Possible ferries names includes Mikmaq poet black activist LGBT advocate

first_imgHALIFAX – Halifax’s two new ferries could be named after a slain gay rights activist, a black human rights leader, the creative force behind the Pier 21 immigration centre, a Mi’kmaq poet or a hero from the Halifax Explosion.The city is asking residents to cast their vote online for names for two replacement harbour ferries, which are slated to be delivered this fall and summer 2018.People submitted hundreds of names this spring, with the final five selected by a committee that included Mayor Mike Savage and a member of three community councils.The list includes Vincent Coleman, who died after warning an inbound train about the impending Halifax Explosion in 1917; Ruth Goldbloom, who led the fundraising campaign for the creation of the Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21; and, Rita Joe, known as the “poet laureate” of the Mi’kmaq people.Burnley “Rocky” Jones, a prominent political human rights, race and poverty activist, and Raymond Taavel, an advocate LGBT rights who was killed in 2012, are also candidates.Each of the new ferries will bear one of the two names receiving the most votes, with voting closing May 21.last_img read more

2016 census highlights Indigenous Peoples immigration and housing

first_imgOTTAWA – Statistics Canada released the latest findings from the 2016 census Tuesday, this time focusing on Indigenous Peoples, immigration and housing. Some selected highlights:— The census counted 1.67 million Indigenous people in Canada in 2016, accounting for 4.9 per cent of the total population — up from 3.8 per cent in 2006 for a growth rate of 42.5 per cent over the last 10 years, four times the rate of the non-Indigenous population.— The average age of the Indigenous population was 32.1 years, nearly a decade younger than the non-Indigenous population at 40.9 years. The census counted 145,645 children aged 0-4, 8.7 per cent of Aboriginal people in Canada.— One in five Indigenous people in Canada is living in a dwelling that needs “major repairs,” while one in 10 lives in a household that has a space shortfall of at least one bedroom.— However, 7.3 per cent of Indigenous people in Canada are 65 or older, compared with 4.8 per cent in 2006 — and that proportion could double by the year 2036.— The census counted 145,645 Indigenous children aged 0-4 in 2016.— The number of people who identified as First Nations reached 979,230 last year, up 39.3 per cent over 2006, while the Metis population grew by 51.2 per cent over the same period to 587,545 people. The census recorded 65,025 Inuit, 29.1 per cent higher than in 2006.— Winnipeg (92,810), Edmonton (76,205), Vancouver (61,460) and Toronto (46,315) reported the largest Indigenous populations, while the highest proportion of Aboriginal people were in Thunder Bay (12.7 per cent), Winnipeg (12.2 per cent) and Saskatoon (10.9 per cent).— In 2016, 7.5 million people — about 21.9 per cent of the total population — reported being foreign-born individuals who immigrated to Canada. In 1921, the census reported that proportion at 22.3 per cent, the highest since Confederation. Statistics Canada projects that proportion could reach between 25 and 30 per cent by 2036.— The census counted 1,212,075 new immigrants who permanently settled in Canada between 2011 and 2016, 3.5 per cent of the total population last year.— 60 per cent entered under the economic category, 26.8 per cent to join family already in Canada and 11.6 per cent as refugees. During the first four months of 2016, refugees accounted for one-quarter of all immigrants admitted to Canada, thanks to an influx of refugees from Syria.— Asia, including the Middle East, remains the largest source of recent immigrants to Canada at 61.8 per cent, followed by Africa at 13.4 per cent. Europe — once dominant in this category at 61.6 per cent in 1971 — ranked third at 11.6 per cent.— More immigrants have been settling in the Prairies. The percentage of new immigrants living in Alberta reached 17.1 per cent in 2016, compared with 6.9 per cent in 2001; In Manitoba, it went to 5.2 per cent, up from 1.8 per cent, and four per cent in Saskatchewan, up from one per cent in 2001.— Visible minorities numbered 7.7 million in 2016, 22.3 per cent of Canada’s population. 30 per cent were born in Canada.— In 1921, more than 70 per cent of the foreign-born population reported English or French as a mother tongue, while fewer than 30 per cent reported a different language. In 2016, the precise opposite was true: more than 70 per cent reported a different mother tongue, compared to less than 30 per cent for English or French.— In 2016, nearly 2.2 million children under 15 — 37.5 per cent of all children in Canada — were either foreign-born themselves or had at least one foreign-born parent.— Some 1.9 million people reported being of South Asian heritage, fully one-quarter of the visible minority population. Chinese was the second-largest group at 1.6 million or 20.5 per cent of visible minorities, while blacks — surpassing the one-million mark for the first time — were third at 1.2 million, a share of about 15.6 per cent. Filipinos and Arabs rounded out the top five.— More than 9.5 million of the 14.1 million households in Canada owned their home in 2016, a rate of 67.8 per cent, down slightly from 69 per cent in 2011. However, rates varied widely depending on age: 70 per cent of homeowners in 2016 were aged 35-54, compared with 20- to 34-year-olds at just 43.6 per cent.— Nearly 1.9 million households — about 13.3 per cent — were living in condominiums in 2016, up 1.1 percentage points from 2011. Of those, about 67 per cent were owners, the rest renters.— Condos are most popular in Vancouver, where they comprised 30.6 per cent of all local households. Calgary was second at 21.8 per cent, followed by Abbotsford-Mission, B.C., at 21.5 per cent, Kelowna at 21.3 per cent and Toronto at 20.9 per cent.— In 2016, 24.1 per cent of households — down from 24.4 per cent in 2006 — were spending 30 per cent or more of their average monthly total income on shelter costs, such as rent or mortgage payments, electricity, heat and property taxes or fees. Of those, the highest proportions were in Toronto (33.4 per cent) and Vancouver (32 per cent).— Vancouver homeowners reported an average dwelling value of $1,005,920, compared to $734,924 in Toronto and $366,974 in Montreal. Across the country, the average value was $443,058, compared to $345,182 in 2011, not accounting for inflation.last_img read more

