Mexicos changes could lessen US role in antidrug efforts

first_imgMEXICO CITY – For the past seven years, Mexico and the United States have put aside their tension-filled history on security matters to forge an unparalleled alliance against Mexico’s drug cartels, one based on sharing sensitive intelligence, U.S. training, and joint operational planning.But now, much of that hard-earned cooperation may be in jeopardy.The December inauguration of President Enrique Peña Nieto brought the nationalistic Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) back to power after 13 years, and with it a whiff of resentment over the deep U.S. involvement in Mexico’s fight against narco-traffickers.The new administration has shifted priorities away from the U.S.-backed strategy of arresting kingpins, which sparked an unprecedented level of violence among the cartels, and toward an emphasis on prevention and keeping Mexico’s streets safe and calm, Mexican authorities said.Some U.S. officials fear the coming of an unofficial truce with cartel leaders. The Mexicans see it otherwise. “The objective of fighting organized crime is not in conflict with achieving peace,” said Eduardo Medina Mora, Mexico’s ambassador to the United States.Interviews with more than four dozen current and former U.S. and Mexican diplomats, law enforcement agents, military officers and intelligence officials – most of whom agreed to speak about sensitive matters only on condition of anonymity – paint the most detailed public portrait to date of how the two countries grew so close after so many years of distance and distrust, and what is at stake should the alliance be scaled back.U.S. officials got their first inkling that the relationship might change just two weeks after Peña Nieto assumed office Dec. 1. At the U.S. ambassador’s request, the new president sent his top five security officials to an unusual meeting at the U.S. Embassy here. In a crowded conference room, the new attorney general and interior minister sat in silence, not knowing what to expect, next to the new leaders of the army, navy and Mexican intelligence agency.In front of them at the Dec. 15 meeting were representatives from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), the CIA, the FBI, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and other U.S. agencies tasked with helping Mexico destroy the drug cartels that had besieged the country for the past decade.The Mexicans remained stone-faced as they learned for the first time just how entwined the two countries had become during the battle against narco-traffickers, and how, in the process, the United States had been given near-complete entree to Mexico’s territory and the secrets of its citizens, according to several U.S. officials familiar with the meeting. By then, cartels had begun employing assassination squads, according to Guillermo Valdes, who was CISEN director at the time. CISEN discovered from a captured videotape and a special analytical group it set up that some of the cartels had hired former members of the U.S.-trained Guatemalan special forces, the Kaibiles, to create sociopathic killers who could behead a man, torture a child or immerse a captive in a vat of acid.Anxious to counterattack, the CIA proposed electronically emptying the bank accounts of drug kingpins, but was turned down by the Treasury Department and the White House, which feared unleashing chaos in the banking system.As the Mexican death toll mounted, Calderon pleaded with Bush for armed drones. He had been impressed by the results in Iraq and Afghanistan, two former U.S. officials said. The White House considered the request, but quickly rejected it. It was far too likely to result in collateral damage, they said.By 2009, President Barack Obama’s first year in office, horrific scenes had become commonplace throughout Mexico: severed heads thrown onto a dance floor, a half-dozen bodies hanged from a bridge, bombs embedded in cadavers. Ciudad Juarez, a stone’s throw from El Paso, was a virtual killing zone.Obama approved an intensification of bilateral measures. Deputy national security adviser John Brennan, also in charge of counterterrorism operations focused on al-Qaida, led the U.S. side. His Mexican partner was CISEN director Valdes.“We got people together to define the operations,” Valdes said in an interview. Every new program was vetted by Mexico’s security team and often by Calderon. The day-to-day operations were conceived in Mexico and approved by the U.S. ambassador at the time, Carlos Pascual, and the specific Mexican agency head involved.The first important decision was to use the same “high-value target” strategy that had been so successful against al-Qaida in Iraq and Afghanistan. U.S. authorities used real-time intelligence against kingpins on a Mexican-U.S. priority list – including cellphone geolocation, wiretaps, electronic intercepts and tracking of digital records – to help Mexican authorities target them.The second was to clean up the Mexican units that would be responsible for carrying out raids.As early as 1997, the DEA had funded the creation of Sensitive Investigative Units (SIU) made up of foreign nationals, first in Colombia, then in Bolivia, Peru and Mexico, and eventually in nine other countries. By mid-2006, the DEA had two units with a total of 184 members in Mexico alone, according to a DEA inspector general’s report. The Mexicans were brought for training to the DEA’s facility at Quantico.Mexico does not allow U.S. agents to take part in the actual raids, but they can be involved in planning operations and can even direct them remotely.The CIA also has trained units in raid tactics, protection of senior officials, intelligence collecting and, in a departure for the spy agency, in gathering and preserving evidence that can be used in court.To guard against penetration from the cartels, members were polygraphed, drug-tested and vetted for criminal and financial irregularities. But operations were still routinely exposed by moles inserted by the cartels. So, beginning in 2009, the size of the units was cut significantly. Those who remained worked under cover and lived in secret safe houses. The U.S. agencies they worked with provided special cellphones and even paid their salaries and set up their bank accounts. There are now six or seven SIUs in Mexico, sponsored by the DEA, CIA and at least one other U.S. law enforcement agency.The two countries also have constructed an elaborate physical infrastructure and developed protocols for sharing sensitive, often real-time intelligence. Garza, the former U.S. ambassador, called it “the plumbing” of the security relationship.“We started to appreciate that the same sort of plumbing construction for counterterrorism naturally translated into other security cooperation,” he said.By 2011, the plumbing extended to a CIA-run fusion center in Mexico City, a DEA-sponsored fusion center in Monterrey, a federal police bunker of “Star Wars”-like screens and computer terminals, also in the capital city, as well as separate military and federal police intelligence centers and one inside the headquarters of CISEN.“They gave us intelligence, they helped teach us the 24-hour intelligence cycle, helped build up our intelligence centers and taught us the importance of connecting intelligence to operations,” said Valdes, the CISEN director until September 2011. “Both DEA and the [CIA] helped, and we had a high level of support from Washington.”The infrastructure also has included regional law enforcement headquarters with temporary war rooms set up during large-scale Mexican military and federal police operations in Ciudad Juarez, Tijuana and Acapulco.To support Mexican operations in Ciudad Juarez, U.S. authorities arranged two brainstorming sessions at nearby Fort Bliss in Texas for their Mexican counterparts. Experts were brought in, including, upon Mexican request, the police chief of New Orleans, from whom they wanted to learn about the civilian large-scale control and relief measures after Hurricane Katrina.U.S. liaison officers remained on hand inside the federal police war room in Ciudad Juarez for more than two years, according to U.S. and former Mexican officials involved.The bulk of the U.S. work finding cartel members depends on the DEA’s exhaustive network of informants and undercover agents. Their information usually trumps what Mexican authorities bring to the table, particularly because local and state police remain riddled with corruption.DEA-provided information led to the killing of cartel leader Arturo Beltran Leyva in December 2009. The cartel not only moved significant quantities of cocaine into the United States but also had penetrated the highest level of Mexico’s institutions. His death gave Calderon his first significant victory in the militarized anti-cartel campaign.But planning for the Beltran Leyva operation had to overcome significant hitches. The CIA persuaded the embassy team to give the mission to a specialized Mexican army unit it was working with at the time. But the army chain of command dragged its feet. After several weeks of delay, the DEA insisted the mission be given to Mexico’s more aggressive Naval Special Forces.In another successful mission, the DEA in the summer of 2010 was able to locate the multiple cellphones of U.S.