The Main Squeeze’s Corey Frye Rocks Mark Ronson Cover With Umphrey’s McGee [Watch]

first_imgLast night, Umphrey’s McGee and The Main Squeeze tore through the Farm Bureau Insurance Lawn at White River State Park, Indianapolis. For the first time, fans were treated to an exciting collaboration with TMS’s Corey Frye and headliners Umphrey’s McGee. The soul singer sat in for a cover of Mark Ronson‘s “Daffodilis” toward the end of the second set, making dreams come true for the home team of Chicago.Luckily there’s video of this exciting occasion, courtesy of The Main Squeeze’s Facebook page:The night was filled with contagious energy, with prog epic “Mantis”, reggae tinged classic “Higgins”, and a “Nothing Too Fancy” > end of “Mantis” first-set closer. Second set brought a scorching “Ocean Billy” “Cut The Cable” sandwich, before Frye took the stage for an unforgettable funk-pop performance. The night closed with an exciting “Live And Let Die” cover of Paul McCartney & Wings, which has only been played once previously this year, in April at The Major Rager in Augusta, GA.last_img read more

Ex-Coal Exec Says Solar Is the Future of Energy

first_img FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享Time:Jim Lamon is the kind of businessman that Donald Trump would like. And Lamon is the kind of businessman who likes Trump. The CEO of Depcom Power grew up in Alabama, served in the Air Force for six years and spent decades constructing the kinds of coal-fired power plants Trump likes to tout. He’s contributed thousands of dollars to Republican causes, including Trump’s victory fund.But a few years ago, Lamon saw that coal’s future was bleak, and he switched to building solar power plants. Now he’s worried that a pending decision by Trump will imperil his business. The Trump Administration is weighing a tariff on solar panel imports — essentially taxing them more than panels made in the U.S. — a move that analysts say could abruptly raise the price of building new solar power plants in the U.S., potentially killing a rapidly growing industry that primarily employs blue collar workers.That would hit Lamon — and his employees — hard. Depcom Power employs more than 1,600 people designing, building and operating solar farms with projects spread across the country from blue states like California to red states like Mississippi.Trump’s disdain for renewable energy sources was no secret during his campaign for president — the candidate spoke on several occasions about energy saying solar was “not working so good” and wind power “kills all your birds” — but Lamon believed that low-cost solar would continue to serve as a more affordable energy source than coal and often natural gas no matter what came policy emerged from the White House. Indeed, that’s why he began building solar power plants in the first place. Without subsidies, electricity from large-scale solar power plants currently costs about a third the cost of coal and is about even with natural gas, according to data from the financial advisory firm Lazard. It’s even cheaper with subsidies. But a tariff changes the numbers in ways that Lamon could not have anticipated.The Trump Administration has until Jan. 26 to decide on a solution, and all indicators suggest the president favors a tariff. Throughout his campaign and presidency, he has promised to crack down on China, sought to revive coal and touted his desire to restore U.S. manufacturing. A solar tariff can achieve all of those objectives, or at the very least Trump can argue that it does.Lamon, whose company has lobbied the Trump administration, says he thinks the jobs message is resonating in the White House. “They’re all listening,” he says of top officials. “We want American energy dominance,” says Lamon, borrowing a phrase from Trump. But “when the facts are laid out, it’s kind of comes to light why coal is not coming back.”More: Ex-Coal Exec Says Solar Is the Future of Energylast_img read more

FARC Plans an Attack on 11 Councilors in Bogotá

first_imgBy Dialogo June 10, 2009 Bogotá, June 8 (EFE) – FARC have a plan to attack 11 councilors in Bogota, as reported today by city councilor Darío Fernando Cepeda, who wanted to make sure the public knew about the letter sent over the weekend by the District attorney’s office to the mayor of Bogota, Samuel Moreno Rojas, warning him of the alleged plan. According to the website of the newspaper El Tiempo, Bogota, Cepeda said, “the letter is authentic, with the right letterhead and we are just waiting to be officially notified of the threats by the mayor, the Army or the Police and to strengthen our security measures.” According to this version, the threatened councilors belong to the party called “Cambio Radical“, allied to the Colombian President Álvaro Uribe. The alleged plans to attack the lives of elected officials were discovered on a computer that authorities seized in the operation that led to the arrest of “The Black Antonio” of FARC. Bernardo Mosquera Machado, head of a commando group of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), was captured last February in the region of Sumapaz, the central department of Cundinamarca, of which Bogota is the capital. The councilmen threatened are Carlos Fernando Galan, son of the assassinated presidential candidate Luis Carlos Galan Sarmiento, Philip Rivers, Dario Fernando Cepeda, Fernando Lopez, Julio Cesar Acosta, Clara Sandoval, Orlando Castañeda, Nelly Patricia Mosquera, Maria Angelica Tovar, Carlos Castro and Henry Orlando Ferreira. According to Cepeda, the letter also mentions the names of two elected officials of a neighborhood of Bogota, whose identities are unknown at this time. On the situation, the president of the Bogota, Soledad Tamayo, said that she had written to the Office and the Colombian Army asking to “investigate the matter”, but so far there was no response. “We are expecting a response to take every security measure,” said Tamayo. The so called ” Black Antonio”, captured in an operation of the Colombian Army, is responsible for the abductions in the center of the country. He also controlled the drug trafficking business in this part of the country through the commando group “Antonio Nariño”. Among his crimes are the kidnappings of a Christian church leader and the Japanese Chikao Muramatsu, who died in captivity. Earlier this month, the Director of the National Federation of Councilors of Colombia, Fabio Estrada, stated that at least 2,000 councilors work under death threats from guerrilla groups, emerging gangs and common criminals.last_img read more