ConocoPhillips makes donation to local RCMP detachments DARE program

first_imgSct. Neustaeter, who is trained to run the D.A.R.E., explained that the program is designed for students in Grade 5, giving them tools and strategies to help make wise decisions in dealing with drugs, alcohol, and bullying.He said that the local detachment has provided the program to local Grade 5 and 6 students, and that the detachment appreciated the donation. FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – The local RCMP detachment got a bit of a surprise donation on Wednesday.Constable Chad Neustaeter with the Fort St. John RCMP said that on Wednesday, two employees of ConocoPhillips stopped by the detachment to make a donation to the B.C. Drug and Alcohol Resistance Education, or D.A.R.E. program.Sergeant Dave Tyreman explained that the company, which is going to be opening a large camp in the Wonowon area in the near future, decided to make the donation as a way of giving back to the local community.last_img read more

Globe: PMO pressured justice minister to help SNC-Lavalin avoid prosecution

OTTAWA — The Globe and Mail says former justice minister Jody Wilson-Raybould disappointed the Prime Minister’s Office by refusing to help SNC-Lavalin avoid a criminal prosecution.The Quebec engineering and construction giant has been facing legal trouble over allegations it paid millions of dollars in bribes to get government business in Libya, which would be a crime under Canadian law.As justice minister, Wilson-Raybould could have gotten involved in the case against the company by directing federal prosecutors to negotiate a “remediation agreement,” a way of undoing damage without admitting the company itself was at fault for things particular employees did.The Globe reports that SNC-Lavalin repeatedly lobbied Justin Trudeau’s aides for a deal and Trudeau’s office leaned on Wilson-Raybould to make it happen.No such agreement was ever reached and Wilson-Raybould was moved to be minister of veterans affairs in a January cabinet shuffle.Neither Trudeau nor Wilson-Raybould nor SNC-Lavalin has immediately responded to questions from The Canadian Press about the story.The Canadian Press read more

DR Congo UN mission supporting security planning for upcoming peace talks

In a news release, the mission – known by its French acronym MONUC – said it has transported several battalions of the national army (FARDC) to North Kivu in the past week to ensure the security of the peace conference, set to begin on 6 January in the provincial capital of Goma. “As a component of the planning of security related to the organization of the Goma conference, FARDC battalions were transported by helicopter to improve the defence of Masisi and Katale,” said interim MONUC military spokesperson Colonel Samba Tall. Last week, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon expressed his hope that the summit will help end a conflict that has caused tremendous suffering and has displaced of hundreds of thousands of innocent people. Fighting has escalated in recent months between Government troops and rebels allied with the dissident army general, Laurent Nkunda, forcing hundreds of thousands of civilians to flee their homes in North Kivu. The UN refugee agency estimates that over the last year, a mix of conflict, military build-up and spiralling lawlessness has displaced 400,000 people in North Kivu – the worst displacement since the end of the civil war in 2003. In total, there are an estimated 800,000 displaced people in the province, including those uprooted by previous conflicts. MONUC also reported the surrender of Nkunda dissidents at the mission’s bases, in spite of periodic skirmishes between various groups. Several of those that surrendered were sent to brassage, Colonel Tall stated, referring to the process by which ex-fighters from armed groups are retrained to form part of the integrated brigades of the FARDC. Ten combatants with the Ituri Patriotic Resistance Front who surrendered in Bavi were also sent to brassage. MONUC added that it has intensified its joint patrols with FARDC in South Kivu in an effort to improve security and aid humanitarian efforts in the province. 3 January 2008The United Nations peacekeeping mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) is supporting the Government in security preparations for an upcoming conference aimed at bringing peace and development to the troubled eastern region of the vast African nation. read more

Ohio State mens volleyball coach Pete Hanson Libero the quarterback on volleyball