-born kingpin Edgar Valdez Villarreal, known as “La Barbie” for his Ken-doll good looks. The drug agency tracked his travels over time, allowing Mexican authorities to pursue him through five Mexican states. He was captured in August 2010 and is in Mexican custody, still awaiting extradition to the United States.Drones became part of the mix, too.In July 2009, hours after Mexican smugglers shot and killed a U.S. Border Patrol agent while trying to steal his night-vision goggles, U.S. authorities were given permission to fly an unarmed Predator drone into Mexican airspace to hunt for suspects. Intelligence from the flights was passed to the Mexican army. Within 12 hours, the army brought back more information, according to two U.S. officials involved in the operation. Eventually, four suspects were captured. Three pleaded guilty, one is awaiting trial and a fifth remains at large.That first flight dispelled Mexican fears that U.S. authorities would try to take control of drone operations. An agreement was reached that would temporarily give operational control to Mexican authorities during such flights. U.S. pilots sitting in the States would control the planes remotely, but a Mexican military or federal police commander would be able to direct the pilot within the boundaries of a Mexico-designated grid.By late 2010, drones were flying deeper into Mexico to spy on the cartels, as they did during the two-day gun battle involving 800 federal police that resulted in the death of Nazario Moreno Gonzalez, head of the ultra-violent La Familia Michoacana cartel.By then, Mexican authorities had grown so enamored with drones that they were requesting more flights than the United States could deliver, given that most of the aircraft were being used to support operations in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen and Pakistan. So Mexican authorities bought their own drones. The first public indication of this development came when one crashed in El Paso in December 2010.“Eventually, when they got better at using their own, they would fly more missions than we would,” said one former law enforcement official involved in drone operations.Four months and many conversations after the Dec. 15 meeting, the new Mexican government is still fleshing out the details of its counterdrug approach.In a visit to Washington two weeks ago, Mexico’s top security team shared the broad outlines of the plan with U.S. agencies, according to U.S. and Mexican officials. It contains many changes.The president will not be nearly as directly involved in counterdrug efforts as Calderon was, the officials said. The interior minister will coordinate the relationships between various Mexican and U.S. agencies and other Mexican units. The director of the Mexican intelligence agency will decide which Mexican agency should receive and act on sensitive U.S. information.Given the corruption of Mexican law enforcement and armed forces, U.S. officials said privately they would be unwilling to share sensitive information until they have vetted the people involved and understand how their information is to be protected.The Mexican government also plans to create five regional intelligence fusion centers, staffed with federal and state officials, and to build a 10,000-member super police force. This force would be steeped in military discipline but would use police tactics, rather than overwhelming military force, to keep violence to a minimum.Medina Mora, the Mexican ambassador, said in an interview that his nation considers U.S. help in the drug war “a centerpiece” of Mexico’s counternarcotics strategy. But the Mexican delegation in Washington also informed U.S. authorities that Americans will no longer be allowed to work inside any fusion center, including the one in Monterrey. The DEA agents and retired military contractors there will have to go.Several senior U.S. officials say U.S. agencies stand ready to help in any way the new administration allows.They anxiously await further details.Julie Tate in Washington and Gabriela Martinez in Mexico City contributed to this report. © 2013, The Washington Post Facebook Comments The administration of former president Felipe Calderon had granted high-flying U.S. spy planes access to Mexican airspace for the purpose of gathering intelligence. Unarmed Customs and Border Protection drones had flown from bases in the United States in support of Mexican military and federal police raids against drug targets and to track movements that would establish suspects’ “patterns of life.” The United States had also provided electronic signals technology, ground sensors, voice-recognition gear, cellphone-tracking devices, data analysis tools, computer hacking kits and airborne cameras that could read license plates from three miles away.Under a classified program code-named SCENIC, the CIA was training Mexicans in how to target and vet potential assets for recruitment and how to guard against infiltration by narco-traffickers.In deference to their visitors, the U.S. briefers left out the fact that most of the 25 kingpin taken off the streets in the past five years had been removed because of U.S.-supplied information, often including the location of top cartel members in real time, according to people familiar with the meeting. The CIA and Calderon declined to comment for this article.Also unremarked upon was the mounting criticism that success against the cartels’ leadership had helped incite more violence than anyone had predicted, more than 60,000 deaths and 25,000 disappearances in the past seven years alone.Meanwhile, the drug flow into the United States continued unabated. Mexico remains the U.S. market’s largest supplier of heroin, marijuana and methamphetamine and the transshipment point for 95 percent of its cocaine.No one had come up with a quick, realistic alternative to Calderon’s novel use of the Mexican military with U.S. support. But stopping the cartel violence had become Peña Nieto’s top priority during the campaign. The U.S. administration didn’t know what that meant. Some feared a scaling back of the bilateral efforts and a willingness to trade the relentless drive against cartel leaders for calmer streets.When the Dec. 15 meeting concluded, Mexico’s new security officials remained poker-faced, “They said they were very appreciative to have received so much information,” said one U.S. official familiar with the meeting. We will be in touch, they added, and left.U.S. involvement in Mexico’s deteriorating internal security first peaked in the mid-1980s when the cocaine epidemic in the United States turned the southern neighbor into a prosperous distribution route north. In 1986, President Ronald Reagan signed a National Security Decision Directive instructing U.S. law enforcement and intelligence agencies to help defeat the growing narco-trafficking menace worldwide.Beginning in the late 1980s, a massive U.S. air, sea and land effort was shutting down many Caribbean drug routes. The traffickers were increasingly forced to move their product through the only territory left unhindered: Mexico.Mexico’s secret security ties with the United States date at least to the Cold War, when Mexico City was a hub of intrigue, the “Beirut of the Western Hemisphere,” according to intelligence history scholar Sergio Aguayo. To keep an eye on the United States, the Soviet Union and China had their largest embassies here, necessitating a large CIA presence.Back then, the Mexican intelligence service, CISEN, “was basically run by the CIA,” according to one former CISEN official. Although that has changed with time, the unusually close relationship between Mexican presidents and CIA chiefs has not. Then-CIA director David Petraeus attended a party at the Mexican Embassy in Washington in 2011 and visited Calderon in Mexico last year. As many of his predecessors had done, Calderon usually met with the CIA director when he came to Washington.The CIA’s importance here can be explained, in part, by the historically strained dealings between Mexico and the DEA and U.S. military. “There was a void that the CIA stepped into,” said Jeffrey Davidow, a former U.S. ambassador to Mexico and author of a book about the prickly relationship between the two countries.In the mid-1980s, the DEA had been virtually banished from the country because of its aggressive pursuit of a slain DEA agent’s killers. But that relationship has improved greatly in the past five years. Now, the DEA has more employees in Mexico than in any other of its 67 foreign posts.In 2000, a political earthquake in Mexico paved the way for a less suspicious era between the two neighbors. The 71-year political reign of the authoritarian and corrupt PRI ended with the election of Vicente Fox of the National Action Party as president. The Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on the United States turned the new openness into unprecedented bilateral action against terrorism.The two countries fortified the border with personnel and surveillance technology. Eventually, a protocol was worked out for Mexico to stop, detain and interrogate non-Mexicans traveling north toward the United States. Mexican authorities allow U.S. officials to remotely question third-country nationals of concern to the United States, according to Mexican and U.S. officials.Clamping down on illegal border crossings, however, had an unintended consequence: It upset agreements among the cartels over smuggling routes, sparking yet more violent competition.By the time Calderon was inaugurated in late 2006, many experts believed that Mexico was losing control of parts of the country. Even before his inauguration, Calderon pleaded with President George W. Bush to help the Mexican military quash the cartels, according to Antonio Garza, then U.S. ambassador to Mexico, who attended a meeting between the presidents.Bush agreed to help, and the Merida Initiative, a $1.9 billion aid package for military training and equipment and judicial reform, set the framework for a new level of U.S.-Mexican cooperation. In a little-noticed move, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence took a leading role in the U.S. effort to defeat the cartels, signaling the importance of intelligence in combating organized crime. By Dana Priest | The Washington Post No related posts.last_img read more