Panama Increases Operations to Counter Transnational Crime

first_imgBy Julieta Pelcastre/Diálogo October 01, 2019 The Panamanian Air and Naval Service (SENAN, in Spanish), in coordination with the Attorney General’s Office and the Office of the Prosecutor for Narcotics, seized more than 24 tons of illicit substances in 45 joint operations, also capturing 59 people from January to August 2019, with the help of air, naval, and land resources, many donated by the U.S. government.Almost half of the seizures were made during Operation Joining Forces (Operación Uniendo Fuerzas), a security strategy that started on July 1, the Panamanian Public Force said. Fifty-three percent of seizures took place in the waters of the Caribbean, while 47 percent were in the Pacific, according to an online report from newspaper Panamá América.“It’s the result of strategically adding and moving new [resources] transferred by the U.S. to Panama,” Major Juan Alvarado, head of SENAN’s Aviation Program, told Diálogo. “The support received is decisive to neutralize and reduce drug smuggling in our area of responsibility.”In the last five years, Panama received more than $100 million from the United States in land and naval equipment, as well as air services, training programs, and information systems to seize drugs and dismantle networks involved in human trafficking and smuggling, SENAN told the press. “Resource transfer includes military aircraft designed for rough terrain, which is the case in the country’s areas of operations,” SENAN indicated.Through the Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs, the U.S. government reiterated its commitment to Panama on June 30, with the transfer of six Bell UH-1H helicopters valued at $24 million. These tools will enable SENAN and the National Border Service (SENAFRONT, in Spanish) to establish an air shield in the Darien province to minimize criminal activity and strengthen regional security, SENAN said. Panama received six Bell UH-1H helicopters donated by the U.S. government to counter transnational crime. (Photo: Panamanian Air and Naval Service)“The transfer is an important exchange of services between the Ministry of Security and the U.S. Department of Defense,” said Jonattan Del Rosario, then minister of the Interior at the handover ceremony. “Thanks to U.S. cooperation, the public force has increased its planning, strategic, and intelligence skills and created internal bodies for national security and defense,” said Maj. Alvarado. SENAN Commissioner Jesús Rodríguez said that this technology and intelligence are great partners against crime that yielded satisfactory results in Operation Joining Forces. “Thanks to our biometric data, at Tocumen International Airport, every 10 minutes we receive alerts about wanted people,” said Samira Gozaine, director of the National Migration Service.last_img read more

Lessons from famous failures

first_img 122SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Tyler Atwell Web: Details Bill GatesYes, that is right, the richest and most charitable man in the world was a failure. His first company was Traf-O-Data. Catchy name right? Its product was a device that could read raw data from traffic counters and create reports for traffic engineers, with the goal of optimizing traffic and ending road congestion. When they first tried to sell this super niche processing service, their first demo failed because the machine just “didn’t work,” in Gates own word.Even though Traf-O-Data was far from a success, Gates’ partner Paul Allen says that it was “seminal in preparing” them for Microsoft’s first product launch a couple of years later. Even if you end up going a completely different direction, use your past failures to help you reach your next success.DysonI would bet that you have one or more of Sir James Dyson’s products in your home. Now a worldwide success, his bag-less vacuum took him over 15 years to make. In that time, he created 5127 vacuum prototypes, during which he lost a considerable amount of money. He is now seen as one of the best inventors of our time, and even earned knighthood for his services to business.Dyson is a modern day Thomas Edison on the lessons of failure. As an inventor he was used to failure, though many inventors don’t call it failing. Those of us unaccustomed to failing on an inventor’s scale can learn from their mindset. The way in which you view your failed attempts will decide whether or not you’re going to succeed.Walt DisneyThe Disney that we know today is an entertainment giant. Holding the rights to some of the biggest properties, including some of my personal favorites, such as the Marvel, Pixar and Star Wars franchises. But it wasn’t always smooth sailing. During the early years, Walt Disney experienced a wide range of difficulties. His first animation studio went under, he couldn’t pay his rent, and things looked bleak. Even after the huge success of Snow White, he still experienced financial failure with some of his earlier movies.Even though he lost tons of money, all of his movies are considered masterpieces. Financially he may have failed, but perhaps making money was not his definition of success. You may need to change how you measure your own success so you don’t quit before you do something great.last_img read more