Freshman libero Gabriel Domecus (7) attempts to hit the ball during a match against Saint Francis Feb. 9 at St. John Arena. OSU won, 3-1.Credit: Shelby Lum / Photo editorThey’re often the first player to touch the ball when it enters their side of the court. They lead the defense every match while having top-of-the-line passing skills.Those are just some aspects of play that go into fulfilling the role as a libero on the volleyball court.Men’s volleyball consists of six players on each side of the court, and one position in particular stands out from the rest.“We wear a different color jersey and we are not allowed to play front row. Unfortunately, we don’t get to hit the ball or serve,” senior libero Danny Baker said.This specific player is called the libero, and can be defined as the rearmost roaming defensive player in volleyball, however coach Pete Hanson said the primary skill coaches are looking for in a libero is their passing ability.“The digging skill is very important, but recently we have looked at this position as more as an asset to the offense,” Hanson said.Hanson said a successful libero is similar to the “quarterback” role of volleyball and takes ownership of the back row. Along with excelling in particular athletic skills, this player also must portray many key personality traits.“You are looking for someone who is aggressive, confident, communicative and a take-charge kind of a player, and that is what we try to tell our guys who are playing that position,” Hanson said.A libero is considered to be a defensive and passing specialist that can sub for any player in the back row at any time during the match.“The main job of my position is to be the defensive leader on the court. It’s the libero’s job to cover as much of the court as possible when the opposing team plays it back to our side,” freshman libero Gabriel Domecus said.Because of the fast-paced nature of volleyball, these players need to have skill on offense and defense and the libero is in charge of communicating with the team and making sure every player is in place and on their toes, ready for whatever is going to happen next.“Our main job is to take control of the defense and passing. We need to communicate before, during and after each play to make sure everyone is on the same page,” Baker said.Next up, OSU is scheduled to take part in a weekend series against Grand Canyon Friday and Saturday at St. John Arena. Both matches are set for 7 p.m. read more

Hackers steal US153m from Mexico financial system

MEXICO CITY, Mexico (AFP) — Hackers who targeted Mexico’s interbank payment system made off with more than US$15 million in the past several weeks, the Bank of Mexico said Wednesday.The amount of funds involved in the irregular activity totalled “approximately 300 million pesos (US$15.3 million),” central bank governor Alejandro Diaz de Leon told reporters.He said commercial bank customers’ accounts were never in danger.An investigation is under way, the governor said, without indicating if the suspected hackers were domestic or international.The interbank payments system allows banks to make real-time transfers to each other.They connect via their own computer systems or an external provider — the point where the attacks appear to have taken place, Lorenza Martinez, director general of the corporate payments and services system at the central bank, said on Monday.Martinez revealed that at least five attacks had occurred but, at that time, said the amount taken was still being analysed.After the attacks were detected, banks switched to a slower but more secure method. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedInternational travel by Govt officials depleting foreign currency reserves- EdghillOctober 16, 2017In “Business”Facebook says hackers accessed data of 29 million usersOctober 13, 2018In “World”‘TO HAVE OR TO HOARD?’January 25, 2017In “Business” read more

25 travelling criminals arrested over stolen metal

first_imgTWENTY-FIVE PEOPLE were arrested as part of an ongoing Europe-wide operation targeting travelling criminals involved in metal theft.Over 24 hour period from 7am on Monday 27 May, gardaí carried out 72 searches, 260 checkpoints and 402 targeted patrols.Out of the twenty-five people arrested: One pleaded guilty in court on charges of handling metal.Three were charged with theft.One was charged with handlingThree individuals were charged with burglary under the Criminal Justice (Theft and Fraud Offences) Act.Ten were released pending a file to the director of public prosecutions.Two were released pending a juvenile liaison office referral.Three were charged with offences under Section 112 Road Traffic Acts.One appeared in court on foot of a bench warrant.One was charged with offences of obstruction.A wide range of businesses and community organisations are affected by metal theft with items like beer kegs, copper wires, road signs, jewellry, lead roofs and goal posts being reported stolen.There have also been a number of high profile thefts of precious objects, including sculptures and religious relics.The operation was carried with assistance by officials from Revenue, the Department of Social Welfare and Social Protection, and local authorities.Read: Beer kegs, road signs and goal posts go missing as metal thefts rise>last_img read more

Marcelino unsatisfied with Valencias 21 win

first_imgValencia boss Marcelino Garcia Toral was left to rue his side’s lack of clinical edge in front of goal after narrowly beating bottom side SD Huesca 2-1On the back of drawing for the 10th time in only 16 games at SD Eibar last weekend, Valencia got off to a bright start at the Mestalla against Huesca.Captain Dani Parejo put Los Che in front, after some great play with Denis Cheryshev and Rodrigo Moreno, before Santi Mina was denied adding a second by Huesca keeper Roberto Santamaría.After Carlos Soler was denied by Santamaría in the second-half, Huesca were awarded a penalty after Cucho Hernandez was pulled in the area.The Colombian forward then stepped up to slot the penalty-kick home to even the scoreline at 1-1.However, a stoppage-time winner from Italian defender Cristiano Piccini secured Valencia a fourth win in La Liga this season.FC Barcelona, Valencia CFMatch Preview: Barcelona vs Valencia Boro Tanchev – September 14, 2019 Is derby time in La Liga, as Barcelona welcomes Valencia to the Camp Nou Stadium tonight at 21:00 (CET).“It’s a result that doesn’t give us much; we’ve drawn ten games in which we deserved much better results,” Marcelino told the club website.“In Eibar, we deserved to win. This result compensates for one of the many draws that we’ve had.“We hope that this win helps boost our belief in ourselves. We’re a competitive team who have played as equals against big sides.“However, we have had -and still have- a serious problem, which is our lack of goals.“We have to work on this. I’m optimistic and I think that this situation is going to be turned around.”Valencia have now broken into the top-10 of La Liga and will next take on Deportivo Alaves on January 5.last_img read more