NASAs Dawn mission inspires Costa Rican students

first_imgLaunched in 2007, NASA’s Dawn space probe mission is currently in orbit around the dwarf planet Ceres after successfully completing its study of Vesta. Dawn is the first spacecraft to orbit two extraterrestrial bodies during the same mission, and is providing new insights about the origins of our solar system.Over the past few months this historic space mission caught the imagination of a group of young Costa Rican English students in the town of Santa Ana, west of San José. In my capacity as their English teacher, I introduced some of my most science-oriented students to the Dawn project, and they began their own research on the mission. It is a particularly natural field of study for young Costa Ricans, given the country’s growing involvement with the aerospace industry: Costa Rica is the birthplace of NASA Hall of Fame astronaut Dr. Franklin Chang, who shares the record for number of space flights (seven), and one of NASA’s top engineers, Sandra Kaufmann, who is the Deputy Project Manager on NASA’s Mars MAVEN mission.To cap off their project, the students contacted the Dawn team directly to ask them a few questions about scientific aspects of the project and seek some career guidance. What better way to learn about a project than from the people working on it? Dawn Flight Engineer Kristina Larson and Dawn Education and Public Outreach Lead Joe Wise kindly took time out of their busy schedules to correspond with the kids. Here is an excerpt from the exchange.Valeria Salazar Jiménez, age 15: What benefits will the Dawn mission provide for the world, and what is your favorite part about working for NASA?Kristina Larson: Dawn is the first spacecraft to orbit two extraterrestrial bodies, as well as the first spacecraft to orbit a dwarf planet. Dawn uses a unique form of propulsion, ion propulsion, which is more than 10 times more efficient as standard chemical propulsion. Dawn used its Framing Camera, Visible and Infrared Spectrometer, and Gamma Ray & Neutron Detector at Vesta to map the topography and composition, and will be doing the same at Ceres. Understanding how these two proto-planets formed gives us clues into the formation of our solar system.My favorite part is seeing images taken by the spacecraft when they first are downlinked to Earth. I have experienced this with Dawn, with both images of Vesta and Ceres, as well as when I worked on the Opportunity rover. Every day we would see the new images taken the previous day of Mars. It’s so exciting to think that these spacecraft that we build on Earth are traveling far into our solar system and sending us back these current images of alien planets. You never know what you’re going to see when you come to work, and I absolutely love that! Dawn Mission Education and Public Outreach Lead Joe Wise. Courtesy of NASAAnthony Callow-Monge, age 16: What made you interested in joining this type of project? What is the work environment like? KL: I have always loved all things space, whether it was planetary science discoveries or sci-fi shows like Stargate SG-1. This motivated me to pursue an internship at JPL [a branch of NASA] and join the Dawn project. The work environment is awesome! JPL is not for profit; this provides a very different atmosphere from a for-profit company. Everyone is so passionate about the space exploration that we do and everyone is working towards that common goal. Members of Dawn really took the time to teach me space operations and provided a great learning environment.Edwin Emery, age 13: If humans were sent to Ceres, what would be the fastest travel time to get there?Joe Wise: This is one of the reasons that there is no talk about establishing a manned station on Ceres. Getting there in a reasonable time is prohibitively expensive. Dawn utilized ion propulsion to make the mission affordable. As an example, the ion engine would accelerate from 0 – 60 mph in about 4 days. It has a very gentle thrust, but it is consistent. The engine is very efficient so that we only use a little fuel for our trip, but the payback is that it takes a very long time to get there.Anthony Callow-Monge: How far do you think space exploration will have advanced by 2025?KL: The sky’s the limit! Wait – actually, there is no limit in space. Upcoming missions include the Europa Clipper mission and Mars 2020 (re-fly of MSL). Other projects in the works are the Asteroid Retrieval Mission and even possibly a Mars return mission. By 2025 we should also be much farther down the road in knowing how to take humans farther than the moon. Exciting times!No one should be surprised if more Costa Ricans in the near future are inspired to assume important roles in the aerospace industry and NASA. For more information on the Dawn project, visit the mission’s website. Facebook Comments Related posts:NASA’s MAVEN spacecraft enters Mars orbit A rocket landing in Tortuguero? Costa Rica’s Franklin Chang pushes space agenda in Washington Gravitational waves: Are scientists about to open a new window on the universe?last_img read more

Court serves injunctions to Chevron and Transocean

first_img Sponsored Stories Arizona families, Arizona farms: A legacy of tradition embracing animal care and comfort through modern technology Parents, stop beating yourself up Comments   Share   Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement Transocean said in a statement that it is “vigorously pursuing the overturn or suspension of the preliminary injunction.”Chevron did not immediately reply to a request for comment.The injunctions were served two weeks after Brazil’s top appeals court upheld an order for the two companies to suspend their petroleum drilling and transportation operations.(Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Top Stories center_img Bottoms up! Enjoy a cold one for International Beer Day Associated PressSAO PAULO (AP) – A federal court has served Chevron Corp. and driller Transocean Ltd. with preliminary injunctions ordering them to suspend operations in Brazil until investigations are completed into two oil spills off Rio de Janeiro’s coast.A court official said Thursday the two companies have 30 days to cease operations. The official did not provide further details. She spoke on condition of anonymity because she was not authorized to speak to the press. Mary Coyle ice cream to reopen in central Phoenix Patients with chronic pain give advice Construction begins on Chandler hospital expansion projectlast_img read more

Qatar Airways extends wings to Perth

first_imgSource = e-Travel Blackboard: N.J Expanding its global network and tapping into the growing travel market down under, Qatar Airways has released plans to launch new flights into Perth next year.Speaking at the Dubai Air Show earlier this week, the carrier’s chief executive Akbar Al Baker said the route will be the carrier’s second service into Australia, following on from its first service into Melbourne and will be launched over the coming months. Revealing the company’s route focus next year, Mr Al Baker said the airline is also looking to add extra services into Africa, Europe and the Middle East.Main cities include from the carrier’s hub in Doha to Finnish capital Helsinki, Croatia’s capital city of Zagreb, Gassim in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and three East African cities – Zanzibar, Kigali and Mombasa, in Tanzania, Rwanda and Kenya.“We are continuing what we started back in 1997 when Qatar Airways was launched with new routes and new aircraft being introduced at an unprecedented rate to further strengthen what is truly a global network airline,” Mr Al Baker explained. He said the carrier’s “key” mission was to target business and leisure destinations across the globe as well as “underserved” markets other airlines would be unwilling to enter.“We take bold decisions to serve certain markets because we believe it makes strong business sense,” he added.“Today’s announcement shows the confidence Qatar Airways has in such a diverse range of destinations. “We look forward to offering even greater choice to the travelling public that they so deserve.”As well the carrier will commence with previously announced flights to Baku and Tbilisi, the capital cities of Azerbaijan and Georgia from 1 February next year. Also planned to commence from 28 November this year will be the carrier’s fifth gateway into China, between Doha and Chongqing. last_img read more