Valentine’s social at senior home spreads message of love, family

first_img“It’s special to me. All my family lives away, so it’s nice to have all these friends here,” Telep said. “I had a great time.” One of the senior trivia players was Helen Telep, a resident at the facility for the last seven years. JOHNSON CITY (WBNG) – Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but some people are still having fun and feeling the love. It’s events like the social Eberz believes keep the message of love Valentine’s Day spreads alive. Telep tried to attend as many activities as the center offers, and said it’s important to her to be active and close to friends. “It’s just for fun. We remind them it’s just for fun, we put on the fun music for them, older love songs especially for this event, and really just try to make this fun and a good afternoon for them,” Eberz said. Eberz told 12 News that even while the event can be fun, some seniors really want to win trivia. Beside trivia, there were crossword puzzles, word searches, food and drinks and quality social time with fellow living center members. Seniors at the Hilltop Senior Living Center were treated to the annual Valentine’s Social through volunteers from Southern Tier Young Professionals. “It’s really nice to see and socialize with people who might not see their families on the day,” said the STYP Secretary Caitie Eberz. “We put on a little entertainment. This year we’re doing trivia.” “Seeing the same people, seeing the joy we can bring to the community and the residents here at the Hilltop campus is just fantastic every year,” Eberz said.last_img read more

In the period of ten years in the tourism and hospitality industry, the number of entrepreneurs has more than doubled

first_imgThe analysis of business results of entrepreneurs in the field of accommodation and food preparation and service or colloquially, in the tourism and hospitality industry, over a period of 10 years, showed that the number of entrepreneurs in this field increased by 121,3%, total revenue 79,1, 46,7%, exports 49,7%, the number of employees 17,8%, and the average monthly net salary by XNUMX%, according to Fine data.For comparison, at the level of the Republic of Croatia the number of entrepreneurs increased by 37,1%, the total income decreased in 2016 compared to 2007 by 1,4%, the number of employees also decreased by 4,0%, and the average monthly net salary increased by 21,6% (more than in the tourism and hospitality industry). During this period, entrepreneurs in the field of accommodation and food preparation and service activities invested more than HRK 26,5 billion in new fixed assets, with the largest investment in 2007, approximately HRK 4,5 billion.In 2016, a total of 9189 entrepreneurs operated in the area of ​​accommodation and food preparation and serving, with 5729 of them (62,3%) making a profit for the period in the amount of HRK 2,6 billion, while 3460 (37,7, 1,2%) of the company realized a loss for the period in the amount of HRK 1,4 billion and the consolidated financial result amounted to HRK 5,8 billion profit, which is a share in the profit of Croatian entrepreneurs of 24,0%. Entrepreneurs in the area of ​​accommodation and food preparation and serving activities generated total revenue in the amount of slightly less than HRK 3,8 billion, which is a share of 114% in the total revenue of 483 entrepreneurs in the Republic of Croatia. Out of HRK 24,0 billion in revenues, HRK 5,6 billion was generated from exports, of which 99,2% refers to entrepreneurs in the accommodation division and 0,8% to entrepreneurs in the food and beverage preparation and serving sector. The value of imports amounted to HRK 430,00 million. Investments in new fixed assets in 2016 amounted to HRK 2,2 billion, which is 3,4% less than in 2015.In the period of 10 years in the tourism and hospitality industry, the number of entrepreneurs more than doubled (121%), the number of employees increased by 50%, and revenues by 79%Entrepreneurs in the activity of providing accommodation and food preparation and serving had 63 employees, which is 066% more than in 11,4, with the highest growth of employees in entrepreneurs at the level of all 2015 areas of activity. The average monthly net salary in the amount of HRK 20 was calculated for employees, which is 4.450,00% less than the average monthly net salary of employees of entrepreneurs at the level of the Republic of Croatia (HRK 14,4).In terms of total revenue, exports, profit for the period and investment in new fixed assets, the best, or among the best: VALAMAR RIVIERA dd i PLAVA LAGUNA dd from Poreč, MAISTRA dd from Rovinj and GRAND HOTEL LAV DOO from Podstrana (near Split).See the full detailed analysis here: Analysis of the results of entrepreneurs in the activity of providing accommodation and preparation and serving of food and beverageslast_img read more