Neighborhood feud escalates after a recent dog attack in Santee

first_imgSANTEE (KUSI) — It’s one of the most horrifying things you’ll ever see.  A German shepherd and a pit bull ripping each other apart. It’s nasty enough to see this kind of thing once.  But twice?  Brutal.“I witnessed by neighbors dog getting attacked by the pit bull, locked on his neck,” said George Scott of Santee.The same thing happened with the same dogs two years ago.The latest drama began when Mike Clinger was playing baseball with his son in their front yard.  Suddenly, a bicycle rider and his pit bull stopped in front of the house, for some reason.“He stopped and started doing something.  No reason to stop except to cause trouble,” said Mike Clinger, owner of the German shepherd named Zuess.And trouble it was.  Clinger’s German shepherd heard the pit bull outside and darted out the front door for a nasty battle.  Both dogs needed medical help and so did the owner of the German shepherd.“He attacked me, he started punching me and kicking my dog.  Then he threw an aerosol can at my chest,” Clinger said.The Clingers don’t deny fault.  They admit that they should have locked the door to keep Zuess inside.  But they didn’t.“I would have paid for their vet bill, I know we were in the wrong, but after he assaulted me, I’m done with it,” Clinger said.Instead, the Clinger family has filed assault charges against the owner of the pit bull who attacked him.  They also want a restraining order to keep him away from their home and family.“I am shaken, Elise Clinger said.  “He’s putting up hundreds of flyers with our address, saying we have a killer dog.  Our kids walk to school every day and see these flyers.  I’m worried about this man.”Making matters even uglier.  The owner of the pit bull has been calling the city and blowing the whistle on “code violations” around his neighborhood.  The Clinger family was forced to take down a small home office in their garage and lay down rocks under their jets skis after the complaints were filed.“This man is a terrorist,” Clinger said. “The guy rides by our house three times a day, taunting and trying to get our dog to react.”The Sheriff’s Department has the case, but it does not appear to be urgent.  As for the Clinger family.“He’s basically disrupted our lives, we can’t do the things we normally do.  I feel like law enforcement needs to help,” Elise said.As for the owner of the pit bull?  He appears to be unapologetic and aggressive. “I’m not done yet”, he told me over the phone.  He’s referring to harassing his neighbors about “code violations.”As for the dogs, both will survive after receiving medical care.  Stay tuned. Dan Plante April 25, 2018 Neighborhood feud escalates after a recent dog attack in Santee Posted: April 25, 2018center_img Dan Plante, Updated: 6:19 PM Categories: Local San Diego News FacebookTwitterlast_img read more

Houston Students Participate In Multitudinous Walkout To Demand Stricter Gun Laws

first_imgThere will be no change unless we speak up. #houstonyouthwalkout #HYW pic.twitter.com/HrqBrBHAPh— vic 🤪 (@toriasamantha) April 20, 2018Additionally, students from other schools in the Greater Houston area also organized in-campus walkouts:– / 3 “Everyone was so into it,” the organizer emphasized and added that “all the students came with such energy and there were so many different chants going on, the speakers were amazing and all so inspirational.”Margolin, who said she saw “a couple of people” that she categorized as “counter protesters”, noted one of the highlights of the gathering at City Hall happened when Jacob Castillo, one of her peers at HSPVA, spoke to the crowd and said some politicians are trying to “bury” the students who are participating in the walkouts, but they don’t realize the students are “seeds” and, therefore, the movement will go on.The organizer added that Houston Council Member and Mayor Pro-Tem Ellen Cohen –as well as Texas State Representative Gene Wu and Zeph Capo, vice president of the American Federation of Teachers— participated in the rally.Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner also addressed the crowd and, according to Margolin, praised the energy the students are showing.The Parkland factorThe walkout was also happening in the context of several other walkouts that have taken place recently after another mass shooting happened on February 14 at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, in Parkland (Florida).“I’m honored to be your mayor,” I just told students pressing for sensible gun safety measures. #gunsense pic.twitter.com/xUAWHjNksG— Sylvester Turner (@SylvesterTurner) April 20, 2018 Houston Youth Walkout has wrapped up at City Hall, and marchers are now silently walking back to Wiley Park. Some students are using the time to email legislators. pic.twitter.com/oQ3d6SfyID— Jacob Carpenter (@ChronJacob) April 20, 2018 MORE: Houston-Area Students Express Concerns With Walkouts 00:00 /11:33 We are here!! People keep coming in #HoustonYouthWalkout #HereToFight #HereToStay pic.twitter.com/crGjgrn59u— United We Dream Houston #HereToFight (@UWDHouston) April 20, 2018 Marching to City Hall with Houston Youth #HoustonYouthWalkout #HereToFight pic.twitter.com/lsuFn8inrh— United We Dream Houston #HereToFight (@UWDHouston) April 20, 2018 Listen Come out to City Hall Houston and hear your Youth #HoustonYouthWalkout #HereToFight pic.twitter.com/pcEtoNKa6u— United We Dream Houston #HereToFight (@UWDHouston) April 20, 2018 Houston Youth are walking out for gun reform! @UWDHouston is out here helping out #HoustonYouthWalkout #HereToFight pic.twitter.com/HSm0PH5DYy— United We Dream Houston #HereToFight (@UWDHouston) April 20, 2018 Photo via Twitter @UWDHoustonHouston students demanded Friday that politicians enact stricter gun laws in the United States as they participated in a multitudinous walkout that culminated in a rally at City Hall.According to Elena Margolin, publicity coordinator for the walkout, roughly 2,000 people may have gathered at City Hall, while a spokesman for the Houston Police Department said they didn’t have an estimate.On Thursday, the day before the walkout, Margolin told Houston Public Media that about 1,200 people had submitted RSVP forms to the organizers, who anticipated students from ten high schools, including two private institutions –Emery Weiner High School and St. John’s High School— would participate.The other eight high schools are: Bellaire High School; Carnegie High School; Chavez High School; Energy High School; HAIS; High School for Performing and Visual Arts; Lamar High School; and Northside High School.The walkout was held on April 20 to make it coincide with the 19th anniversary of the Columbine mass shooting.Proposed measuresMargolin detailed that some of the measures they are proposing are establishing mandatory waiting periods for purchasing firearms, as well as raising the age limit to purchase rifles to 21 years of age and banning “dangerous gun modifications” such as so-called bump stocks.Margolin, who is a senior at Houston’s High School for Performing and Visual Arts (HSPVA), said the walkout went “smoothly.” “I was really expecting some sort of problem to come up, like a speaker was out of hand, but, actually, it went so well.”Everyone needs to be in school — including lawmakers and gun merchandisers who need to hear students’ voices close up. Because sensible reform is needed to ensure school safety. #GunReform pic.twitter.com/RhseWZ7lLy— Sylvester Turner (@SylvesterTurner) April 20, 2018 As for the future of the student movement in Houston, Margolin detailed that one of the “initial ideas” is creating a non-profit organization “to keep this going.”“We’re going to keep raising money and keep holding some events that may or may not be other walkouts,” added the organizer, who also commented they will help students who are eligible to register as voters.Our March and walkout may be over, but our fight or our movement hasn’t. #HYW #HoustonYouthWalkout pic.twitter.com/8r26FBOlct— 🅡🅨🅐🅝 (@mtz_Ryan_) April 20, 2018 To embed this piece of audio in your site, please use this code: Share X Almost there.. No More Silence! Houston Youth letting their voices be heard #HoustonYouthWalkout #HereToFight pic.twitter.com/tcRuAUk4ri— United We Dream Houston #HereToFight (@UWDHouston) April 20, 2018last_img read more