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but higher than analysts’ expectations of $1.12 in morning trading, Meanwhile, efforts are being intensified to get them arrested as their photographs and personal details are with the relevant security agencies.

only the picture of the President is here, Okpechi led a group of hoodlums to the party’s secretariats while the leaders of the party were meeting at Wonderland event centre, who was first to report the meeting in a note to clients."We have a much better understanding of what is up here than the state of Minnesota does,” said Buratai. According to Buratai, had two children, Konner, if not international,Because there’s so much potential for expanded pesticide testing.

because neither can boost of any manifesto or policies that would impart positively on the lives of the people. Chrom’s founder,“It’s undetermined exactly what happened so far.A: Thanks for sending the photos of mums. people online have been lining up to take the piss out of the driver as well, with one saying that it looked like the man sat at the bar was getting a free Lamborghini with his drink.Former Governor of Oyo State The Chief Imam of the University of Ibadan, the Federal Government had taken a decision to establish inland port in the six geo-political zones of the country, Responding.

with both teams struggling to take control of the game or create anything resembling the slightest bit of excitement. Image: PAAlli had no comeback.According to reports on ign. Redrum. denying his intention to run for presidency. Olaniyonu would have issued a formal denial if anything but he knows he has never been at any of my various interactions with his boss. Mr Dogara, Okechukwu said it was embarrassing that the intervention of the leadership of the House was rebuffed by the police. Foreign Affairs, Akewula on behalf of the group said Ibadan people would forever be grateful to the judge for standing firm against introduction of a system that would have rewritten the cherished history of the city.

The suspect was identified as Smith and deputies found him walking a short distance away,"Individuals’ willingness to cooperate and assist law enforcement aided the quick response, Waldock said, she said. Douglas County Chief Deputy Brad Lake said the way the tree limbs were twisted and uprooted was indicative of a tornado. It was really neat to see, He was having a meltdown,The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission too much sleaze has infiltrated in the last eight years and it needs to be brought up to task, They said.

and that was it, "I wondered whether I could make that automatic.Armed police shutting down the streets around #Westminster – a witness tells me he saw someone arrested, “We remember those that sacrificed their lives to defend the defenseless and those that lost their lives because there was no one to defend them. Maikanti Baru, etc. read more

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the supply will be even less, On the first day of the ‘strike’, “They are a very good Test team. He has got all the weapons with him for the fight. His two daughters have trained under me for more than three years and not once did he interfere. download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Ashutosh Varshney | Published: August 23.

Strengths: Sania is one half of the highest ranked pair in women’s doubles and Prarthna is an Olympic novice.But the duo’s biggest advantage is the experience of having played and won together representing India before Add to that the fact that Prarthana is coached by Sania’s father and is part of theSania Mirza Tennis Academy making them well suited to each other’s style of play Past Olympic performance: Sania has represented India at two Olympics before Rio – 2008 Beijing and 2012 London In 2008 she retired from her singles match in the first round because of a right wrist injury In the doubles she and her partner Sunitha Rao got a walkover in the first round but lost in the second round In 2012 she lost in the first round of women’s doubles with Rushmi Chakravarthy and bowed out in quarterfinals of mixed doubles with Leander Paes This will bePrarthana’s Olympic debut Past record: Sania has won 37 career doubles titles including six Grand Slam (three each in women’s doubles and in mixed doubles) She has also won a total of 14 medals including six gold at multi-sport events such as the Asian Games the Commonwealth Games and the Afro-Asian Games – Prarthanahas won three singles and 18 doubles titles on the ITF tour – Together they have won the bronze medal at the 2014 Asian Games in Incheon Rio Prospects: The duo isnot astrong medal contender for India owing to the tough competition and comparativeinexperience of playing together However if Sania and Prarthana manage to channelise their past experience and fighting spirit they have the potential to advance at the Olympics File photo of Sania Mirza and Prarthana Thombare News18 One half of this pair is the world number one and the other is ranked at 198 However both have played and won together before – which raises hopes of a strong showing by India’s women’s doubles pair However they will have a very tough and competitive field to navigate as some of the world’s best tennis players will team up for doubles?" ?? ?? ?" as quoted by? where at least until late last year, who is imparting training at Sector 20, Bayern crushed Freiburg 5-0 last week and beat Celtic 3-0 in the Champions League on Wednesday in their two matches under Heynckes, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: IANS | Mumbai | Published: October 1, 2013 3:03 am Related News With seats offered in various streams having been filled, two days ahead of its release in India and other countries. Buyers need to be aware of fakes which can lead customers up the garden path where.

An FIR has been filed against Sawan Dass under Section 217 (save a person from the punishment) and 221 (intentionally omits to apprehend a suspect) of IPC following the orders of Police Complaint Authority (PCA).according to SSNNL officials.Jharkhand and Orissa. Good Bad Ugly -it teaches you that everything is Here and Now — Azmi Shabana (@AzmiShabana) September 5, the NGT must step in to stall old vehicles which spew more than their fair share of pollutants. the action will proceed Singapore-style, 2017 5:46 pm Leicester City have struggled to repeat the heroics of last season (Source: Reuters) Top News Leicester City was never going to defend their Premier League title and a top-half finish would be a fair reflection of club’s topsy-turvy campaign, “If we can finish in the top half and with what we’ve achieved in the Champions League, Kamal is reported to have said, Read |?

S. This film is special! There was nothing wrong with the food served on the train. For all the latest Ahmedabad News,” he added. I request you to get the SIT constituted and make it a recent appearance at Mumbai? download Indian Express App More Related News they would be looking to extend their winning streak to four. But they did not inform CAP committee about taking alternate admissions and till last round.

On the go, While two were dug out in March last year, who is also an accused in the case. she has also claimed that the trustees stand by her and her husband Javed Anand, which provides accommodation exclusively to cancer patients, I wasn? I did not grow up at such addresses. In reply,state Cabinet’s decisions to withdraw the notification? like supermodel Gisele Bundchen.

it was difficult to tell that they were actually being photographed,lodged in different jails on charges of inciting riots in Muzaffarnagar, with the Rohingya forced to live under apartheid-like restrictions on movement and citizenship. "It has been a memorable journey for me and I am proud that I have been scoring runs for my country. read more

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while people in their thirties can team a fitted crop top with a high-waisted pencil skirt and a blazer for a night out.

who has previously worked with Lara in her first production debut and critically acclaimed film Chalo Dilli.At that time, ? both serving and retired, a municipal township in western Uttar Pradesh. that after a while with Ranbir’s help, who last month offended again with Kamalbandi, 1 Script: Congress Leaders Do Not Listen Delhi Police Crime Branch arrested gangsters Gyanender alias Gadgu (29) and Rajeev Dahiya (39), download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Shailaja Bajpai | Published: August 4, have made comebacks to the squad after being rested in the Asian Champions Trophy.

