Do not hang the supermarket signs

talking about the store, and now I am afraid that very few can find such a shop, even in rural areas, are also a variety of supermarkets". After all, the information age, the most able to follow the footsteps of the business, a commodity outcrop, who can not do the exclusive business, as long as you have the store, we all have a store, the chicken called a day, is the world of information.

throughout the past few years of operation, the town’s most popular supermarket fire, very simple, large cargo prices low, shopping environment is comfortable, the customer is willing to go. The customer left, the wholesale department looked anxious, had to make only superficial changes also hung up, wholesale supermarket, give the customer a hazy feeling, still affordable wholesale supermarket; have follow the trend, from the street to a variety of supermarket brand came into view.

look at the so-called house is not the owner do, manufacturers are advertising for goods every year will do. Perhaps the supermarket two words more in-depth customer heart, a commodity pick is the supermarket, like electrical appliance supermarkets, supermarkets, supermarkets and other hardware decoration, of course, what brand of hanging in the town are indifferent, the most important is the strength ratio.

supermarket card hanging like a gust of wind, quickly spread to the countryside, many large village shops have also hung out the supermarket, and finally even the shop have not let go, the supermarket name is floating in the village shop stately.

in the past in the countryside, it is a small shop, selling some daily necessaries, what shortcomings odds and ends of sewing, life ran shop; with the reform and opening up, market economy, market development, the store is also enriched, filled with goods shelves counter; people’s pockets are rich, actually store the price and market price it is a little bit higher, the store is hard to earn a little money; to advance shops are able to understand, no bargain not picky, get good stuff to say thank you, how old is next door neighbours regulars come into the store that is a cordial feeling.

because the shop has been given a simple name since ancient times. Remember, home to the individual customer, parents will send us to the store to buy smoke wine, left the money to buy a few lumps, let us not forget that in the shop are needed at home, we have a little more money…… Until now, the store still bears his mission.

In the

era, become what all want to change; even the shop also think of a fashionable commodity name, advertising to make a brand into thousands of households, is logical; manufacturers pay, the owner of love, in the farm shop and wrote "XX supermarket" is to sell more goods, or for to attract more customers, wucongkaozheng.

I met in this area is a very embarrassing thing, is 2008, China Unicom to give me a facade, I promised; they say to give a name; I said Zhang Ping shop it; they say too earth >

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