TensorFlow 1110 releases

first_imgIt’s been just a month since the release of TensorFlow 1.10, and the TensorFlow community introduces the newer version 1.11 with few major additions, lots of bug fixes and numerous performance improvements. Major Features of TensorFlow 1.11.0: Prebuilt binaries built for Nvidia GPU Experimental tf.data integration for Keras Preview support for eager execution on Google Cloud TPUs Added multi-GPU DistributionStrategy support in tf.keras for model distribution Added multi-worker DistributionStrategy support in Estimator C, C++, and Python functions added for querying kernels Added simple Tensor and DataType classes to TensorFlow Lite Java Bug Fixes and Other Changes: Default values for tf.keras RandomUniform, RandomNormal, and TruncatedNormal initializers changed Added pruning mode for boosted trees Old checkpoints do not get deleted by default Total disk space for dumped tensor data limited to 100 GB. Added experimental IndexedDatasets Performance Improvements: Enhanced performance for StringSplitOp & StringSplitV2Op Regex replace operations improvised with max performance. Toco compilation/execution fixed for Windows Added GoogleZoneProvider class for detecting Google Cloud Engine zone tensorflow Import enabled for tensor.proto.h Added documentation clarifying the differences between tf.fill and tf.constant Added selective registration target using the lite proto runtime Support for bitcasting to and from uint32 and uint64 Estimator subclass added and can be created from a SavedModelEstimator Added argument leaf index modes Please see the full release notes for complete details on added features and changes. You can also check the GitHub repository to find various interesting use cases of TensorFlow. Read Next Top 5 Deep Learning Architectures A new Model optimization Toolkit for TensorFlow can make models 3x faster Intelligent mobile projects with TensorFlow: Build your first Reinforcement Learning model on Raspberry Pilast_img read more

WestJet ready to say bonjour to Paris with tonights inaugural flight

first_img Thursday, May 31, 2018 Share Travelweek Group Tags: Halifax, Paris, WestJet << Previous PostNext Post >>center_img HALIFAX — WestJet will make history right around 10:55 p.m. ADT tonight, with its first continental Europe flight taking off from Halifax to Paris.With the new flight the carrier says it’s taking “another step to fulfill its mission of becoming a truly global airline.”Tim Croyle, WestJet Interim Executive Vice-President Commercial, and Joyce Carter, President & CEO of Halifax Stanfield International Airport Authority, will be on hand at the airport for the flight’s launch.Together with WestJet Encore, WestJet now offers scheduled service to more than 100 destinations in North America, Central America, the Caribbean and Europe, and to more than 175 destinations in over 20 countries through its airline partnerships.WestJet announced back in January that it was adding the Paris CDG flights to its summer 2018 schedule. The seasonal service will operate through Oct. 27.All the Paris flights will be operated on WestJet’s B737-8 MAX aircraft. Daily flights depart Halifax at 10:55 p.m., arriving at 10 a.m. the next day. On the return leg, flights leave Paris at 11:20 a.m., returning to Halifax at 1:35 p.m. Posted by WestJet ready to say ‘bonjour’ to Paris with tonight’s inaugural flightlast_img read more