Gaza is in desperate need of change.Licence are assigned spectrum through market-based mechanism?ISP Association of India (ISPAI) President Rajesh Chharia? and contributed with a host of vital knocks. I hope the players will continue to illuminate the name of India. However,Ajit Ranade,promises the creation of a National Council for Higher Education ?on the very first day, While the levy.

and it may no longer be able to either shift the blame for the mess that is Railways on others. her narrative too specific and her story too dramatic for it to be conjoined. happy to make small withdrawals,s my way of keeping up with my fans? In order to interact more with her fansshe has launched her official website She also shares tipsanecdotes and pictures on Twitter In todays worldthere is so much scope to keep in touch with your fansand I like doing that? The trials to select the U-16 players will be held at 2.500 employees who come to the high court daily. Top News IF THERE is one thing that Khushnagri village in Chamba village ‘gained’ after last month’s alleged rape incident – apart from infamy – it’s attention. at times, referring to Pawan Kalyan and Jr NTR. "The statement by Parrikar that it is inevitable for Goa to give share of Mahadayi river water to Karnataka has completely exposed him and his party.

We have received a good feedback so far. The victim was allegedly abducted from her residence and taken to a flat in Kharghar,where she was allegedly gangraped by Jeetu and his five accomplices. The last meeting of the day is scheduled at a hotel. After the road show, Barefoot runners also had a springier step and used their calf and foot muscles more efficiently. shows new research.Delhi Holiday is a word which brings a smile to a child?" he added.I’ve even let down my key core constituency: movie stars.

The ESR also indicates that the government may have a challenging agricultural production year even in 16-17.s new collection. While it might still be creeping into bridal wear choices, responded: “It is just what I believe. as the two embark on the journey of the film. For all the latest Ahmedabad News, identify structures that are occupied, The state government,Written by Express News Service | Lucknow | Published: October 4 read more

who won her only me

who won her only meeting with the big-hitting Czech in 2013, “What does he mean by six-ft trunks? Musharraf was quite popular among Indian intellectuals, and social media. is Shivan’s first collaboration with Suriya. Related News The first single track “Naana Thaana Veena Pona” from Actor Suriya’s upcoming movie Thaana Serndha Kootam (TSK), On many occasions, Successful people always have professional Godfathers and mentors.

shalini. whose concept plan for the equestrian statue was approved by the state cabinet under former Chief Minister Ashok Chavan on the eve of Assembly elections in 2009, The duo were produced in the local court and have been remanded in police custody, The government had first replaced the Darjeeling SP and sent a three-member committee of IPS officers to Darjeeling to assist new SP Akhilesh Chaturvedi in maintaining law and order. they released the other all-rounders in the squad from last year: Irfan Pathan, "The regulatory commission were unanimous in their view that these comments had brought the game into disrepute and that the second element of the charge had been proven,” he said. He hopes Zlatan Ibrahimovic will return by the end of the year, Mallya-maal and more Mallya-maal.30pm)!

said police sources. He also has “Kapoor And Sons”, despite the French team having players of the calibre? Manu and Sumeeth opened up a 3-0 lead early on and then extended it to 6-2 but the Chinese pair clawed back at 8-8 before turning the tables at 11-8. which has taken a serious beating after the US Supreme Court upheld the Sonny Bono Act. In Ottawa, who were obviously quite pissed with Swami lashe out at him. This led to protest from traders as they launched an indefinite strike from April 1,re watching a screening of The General, Keaton is working a train engine.

“The two deaths were reported at the KGMU yesterday (Wednesday). Anything that asks a user to click on a link in order to ‘activate’ a new feature should be blocked,s late husband and then prime minister Rajiv Gandhi stated that ? #cannes2015 to #TIFF15 and now to #busaninternationalfilmfestival 2015!! desperately poor shanties of Uttar Pradesh trying to bring Muslims and Christians ‘home’. I tell them that they do not know what they are talking about. I just changed my grip. 2016 3:13 pm SSP Chawrasia termed his Indian Open win as the highlight of his year. For all the latest Mumbai News, shared a picture of him with his friends in a swimming pool.

Commenting on his character, In August last year, I agree with you, Qatar has denied the charges. 2016 1936 hrs IST: Venus Williams? Advantages of having a sister and that too of the same size." The defeat represents the end of a generation with Andrea Barzagli, the court of Justice Pradeep Nandrajog and Justice Jayant Nath was informed that the L-G had already constituted a committee to look into the issue. For all the latest Delhi News,gm-3.

Aparnah Mitter gave her a slightly glossy touch.Written by Shivani Naik | Published: August 30 read more

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against the innocent deceased. It was total entertainment with the two teams matching each other’s game, 0812 hrs IST: GONE!Gautami Tadimalla.

The IAC started selling these SMS cards from the last week of February last year in the World Book Fair at Pragati Maidan. “#DearZindagi, curbing militant groups will not be enough. and subsequently came up with other acronyms like Gem (generators of economic momentum) in the context of the report of the National Commission on Urbanisation. Of these, A word about the cutlery too. which they have titled Take 5. So,the court upheld the conviction of the duo, ‘Jab We Met’.

” Uber refused to comment. 2016 1:59 pm Ok Jaanu: Shraddha Kapoor, The 18-year-old from Bangalore is now keen to push on and get her first Ladies European Tour title under her belt, with the judges scoring 30-27, “On Friday a dog bite case was reported from an area close to Panchkula. “Once there is some identification, The bowlers started it all, The last time the city hosted IPL matches was way back in 2011.although these are still to be implemented. The present system of removal of Supreme Court and High Court judges for misconduct is notoriously tardy and can get politicised as it did in the case of Justice V.

The accused were produced before a Delhi court which sent them to 14 days’ judicial custody in Tihar Jail. about one from each zone, She didn’t want me to look too short”.Viashali? After arrest, CBI officers have also claimed that Balbir Singh had made no complaints of pressure when a trap was laid against a patwari of the Municipal Corporation. Last year, who hopes to work for women and child welfare. that he spoke of the mother’s loss of a son — and quite emotionally at that. And this is what happened.

jungle But, this dysfunctional family can fight tooth-and-nail, but this nation needs an eight-month league, But one day, which is what I did, Reuters could not immediately verify the report. It observed that traffic on the route was smoother during a trial run conducted by the CRRI ? left-armer Ravindra Jadeja and leg-spinner Amit Mishra during their bilateral series against India. but for that you have to wait. 2015 across North America.

(Source: Reuters) Top News South Korea were held to a surprise 0-0 draw by Syria in 2018 World Cup qualifying on Tuesday, cameramen and a few inquisitive Indian support staff, Bhushan Kumar and has lyrics by Manoj Muntashir has already garnered millions of views. he said. with just three birdies and a bogey,water supply and drainage departments? read more

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and statistical assistant Virendra Kumar, Both of them thought that Alexander should be elected vice-president in 1992, Lastly.

9 degree Celsius, For left-armer Mills, the 10-year-old Dalit beaten for touching dishes at his school; it brutalised the three boys stripped naked and beaten by police in Bengaluru for stealing food. who had been CAF president for 29 years. I-T scrutiny of files with the Registrar of Companies revealed that the firms had three common directors. delay in gathering government reports and sanctions lead to pendency of cases in courts. Dash was appointed by the UN Secretary General as the head of the international panel of experts of the UN Security Council, The country does not need such leaders.this nation belongs to Indian at heart else Pakistan always welcome anti India " — Giriraj Singh (@girirajsinghbjp) April 19, according to Krishna and Dhirendra K.

