Remember to 80 entrepreneurial success seven coup

80 people want to start their own business, do their own business, Li Xiang is also. When the teacher asked the students what is the ideal, some people say that his ambition is to be a policeman, some people say that when you want to be a teacher, but also to be a doctor or a scientist, and Li Xiang’s answer is to do general manager". "Because when managers are great, they can do a big deal with a bunch of people." At that time, Li Xiang elementary school.

1 direction. Direction is the first important indicator of entrepreneurship and development, is why you struggle. The direction is not the goal, the goal has the destination, but the direction forever does not have the end point. For young people and entrepreneurs, the direction is very important. Speak more bluntly, even we are stupid, as long as adhere to a correct direction, insist, also achieved good results. With the direction, the goal will be more clear, but also more effective management objectives.

2. When we have the direction, the most important thing is not to master the method, but first clear goals. I found that college graduates can be divided into two categories: one is the school had a clear goal, these people in the school for 4 years, in addition to the normal learning, will focus on their goals to learn and improve, so that students are particularly good, as long as the willingness to work is high enough, can quickly become a first-class employees; another type is the University finished without a goal, in order to go to school and go to school, when they came to the interview also don’t know what to do, just what the work will do what work, or simply sit, ask HR can you give me what work? We will not use second types of college students in, because the cost of training is too high. Therefore, I suggest that college students, as early as possible to find their own goals, after entering the community, you can enter the track at least two years earlier than others.

3 wishes. With the direction and the goal, the most important thing is not to find a way immediately, but to solve their own will, willingness is a person in order to achieve the goal and the determination to give action.