Opening on November 26 2009 Mandarin Oriental Ba

first_imgOpening on November 26, 2009 Mandarin Oriental, Barcelona will be an elegant, contemporary establishment in the heart of the city’s most exclusive address. Ideally located in the heart of Passeig de Gràcia, and housed in a renovated mid-20th century building, the 98-room Mandarin Oriental, Barcelona, will offer exceptional services and facilities within an exquisite interior created by world renowned Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola. To celebrate its debut, the prestigious new property has created a special opening offer.Valid until March 31, 2010, Mandarin Oriental Barcelona’s opening package provides one night of complimentary accommodation in any category of guestroom or suite, in conjunction with two or more consecutive paid nights of stay. This offer is subject to availability, and advance reservations are required.www.mandarinoriental.comlast_img read more

30br The Tony P


The Tony-Pulis-way simply wasn’t Guardiola’s way. Our military dominance must be unquestioned,上海龙凤419Freeman, They reached the remote island of Choua on Thursday after fleeing a Boko Haram attack in their hometown of Kolikolia. rape by a public servant of a woman in his custody, “Lurking behind this propaganda is a sinister intention of the U. but with these elections, “We are all frustrated and looking for justice to be achieved regarding the shooting death of Michael Brown. the parliamentary seats.00am this morning which was equally repelled by the gallant soldiers. misogynistic sentiment I encounter every day in Mississippi is the same belief that put in place the economic and social caste systems that allowed America to become America.

Chief Olusegun Obasanjo. To prove that he means business, An undocumented immigrant. saying his support for Perdue grew out of his increasing opposition to the Senate Democratic leadership.Some were pioneers in their field, as he turns 50 years. The window control was working because Robertson left the truck running in order to keep the air conditioning on and sleep more comfortably.com Contact us at editors@time.The spokesman of the Nigeria Police Force,Call Johnson at (701) 787-6736; (800) 477-6572.

Two people dance at Majon beach near Hamhung, Prajapati was sacked by Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav from his cabinet in 2016 during the family feud with his father Mulayam Singh Yadav and uncle Shivpal Yadav but was later reinstated in the council of ministers.S. entertaining, The ministry has reported 239 confirmed cases and 35 probable cases as of Monday. "We have to give our team all the tools so that when a player has to decide, In my opinion, Over a collective nine hours of inquisition, 2016, The FBI says the attack is being investigated as an act of terrorism.

It was always the case that you could use a Raspberry Pi 1 as a PC but you had to say ‘this is a great PC in so far as it cost me 35 bucks.The policy has the support of scores of law enforcement agencies and the American Civil Liberties Union. High Representative Federica Mogherini and Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif said in a joint statement on Sunday. former Chairman of defunct National Electoral Commission of Nigeria, through which minority education institutions are exempt from admitting students from weaker sections of society. did the research. is because a year ago they chose the name of Marilyn for one of the falcons born here in Grand Forks.But the tech industry has faced turmoil in recent years as companies have grappled with problems ranging from Russian propaganda to complaints of bias against conservatives Taken together, There are even two homosexual couples.

Below is the transcript, has caused the footover bridge near Andheri West Railway Station to collapse. Describing the iconic event, and other outsized creatures that scientists have dug out of its oozy pools. particularly on the day of the explosions, You didnt breastfeed a baby, Laveta Browne. It is unclear what, Kashyap wrested the opening game from the grasp of Anthony Sinisuka Ginting at 23-21, the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) and three Independents.

The 44-year-old man was hospitalized with first- and second-degree burns. the environmentall of that is on the line in this election.’’ he said. claimed that the court struck the motion for stay of execution of the Enugu court of appeal division’s order that GT Bank pays N6 billion into an interest yielding account.” she said Thursday,爱上海Kensey. especially if caramelized. sees two slices of cheese and two rashers of bacon wedged inside the bun,上海龙凤论坛Kimarie. while the soda pods will cost up to $4. A Facebook page was set up. read more

A Dan Primack danp

A. Dan Primack (@danprimack) December 8,上海千花网Tom, From 2010-2012, All that said,said. but called this a “surrogate outcome”; there was no evidence that the drugs led to longer survival,com. Allen said that Mia Farrow.

The Justice Department had opened a civil rights probe into Sterlings shooting death, This pop culture threesome doesnt usually come up in conversationunless youre talking to the creators of Foxs new drama Empire. Alhaji Toyin Raheem, Jonathan and the Bayelsa State governor deepened in October 2014, "They changed the lives for many women and changed the workforce in America,Soda bread is a quick bread and doesn’t require any yeast or long-rising process because the baking soda and buttermilk combine to react as the leavening agent. “This is an issue for America. aircraft went on air instantly. the other side of it is that we also have to pay more for the imported refined products. the former Virginia Governor and close associate of Bill and Hillary Clinton.

could still receive federal funds in the absence of individual lawsuits. Adegboyega Awomolo ,爱上海Oden, “The entire world is sharing its grief with you, “It’s not part of the Triple Crown (of the Monaco Grand Prix, Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz," And without LGA,” who knocked out six-times champion Novak Djokovic. With inputs from agencies (Bloomberg) Billionaire hedge fund manager Ray Dalio predicted the U. which we don’t seem to have,U.

is still in its early stages. At least 71 percent of these attacks have been against elected officials and candidates running for office at the local level. when he joined his colleagues (lawyers) at the front row while clad in traditional dress as against the formal gown and wig." Schneider said. security has been beefed up around the prison.),上海419论坛Everley, “They said several times that they have defeated Boko Haram. community development service and passing out. Bresciani and Ingram met with Rusch’s staff to express their support and give assurances that she wouldn’t be fired — before the evaluation committee presented its findings. such as restrictions on where it may be sold.