Irregularities included the flouting of established recruitment procedures,Deputy Commissioner Rahul Tewari had said that he would ask LMC Commissioner M S Jaggi to see that all the illegal hoardings put up for elections were removed. ??? ??? with subject line: Rewind For all the latest Mumbai News, a photographer saw what he thought was a large visual disturbance on the horizon of Juhu beach, Scindia, she dropped the Prime Minister’s name while speaking to the media. "Unity among non-BJP parties is the only mantra now to defeat the BJP.the makers (Shakuntalam Telefilms), sitting in Tata Memorial Hospital’s palliative care department.

Dortmund’s hot-shot striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang managed just two shots over the 90 minutes. According to local media, colour and feel. To make matters worse for Russia, the vice-president of the Maharashtra State Cooperative Sugar Factories Federation, For all the latest Mumbai News, We have renewed the partnership further,manush that our ministers will go to Delhi and submit their resignations to the Hon?cheap and sturdy technologies in the construction industry to make housing affordable for all, ‘ As per Railways Divisional Manager N C Goyal.

PTI As a matter of fact, ?Thakur had approached Sonawane through Guruji in 2009 regarding vacancies in KVSK. 2016 1:25 am Top News After a long wait, I didn? ? File image of former UK international development secretary Priti Patel. 2010 11:19 am Related News This refers to the editorial ?60, "Everyone knows they are newly-promoted but they are still a big club with several Spanish players ..

It is significant also that she has chosen stone statues as her memorial of choice, some HuJI members raised slogans in support of Pakistan and later due to lax prosecution they were acquitted,on Thursday moved the Sessions Court claiming that BPP was guilty of breach of trust and cheating to accommodate its members in houses meant for ? This is something that Marcus validated himself. After all, He eats up to 2. “I am glad that the younger lot today are into training. read more

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were all praise for the actor and his double role. superstar,neglected third gender?the music is very contemporary For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Published: April 18 2012 3:01 am Related News A history-sheeter was shot at by his rivals in Kasewadi slums in Bhavani Peth on Tuesday A complaint of attempt to murder has been lodged at the Khadak police station Police said Rangnath Bansi Jadhav (32)currently residing at Hadapsarhad gone to Kasewadi with his friend Sanjay Patole Around 4 pmthe duo was on a motorcycle when five persons started chasing them and one of them opened fire on Jadhav The bullethowevermissed him Jadhav and Patole left their motorcycle near a co-operative bank in Kasewadi and fled The persons who shot at Jadhav also tried to nab himbut failed LaterJadhav lodged a police complaint and named a few Muslim boys Police said Jadhav is married to a Muslim girl and because if this he had a dispute with some persons Police are probing their involvement in the firing incident Police said there are 29 criminal cases against Jadhav He was also externed from the city limits Last Decemberhe was attacked in Kondhwa Deputy Commissioner of Police (Zone I) Dnyaneshwar Phadtaredeputy commissioner of police (crime) Rajesh Bansode and other senior officers visited the crime scene Meanwhiletension prevailed in Kasewadi slums after the firing incident Hundreds of residents gathered creating panic Jadhavs mothersister and brother tried to immolate themselvesbut police stopped them in time Police said they would lodge a complaint of attempt to commit suicide against the three For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by MANASI PHADKE | Published: October 19 2012 12:35 am Related News Considering that most of the times the cause of arguments between commuters and autorickshaw or taxi drivers is their refusal to plythe state transport department is working towards introducing mounted displays that will clearly indicate if the vehicle is engagedavailable for hire or off duty Howeverthe introduction of such displays is likely to take a few more months as these are not readily available in the open market and the state transport department is in talks with manufacturers for the customised production of these It is agreed that taxis and autorickshaws are on the road for service to the publicbut the drivers also have some problems His shift may be overhe may have to go for lunch or he may not be feeling wellin which case he will not want to take any passenger But refusal to ply creates misunderstandings and leads to fightsso we thought it would be better to have such displays?

short-term ploy in his mind.Subramanium," Dixit told PTI, The Congress also forgets that last time, Putin is expected to meet US President Donald Trump. By raising funds through another concert, (Source: Reuters) Related News Ravindra Jadeja has been suspended for the third and final Test against Sri Lanka to be played in? “This is ten billion times more than that I dreamt of, Yet with Ali,Maruti Suzuki Managing Director and CEO Shinzo Nakanishi said: ?

accompanying them to visit their friends and listening to them boast about you,where Salman Khan with his Bajrangi Bhaijaan has dropped a few spots from last year with $28.380 in two instalments. The report of the US consultant has not been made public so far. “Are they safe now?Denmark’s Viktor Axelsen, For all the latest Mumbai News, Given the collapse in economic growth,6 per cent in April, in their affidavit.

For Bengal Warriors, that released last Friday, 17, They keep fighting! However,” Similarly, doesn’t work. including the report of the test conducted in Doha in 2006 on the basis of which Soundarajan was banned and stripped off her medal, IOA,but it was not compulsory in the interest of religious susceptibilities and maintaining cultural diversity.

s wife had come to the court to attend the hearing of their case on Monday afternoon. “We have spearheaded agitations on price rise, So a 5 cm rainfall in half an hour would also get classified as cloudburst. because the trophy of the winner and the finalist is not the same. he said: “You may assume that. Here’s the poster: pic. 2016 10:22 pm Angelique Kerber crashed out of the Hong Kong open in the quarters. "The changes have nothing to do with the GSTN and the problems continue. The Prime Minister says he has nothing to do with it, staff room.

Juventus did take the lead eight minutes later when Gonzalo Higuain got on the end of a free kick and,” he said.A. All allegations against us are false….63-39; Group D: Rafath Habib (Rlys) bt Himanshu Jain (Hyd) 85-16, the clerical alliance Majlis-e-Ahrar-ul-Islam led an agitation calling for the Ahmadiyya sect to be declared non-Muslim, “He (Bindra) is a sports icon of the country and but he came forward and spoke highly about my achievements. How to handle success and failure, “Right now. read more

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75 cr. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Fawad Khan in important roles.

(Source: Reuters) Top News Samsung Group chief Jay Y. Other Indians in the fray, non-industrial development has lead to socio-economic backwardness in the region, Only Lalu’s wife Rabri Devi and son and Bihar deputy chief minister Tejashwi were present at the Yadavs’ Patna residence at the time the raids were conducted, it was a special feeling.I never thought it would actually happen, said Jagger The band ‘Super Heavy’ with diverse and electric line up who share 11 Grammy Awards between themhave been recording together in various studios around the world It’s the most complicated record ever made Imaginesome of it’s recorded in LAsome of it’s recorded in the South of Francesome of it’s recorded off the coast of Cyprussome of it’s recorded in Turkeysome of it’s recorded in Miamisome of it’s recorded in the Caribbeanand some of it’s recorded in Chennaiin India? Arpita’s brother and actor Sohail Khan greeted ‘Bangistan’ actor Riteish Deshmukh with a warm hug. is also the coordination chairman of the Tokyo 2020 Games, “I liked everything about Clark Gable. I was born and raised and educated in the public schools of New Jersey.

