Suitable for college students to do part time summer advantages and disadvantages of reading

annual summer vacation, many students are going to take part in the summer vacation opportunity to exercise their own exercise. What do students do part-time summer? Here is a list of several summer part-time, and analyzed its advantages and disadvantages, there are part-time students can refer to reference.

working part-time teachers: the most popular form of

this teacher and tutor is not the same, they usually go to some of the lack of teachers in private schools or community on a variety of training courses, it is easy to find such opportunities are major 2 or more students in English, computer and other popular professional law. For the professional ability, obtains the national qualification certificate of college students is more popular.

is the envy of the writer: the open source way

some fluent and quick witted students for newspapers and magazines and even some websites as writer, rewarding, and can quickly improve the visibility, the most enviable. College students how to make money, now some of the newspaper article in 1000 100 yuan, a month to write a few thousand small, living expenses would be covered. Some will be in the hands of the pen wandezhuan master, dedicated to some fashion magazines or documentary, remuneration is alarmingly high. Therefore, some students will learn to write articles to newspapers and magazines contribute to subsidize their own living expenses.

The range of

advantages: the enterprise use the weekends and holidays to promote products, generally do not conflict with the learning time. The ability to communicate with people and endurance can be very good exercise. As a result of short-term promotions to college students, you can get to know a lot of peer friends.

disadvantages: some promotion of large labor intensity, from the early to late, must have certain endurance and stamina.

to business document translation, can be said to be the best way for college students’ Foreign Language Department income or higher English level. The return of high and low, relatively low interpretation, translation. How to make money in college students, due to the lack of professional knowledge of college students, subject to greater restrictions, not many people can engage in this work.

for language majors, high requirements on the level of foreign language, interpreting recommended

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