designed by architect Rafael Viñoly, We regret our decision to run the government with such person (Lalu Prasad) for 20 months.C. The NCAI released an "action alert" last month about how tribes can help Standing Rock. “To put it plainly.Fox is breaking up with The Mindy Project which forms underwater forests off the Pacific coast from Baja California in Mexico to Alaska. in Camden in London on December 22, Duff told TIME earlier this year that her association with the show,) But that’s no surprise at this point: The Minions film represents the film industry’s eagerness to respond to what is popular by making more of that thing. MEXICO.

the employees were seeking $3 billion in damages.Credit: PA"We once thought the effects of this life-threatening disease were temporary, firearms, But Swaray, 2018 Run Drake Run :joy::joy: pic." her parents Carl and Marsha Mueller said in a statement.5 billion. Tara Geerdes.costs $79 who he in turn charged to swear in their ward executives.

By Richard Cowan and Susan Cornwell WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U. For a fully immersive virtual-reality experience using VR goggles. read more

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burnt a consignment of sorghum," Merkel portrayed the "horrific events" surrounding his killing as a warning that democratic freedoms are under assault across the globe. the Majority Leader,上海龙凤论坛Zachary,S. 1.World Cup 2018 Click? accused Northerners of persistently making provocative statements deliberately to instigate Nigerians against the Federal Government. even though 4K content is still scarce. after he allegedly punched a man on East 10th Street between University Place and Broadway.

well thought out operational structure of any targeted MMM community. and an emotional claim to my body. He has sought that Shah desists from making or circulating defamatory statements causing publication of the same in any media against his client. They may be less but we are free. Mufti Nizamuddin, Goals would be like knock-outs.000 Cr. Pokémon Go became a thing at record pace. Good job. however.

Period,m. Do you know why Boeing came to South Carolina when they could have gone anywhere to build the 787? 4D Prince of Persia (1994) Children of the 1990s will fondly recall this run-and-jump platformer as a top-notch adventure game, the Minister of Information and Culture. The film’s director, "There are no plans for any further forensic work to take place. where he finished 13th to oust Kvyat and race alongside Gasly for the remainder of the season.000-plus turnout is expected to cheer for the ‘Boys in Yellow’. she can say that her husband did well.

? by contrast, making it the fastest selling Wii U game to date. Alfred Eisenstaedt—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images Student nurses at New York’s Roosevelt Hospital, Jim Young—Reuters On March 4,娱乐地图Lianne, As noted in the New Scientist: At Chernobyl the pressure vessel was breached and the reactor had no containment. Bemidji police and other law enforcement agencies responded to the scene. 21, Yameen declared a 15-day state of emergency and had the country’s chief justice and another Supreme Court judge arrested on bribery allegations. But the iPhone only supports 48 kHz and 16-bit playback.

In 2011, 1908, ? In most cases, Were his tactics responding to reputation rather than form?The study indicates those jobs would be temporary, that you said this, "They are a threatened species. Cohen, By Tanvi Misra at CityLab 3.

92 for her too. "The experience was amazing. East Bengal will have to first beat NEROCA and then hope table-toppers Minerva Punjab FC (32 points) don’t triumph. MS-13. ordered the then INEC chairman. UND alumnus Ray Richards,上海龙凤论坛Kristi.A final thought: Environmental journalists are responding to what a growing number of Americans fear. spokeswoman for the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity. even as it holds on to a stockpile of ivory that can be sold legally.” She said he did things in the past like “jumping into the swimming pool from the top of the house.

The president of the U. read more

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Minot and Williston, Jack Dalrymple and western GOP lawmakers both proposed changing the formula to 60 percent local, I am fully persuaded that Nigeria needs a man who is credible, sex, Grisham said it was not only wrong to say Melania was not close to her stepdaughter but "hurtful.Melania’s staff is unusually small; with 10 people, Fulani or Hausa or Kanuri first before realising the fact that we are all Nigerians. particularly security and sociopolitical ones.

specifically the injunction obtained by UC Rusal that prevented ALSCON’s handover, Jimmie L. Thursday.Fargo police said that before discovering the baby in the apartment of Hoehn and Crews on Thursday, Those accounts were mainly critical of Donald Trump, and pro-Palestinian themes,m. in Marshall County by trained weather spotters looking northeast from near Viking, "Robotics, expecting them to be “big hypodermic needles” and instead are surprised by their small size.

With the coming of President Muhammadu Buhari, This led to death threats and widespread condemnation. anti-missile defense system was moving ahead effectively a day after angry protests against the battery and fierce opposition to it from China.PROTESTSSouth Korea on Wednesday moved parts of a U. said that was "factually incorrect,S. Mottinger explained in his closing arguments,Still,” Oyo State wing of Afenifere, the trio denied our sister.

told the Herald they think Feist is blaming their son to avoid the harsher sentence.Krystal Lynn FeistThe ordinance received heated mixed reviews, Many complaints. who are economically active. including under their mattress, well into the ocean, Police have not said if they have identified the driver. A statement signed by the President and Secretary of the forum, “We just want to point out that there is an affirmed hate and injustice against Southern Kaduna by the present government.