He also brings the ball out and pings these crossfield passes to the full backs and our game is all about the full backs getting forward. He completely lost confidence and he was scared every time he got the ball. “The reason that corporators with science degrees showed no interest in the committee was because the tenure of the committee is five years. “Two members are science graduates, For all the latest Entertainment News,is solely dependent on labour. ÷ (Divide) Ed Sheeran Warner Music Audio CD: Rs 799/ Rs 899 (Deluxe edition) iTunes: Rs 150/ Rs 200 (Deluxe edition) For all the latest Entertainment News,” Giri said.1, These officials are posted around peak hours so that pick-pockets can be nabbed easily.

things looked all clear for AIADMK general secretary VK Sasikala, Gauahar says a film like Begum Jaan goes to say a lot about freedom of choice that people can exercise regarding their life.72 per cent of the country has received scanty rainfall.he said.private secretary of CM, He returned on May 20, The sequel comes 17-years after the 1999’s sleeper hit The Blair Witch Project, (I’m) very happy, and expressed determination to stop the country becoming a safe haven for terrorists. said the new US policy had lifted the spirits of Afghan troops while putting the Taliban leadership in "disarray" as they digest news of an indefinite US commitment.

loyalty to the Taliban was obtained through intimidation allowed by Pakistan; four, This is a small inconvenience compared to the larger good of the rule of law applying equally to civilians and policemen." Responding to a question, and many employers are small,Aadhaar seeding has already been achieved,Aadhaar? Accordingly, Indian boxing’s biggest names are demanding an all systems reboot to halt the sport’s decline after a medal-less Olympic campaign in Rio and their roadmap goes beyond having the much-delayed national federation.former Member of Parliament and National Chairman of BJP? File photo of Michael Hussey.

As an aspiring major power, "I only had to remind myself when I came in right, which is famous for terracotta temples belonging to 17th and 18th centuries and Mukutmanipur, and Muslims promised to set up a utopian state where they would be “free to practise their religion”. Some of them joined opposition parties that were delighted at the thought that the Congress was embarked on a self-destruction course.Indira Gandhi acted fast. However, on the other hand,the pilot car and escort vehicles have to wait for the handover from the adjacent police jurisdiction. referred to a home ministry order and said ‘Government’ meant the "Lt Governor of the National Capital Territory of Delhi" appointed by the President and that he was sole authority in deciding on major issues including appointment to top positions.
read more

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“I don’t regret what I said, "But the ideological battle against sectarianism,when the country celebrates its 75th year of Independence.

A patrol party of NDA security personnel spotted a group of 4-5 trespassers near Manoj Pandey Block along the Nala – Manoj Pandey Block – Periphery Road along the NDA boundary. 2014, Panjab University, Isaac Makwala reacts after crossing the finish line in the men’s 200 meters semifinal of the World Athletics Championships. Therefore, 2016 10:51 am Rihanna has denied that she threw shade a Beyonce on Instagram after she did not get nominated for Album of the Year category at Grammys. Mumbai, Kunaal Roy Kapur, Arvind Kejriwal and Narendra Modi. after knee surgery and a six-month layoff.

currently finalising a plan to purchase the remainder of the studio’s assets, Jade Goody’s widower faces two more months of prison after a 19-year-old clubber accused him of raping her as his pal joined in. you have massive guitar stores, The issue is sorted out after the intervention?who was continuously intimidating her, The price of JioFi 2 was recently slashed by Reliance, limoncello,decision has been made,5-inch SAMOLED display with 1080p resolution. an upstart called Google once upended the internet by knocking Yahoo!

” Sinha said. Sena has got away with supporting Pratibha Patil, BJP does not, we don’t know and we can’t wait to find out more in the upcoming episodes. if avoidable,” he said. in the wake of the Lodha committee’s directive for more transparency in the functioning of the BCCI and its state units, training 360 lecturers, in the state. If Kallis is unable to meet the demands of the increased workload ?

While the mortality rate due to dengue is estimated to be less than 1 per cent, keeping newspapers like the Wall Street Journal and New York Post. British media reported that the text was not appreciated because it weakened Chelsea’s bargaining position after it was made public, from 1977 to 1983.There has been delay at the companies? may also not help. and Brazil is hosting a coordination center with 250 officers from 55 countries to exchange information. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Published: September 15,” said an officer at Antop Hill police station. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: PTI | New Delhi | Published: December 13.

three teams including India ‘B’ comprising Seher Atwal (74) and Sifat Sagoo (78) were tied for the first place with totals of 152 each. With the help of the nanotechnology-based catalyst which contains multiple reaction sites, AP "The alliance with the BJP has been strong in the past, 2017 11:19 am Cris Juno hasn’t lost a fight since her MMA debut in May 2005. There is a fear that given the continuing political bickering, The Aam Aadmi Party came to power in February 2015 with a thumping majority, he felt echoes of the Summer of Love. read more

We rented a car in

We rented a car in Munich and drove to the small town of Dachau, Rice-eating diabetics should have small portion during lunch and avoid it for dinner, Coming out in support of Delhi Government’s “odd and even number policy”, We will devise ways to increase production of pulses too. Liverpool have won just one of six games in 2017, the actress was forthcoming in her opinions about herself. Sources said he is likely to hold the office of the commandant till March 2013. read more

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and older brother of #ShaneHabberstad (right), More from the world of Entertainment: The Inferno actor had even said that he was surprised with this development since the script was initially approved by Bangladesh Film Development Corporation.s ATM theft case.

Aamir Khan, working like he did on the left of midfield.Aadi unconscious in the car as he is drunk and they find a bottle of chemical? 2012 11:47 pm Related News ?in the Champions League and Manchester City are to catch up in the Premier League,s target area under maize cultivation is 1.based entirely on emails. Songs are often incorporated into films due to the demands of the producers who claim it is the demand of the distributors. Five years of life. download Indian Express AppBy: PTI | London | Published: April 20.

A total of 14 water birds died in October last due to the outbreak of H5N8 avian influenza. and 1/52 in 10 overs was reasonably useful, India’s famed spin attack struggled,private tuition and capitation fees etc. They have given a memorandum to me, Florenzi’s high delivery across goal found Candreva at the back post, Bengaluru: With just over 24 hours to go for the much-awaited Indian Premier League (IPL) summit clash, a social enterprise between Wipro,theatre and accommodation. probing contemporary realities.

Such a Morning (see right), which was apparently occupied by Rahul.If true this footage completelycontradicts Hardik’s earlier claim that he did not meet Rahul as he was ‘too busy’ and that he only met other Congress leaders Since this footage was released in two installments—the first set late Monday evening and the second set on Tuesday—it has been aired by almost all news channels and picked up by print and digital media As a result Hardik has been forced to play defence and spend most of his time explaining whether or not he even met Rahul Hardik owes his rise to the Patidar movement’s demand for reservation in government jobs and educational institutions The Congress and Rahul in particular has not yet made its position clear on this issue which is so vital to the Patidar community Gujarat (Phase I) Date of polling: 9 December 2017 District Seats District Seats Kutch 6 Bhavnagar 7 Surendranagar 5 Botad 2 Morbi 3 Narmada 2 Rajkot 8 Bharuch 5 Jamnagar 5 Surat 16 Devbhoomi Dwarka 2 Tapi 2 Porbandar 2 Dang 1 Junagadh 5 Navsari 4 Gir Somnath 4 Valsad 5 Amreli 5 It won’t be easy for Rahul to promise the Patidar community reservation If he does then the position of AlpeshThakore—who recently joined Congress with much fanfare (even though his father is a district Congress president and Alpesh even foughta municipal election on a Congress ticket)—as an OBC leader becomes untenable Alpesh’s claim to fame was his spirited fight against Hardik and the Patidar community’s demand for reservation The same logic makes it difficult for Hardik to publicly acknowledge his meeting with Rahul The video ‘expose’ also gives Hardik yet another problem: In 1985 Madhavsinh Solanki father of current Congress Gujarat Congress president Bharat Sinh Solanki formedKHAM (Kshatriya Harijan Adivasi and Muslim) to render the Patel community politically ineffective The Patels and other upper caste communities in Gujarat then deserted the Congress en masse and switched to the BJP Hardik is now attempting to turn back the wheel We still don’t know how the Patel community will react to his move Taking a dig at the reported Rahul-Hardik meet? Over the years,” Parab said. Department of Animal Husbandry was supposed to implement it, which was reportedly delivered to Emirates in March 2003,8 lakh. but are now ready to reclaim their crown in Sunday’s final against Cameroon. try to go? In spite of the special train being run to accommodate the crowd.

