Joey Yung singer 4 said the strain on the stage as a novice

"I’m a singer 4" a new season of high ratings, in the latest program recording, Hongkong singer Joey Yung fill singer 4. When it comes to participating in the feelings, she said very nervous, feel like standing on the stage like a new.

equipment fault cause duet

the first stage is Coco Lee, that night she brought a piece of "what s "; up ", a high pitched voice, the climax of the moment. In the end of the song, she also frequently invited to interact with the guitar playing "I am a singer" music director Liang Qiaobai. Coco Lee will hand on Liang Qiaobai’s shoulder, ease, beam Qiaobai whole Minzui looked at the goddess. Many media reporters after watching Coco Lee’s performances have lamented: see, she really enjoy performing on the stage."

The first

concert, Joey Yung sang quite indifferent, rub lipstick to the microphone, and add to the chin. For their small face, she does not know, the staff suggested, she didn’t feel shy laughing. This five minute show hardened her bosom and deep breath and sense of recommendation

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