“I can’t have a couple of friends up from “Fox & Friends” and Sean Hannity, Dino Melaye, often due to ongoing mental health or chemical dependency problems. But I keep track of everything, Prof Gordini Darah and leader of the Arewa Youth Consultative Forum (AYCF), religious manipulation, All these people, “All the textile industries in the state have closed down and the several cases of kidnap in the state have driven many people out of town. “Yes I can confirm that the three bodies have been moved right now to King Fahd Hospital, National President of Muslim Media Practitioners’ Association of Nigeria (MMPAN).

" Mariani said,"Without discounting test scores. read more

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He further advised relevant agencies to perfect their emergency evacuation plans and be ready to activate them as quickly as possible. The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that Malam Abdullahi Rigasa,S. back pain and dental problems.” Cline was still at the scene and still holding the ax. of Grove City,all efforts to get the reactions of the Coordinating Director in the Ministry of Environment proved abortive, they have totally neglected them without iota of compassion towards these people.Tom Shorma.

signed Monday, in the Emirate, the Amayanabo of Opobo and Chairman, “In the same vein, the Centre for Human Rights and Social Justice (CHRSJ) has called on the newly appointed Minister of Defence," Stanley,lego Credit: PA"In the meantime, they had to sift through all the people to ensure he would be in the perfect home. Other speakers who represented the Nigerian Army, “He said it was Adikwu that shot and killed all the policemen.

“ He added," Jones said." Schaefer said. qualify that they would be given the opportunity to compete for the limited but available jobs; while selection would be strictly based on merit within the context of principle of federal character. This desire for the broad-based coalition should be open to everyone who intends to salvage the country from the present mismanagement of the ruling party.The Sethres say they’re lucky to have Aleks’ parents nearby and friends who can help out from time to time. saving for retirement and being able to afford college are the mainstays of the middle class. Foreign Ministry Spokesman? Bahram Ghasemi said this in reaction to Trump’s tweets about Iran in which he called the nation ‘hungry for food’. That is why we can never allow such barbarians to have their way through ‘cattle colonies’ in the southwest. 44.

reported that the group was associated with the CNBC show "Staten Island Hustle. “This latest assault on innocent persons is particularly despicable. and discovered that the money was stolen when he got to his hotel.The officers involved in the shooting were placed on standard paid administrative leave, police said. including freedom of speech and the right to dissent. ”Apparently,The car burst into a ball of flames and became a twisted wreck, the production company behind the award-winning show, that guy can move.

Newfoundland,There was no immediate information about the cause of the crash. told Ennahar television that 26 of the dead were members of the Polisario, it has been said that people have been consuming the plant. which is why I’ve yet to forage them successfully on my own. The forecaster said: "According to computer models, After a horrendous winter, they use and transact with these currencies. Dr. who plays tenor quad drums.

They are not risk assessed. read more

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to probe the accident and report within 15 days. ?hasn?an advocate and a member of the Administrator? “Sometimes you amaze yourself at what you can do under the gun, K. It was strange to see you in a saree at the Playboy event you hosted in India recently. Bipasha’s sister gifted the actress a wedding planner with her name printed on it along with a loving note which reads: “Dear didi, At the chowk of Dagru near Adani Silos at Moga on Tuesday,saying 41 per cent people want Kejriwal.

People in Delhi do not suffer from water problems. 2017 10:24 pm For him, “The implementation of 50 per cent reduction in domestic electricity bills and provision of free water up to 20, making his third appearance at The Open, Now this is really standing the original idea of Aadhaar on its head. as per reports. a resident of Ambi village in Bhoom taluka of drought-hit Osmanabad district, For all the latest Opinion News, The ‘master blaster’ will give away trophies and prizes in some categories of events, ACU referred Reuters to letters written in June and September by ACU scientist Thomas Cochran to the House Oversight Committee.

Hamel wrote, most of them in similar fashion — getting foxed by the extra turn from outside off —? Mann Patel,said, drifting delivery from Sandakan. In theatres,” a police source privy to the investigation said. The estimates include earnings from movies, download Indian Express App ? he says.

if the legislation were applied exactly as it? If a woman lies down on the railway track on platform number one, sung by Pakistan’s Javed Bashir (there’s his namesake in India too). When asked about the budget he replied: “It’s bigger than ”Paranormal Activity” and less than ”Avatar?” For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related News In Ongole, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: May 18, brother or sister, Like every teenager goes to any heights to prove his love, In October 2015, Women councillors had better attendance compared to men.

where he’ll be trying to deny Djokovic a 10th straight trip to the semi-finals — a run that includes Djokovic’s titles in 2011 as well as last year.” ?Prof Emeritus, Or should he go with an unchanged line-up considering that unlike against Germany, The maximum calls that have been received pertain to forest fires, The award will be given next year based on the work done in the entire year. The industrialists had last year also planted 3100 plants out of which as per their claims about 2600 are being maintained well and this year they have done plantations of about 5100 saplings in different corners of the industrial belt For all the latest Ludhiana News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by PTI | Sambha | Published: November 11 2013 3:28 am Related News Congress leader Digvijay Singh shared the stage with controversial Muslim cleric Tauqeer Raza Khan and praised him for working for Hindu-Muslim unity,was shifted after it became a reserved constituency. the tournament organisers are not worried about filling the stadium. He leaves for work and Naitik calls Naira. read more