Dream semi-rural oasis for sale

first_img59 Diamond Drive, Alice RiverThe home is set on 2036sq m on a corner block with mountain views.Explore Property Townsville selling agent Jan Lee said the home had been finished to an immaculate standard.“The huge size of it and the quality is above all other standards in the area,” she said.“It has over half an acre of land and it has bore water so it has nice green lawns all year round.“It’s really 10 minutes away from anything because with the Ring Rd that brings everything closer.“Alice River has been really popular and I’ve personally sold five properties out there in the last 12 months.”More from news01:21Buyer demand explodes in Townsville’s 2019 flood-affected suburbs12 Sep 202001:21‘Giant surge’ in new home sales lifts Townsville property market10 Sep 2020 59 Diamond Drive, Alice River 59 Diamond Drive is the ultimate semi-rural oasis for a family in search of a home that offers them a lifestyle envied by many.Weekends in a home like this are spent entertaining friends on the huge patio while the cricket plays on the outdoor television before everyone cools off with a dip in the pool.During the week the chef of the house can enjoy cooking in the gourmet kitchen while the kids do their homework while sitting at the generous island bench before the family enjoys a movie in the theatre room. 59 Diamond Drive, Alice RiverThe bathrooms of the home add to the luxurious feel with the features such as a double vanity and double shower.Ms Lee said she expected a family to buy the home.“I think it’s a family home because it’s very big, so probably not a young family but a family with school-aged children or teenagers,” she said.“It’s got a really big, open-plan layout and the bedrooms are really large as well.“It’s certainly a class above the rest.”The home has plenty of car accommodation with a double remote-controlled garage and 8m by 7m Colorbond shed with lighting, power and safety switch while the home has a 5KW solar system wired for a generator.center_img 59 Diamond Drive Alice RiverBehind the grand entrance to the home, framed by a double timber and glass door, lies 305sq m of under-roof space with high ceilings and huge rooms.The home is only two years old and has been immaculately kept, giving it a feeling of being newly built.The huge living area opens out on to a generous patio with a covered and tiled entertainment area perfect for alfresco dining.Next to the patio is a sparkling in-ground swimming pool with a waterfall and spa.There is also a study which means for those lucky enough to work from home they don’t have to venture into the hustle and bustle of the city.last_img read more

Toyoda Gosei switches Seto plant to LNG

first_imgToyoda Gosei switches Seto plant to LNGJapan’s Toyoda Gosei installed liquefied natural gas (LNG) heating and cooling equipment at its Seto Plant, which manufactures automobile interior and exterior products.This switch from kerosene to LNG and electricity as an energy source will cut carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions at the plant by about 800 tons per year, equivalent to roughly 12 percent of total plant emissions, the company said in a statement.Toyoda Gosei’s long-term environmental plan with a view toward 2050 includes the goal of minimizing CO2 emissions. In working toward that goal the company aims to reduce annual CO2 emissions by 26,000 tons compared with 2012 levels by fiscal 2020.The switch to liquefied natural gas as energy sources is one part of that effort, the company said.last_img read more

Primary school children vaping backs need for action, principals say

first_imgStuff 9 December 2019Family First Comment: “A child turned up with a vape that he took from home … and was discovered trying to experiment with it with some of his friends. Nelson principals were concerned that vaping products were being marketed as harmless alternatives to smoking. The message about cigarettes has been heard fairly loud and clear, but vaping is not seen in the same light at all at this point.”Significantly, the proposed cannabis legislation makes NO mention of vaping products – despite the chaos happening in US states with THC-vaping.Nelson school principals are criticising delays to regulation of the vaping industry, after children at a primary school were caught with a vaping device.The president of the Hieke-Nelson Principals’ Association, Peter Verstappen, said the incident happened at a local primary school last month.“A child turned up with a vape that he took from home … and was discovered trying to experiment with it with some of his friends.”Verstappen couldn’t recall students having ever taken cigarettes into school, in his 12 years as principal at two primary schools.Nelson principals were concerned that vaping products were being marketed as harmless alternatives to smoking.“The message about cigarettes has been heard fairly loud and clear, but vaping is not seen in the same light at all at this point.”READ MORE: read more