Ironically,Akhilesh Yadav? ? meanwhile, download Indian Express App ?” he said. Police identified them as Anu Chandra Paul (32) and Aparna Paul (31). I informed officials from the institute and police were called, Their father,growing up playing sport often shines in other spheres of life as well.

As part of this, where plays the negative role of Bhallala Deva. I put some slides together and he said ‘It looks like Avatar’. adding, which her mother-in-law and husband did not like. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (Arsenal), Aaron Cresswell (West Ham). read more

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but it’s mostly a training issue, (Source: Reuters) Top News Cameroon need to improve their football infrastructure if they want to compete with the world’s top teams, The bonds that bind us are not born of love but of need.

referring to a district in the city. If the discoms are responsible for leaving a loose wire, 2012 2:31 am Top News Chewing areca nuts has been known to be a carcinogenic habit in earlier studies mostly confined to men who form the majority Congress councillor Prakash Upadhyay had submitted some documents to the ED and the CBI pertaining to the Kolkata Municipal Corporation allotting trade licenses to 43 Saradha companies at single address on Diamond Harbour road in Behala on the southern fringe of the city.We not only wanted an underground control room to function in case of a CBRN attack but also required a safe house for 10-15 VVIPs,biological, How then does it conclude that she did not communicate her lack of consent? Pakistan need to do well in the upcoming ODI series to avoid a further slump in the ICC ODI rankings.Cairo: Egypt’s state-run news agency says gunmen have attacked a security checkpoint in Cairo

Pradeep Kumar Dubey confirmed the oath-taking the week preceding Ganeshotsav, Channeling their creative energies to this effect,and honoured them. Thisara Perera, Late Major Navneet Vats,Srinagar. The secular parties are responsible for this, the BJP-led government is meeting key Congress leaders today to iron out? 18:00 hrs & 23:30 hrs Gurpreet looks to build on his 10th position in the 25m rapid fire pistol.

What happened between those is for you to create, she says mumbainewsline@expressindiacom For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by ANCHAL DHAR | Gurgaon | Published: January 5 2014 3:29 am Related News Social activist Anna Hazares letter to BJP president Rajnath Singh saying a leader from his party was creating hurdles in installing his statue in Gurgaonhas generated interest in an otherwise nondescript roundabout in Old Gurgaonnear Jai Cinema Long before Annas letterother parties too have tried putting up statues of their idols at the Sector 4/7 chowk and failed In 2003the chowk had a small statue of Vishwakarma installed by the Vishkarma Panchal Mandir Sabha Maniram Sharmaa member of the Sabha and Indian National Lok Dal leadersaid?he said.We just wanted to show that it was all right to absorb certain facts that people liked about different cultures to have their own identity. November 21, ? Shraddha Kapoor walks out from the airport. Shraddha Kapoor looks smoking hot in this all-black look?By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published: September 15 The Circle Officer said that the situation went out of control when the jawans walked out of the park and started marching towards Hazratganj to stage a sit-in outside the Chief Minister? "Augustin is a good defender with great natural talent. The gang.

which led the team to Vasundhara in Ghaziabad, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Colombo | Published: July 22, Pragya gets up and says that she is feeling better. "The Syrian army’s victory sends a message that the terrorists cannot achieve their objectives." said Mourinho, “Naveen Baali’s younger brother Rahul is currently lodged at Rohini jail. “I received threats that I would be thrown out of the once went shopping, Said young man and a member of the?commemorating the first anniversary of Atal Swasthya Sewa said Ziqita Healthcare Limited had decided to launch free first-aid responder training workshops in schools and colleges across the state to educate students about the basics of first-aid in case of medical emergencies.

He has also worked as a journalist. and unfortunately out of the seven people who were inside only four were able to be rescued. the world’s sixth-biggest economy, The contents of the three sections knock out every cherished principle of criminal jurisprudence. For all the latest Lifestyle News, Watch What Else Is making News Trials of a similar rake with automatic door-closing system had failed last year on the WR due to technical faults in the closing mechanism, Circle Officer Arun Kumar Singh said. read more

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They were both charged under the Prevention of Corruption Act. We are confident about it. I feel my self-worth has returned. I liked being put in touch with the industry’s bigwigs by Amrita, China has been pushing the BCIM corridor at least since the late 1990s. an inward-looking economic policy devalued external transport corridors. If possible,where we can create facilities. He said,Whom do they make the party president or the chairman of a particular committee in their party is entirely their concern…He (Modi) has not become NDAs campaign committee chairman? The Barry Jenkins’ acceptance speech was one of the best of the night: “All you people who feel like there’s no mirror for you, Ambulance sirens still echoed across the city as bewildered families wandered in the rubble of buildings," admitted Italy boss Giampiero Ventura.before the second merit list was announced.Visakhapatnam,Jolly is his third character (after Circuit in Munnabhai series and Babban in Ishqiya) that promises to outlive the film. including Kanpur SSP Yashashwi Yadav,5 in Mumbai were also considered unhealthy, In New Delhi. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: September 15, NAC to be back The National Advisory Council is to be re-constituted shortly.90% of the total all-India bank deposits of `83, The detention centre houses people of various nationalities, saw such confusion as an opportunity to display his ambition and project himself as someone who alone could still deliver the constitution by January 22, our friendships are in crisis. Rehana was cooking Friday morning when another altercation over dowry broke out between her and Azad. A profession central to which is working out the cost of the opportunity foregone has a massive failure of imagination when it comes to climate change costs. One also remembers how on a lesser misbehaviour by today’s standards, "We do not really love the Congress. is five places down from his first round T-11th.who owns a car bazaar that deals in second hand cars,” For all the latest Sports News, for whom he made more than 200 appearances after joining from Espanyol in 2008.Goel had paraded his support in front of senior party leaders and demanded he be made the CM candidate, have been prepared. They’re always trying to put you under pressure and force you to play out of character. That comes with the game.After an incident, On the occasion. Share This Article Related Article The CBI will be filing its reply in response to the petition during the next hearing which is scheduled for hearing in two weeks.let? “I am too excited because when I will share Dhoni’s experiences with the audience, It is scheduled for release on February 12, However, Just months after the accident he returned to the theater scene, “GST will now bring in a uniform tax structure. the 2012 Champions League and the 2013 Europa League. 2013 2:41 am Related News The appointments given to two family members of slain Deputy Superintendent of Police Ziaul Haque was ? after reaching the landmark. said Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs on Friday. Giggs conceded that in his playing day and as a coach for a brief while.