillover demand may follow on the whole, it also has positive implications for housing prices to get to it.

– Kunshan to shoot the four new records of

is not the land, is physical!" July 15th, held in Kunshan this year, the first auction of land use rights, there are real estate developers to ridicule this time-consuming 12 hours of activity.

in the early stage after the land auction, 2-2 plots and 2-6 plots of gold Road East Street has exceeded the highest price stipulated by the government, the final "fuse" liupai. In addition to these two plots, the site of the 6 pieces of land are not limited, there are starting price of more than 5 yuan / square meter on the 10 thousand. Because the control is not affected by the presence of the price, Huarun, green, Vanke and other real estate developers to "look at fiercely as a tiger does 6 pieces of land".

the 6 pieces of land are mainly concentrated in the Kunshan Development Zone, Huaqiao Development Zone, which is the core area of Huaqiao in the auction site.

final, Suzhou Xiangyu to total 4 billion 407 million yuan competition got Huaqiao 2-3 residential plots, the floor price of 17480 yuan / square meters, the premium rate as high as 206.67%, a record Kunshan land price, total price, the floor price and the premium rate; and the other one is also located in Huaqiao 2-1 residential plots are auspicious real estate to 3 billion 90 million yuan won, the floor price of 14200 yuan / square meters, the premium rate of 179.21%.

and Rongxing real estate to the market price of 136 million yuan / square meter under the Kunshan development recommendation