Search engine marketing to small and medium sized enterprises is easy for beginners to learn to use

as one of the emerging network marketing methods, search engine marketing (SEM) has been favored by many enterprises. In particular, a large number of small and medium enterprises, because of insufficient funds, please do not promote professional talent, can not afford to invest in traditional advertising, so the search engine marketing as a preferred means of business promotion. Even during the two sessions this year, more than NPC deputies suggested that the search engine marketing should be written into the SME Promotion law.

, however, from my experience for many years engaged in the Internet, search engine marketing easy entry, seemingly in Baidu, Google and other search engines can open an account, but if you want to do, is not an easy thing. Whether it is keywords, creativity, selection, delivery, bidding, or ranking management, all of them need some professional knowledge and experience. read more

Novice exchanges website optimization basics text tutorials popular

bosses always want their website keywords to reach the home page in Baidu. Even they don’t care what you’re going to do, and they’ll be happy when they’re in the rankings. I came across a boss who came to me to help them optimize their websites. I asked him what he wanted to achieve by optimizing the psychological expectations. He said, "I want to search our name in Baidu, and we can easily find our website.". I think, so simple, psychological coursing. In fact, the boss will say so because the boss does not understand, but I understand, this is not SEO, the real SEO is not just this. Also reflects the bosses from the side of the optimization of the wrong understanding.

at the moment many people have heard of SEO, all know that you can not bid, and through free tips, you can help enterprise website to improve keywords ranking, improve order conversion. This reminds me of my own experience. Some time ago, a company in Pudong found me. They did the floor heating. The first is a department manager for me, said the past talk about optimization of things, I have spent more than 1 hours removed from Hongqiao subway to Zhangjiang hi tech. read more

The main points of local tourism website development close contact with local travel agency;

as a business for 1 years of local tourism web site, I think the development of local tourism website opportunity missed by local travel agencies to help, that is to say the local tourism website can not separate the upward development, combined with the reality of resource, remember 11 years visited my site every day hundreds of people, but the site does not have the corresponding company cooperation, until one user asked me I realized the seriousness of the problem, I still remember his question: Hello, excuse me why your website does not provide travel agency for us to choose


from this problem we can see consumers tour website with one purpose, that is to choose a good travel agency, so the development of local tourism website points is closely related to the local travel agency, which is the development of a breakthrough opportunity to, if we in the business to local travel website will be more than fifty percent of the local travel agency included, I think the development potential of the website can definitely double talk about how to bring local tourism websites and local travel agencies are closely linked to the following. read more

Share my bit of experience

below is what I have done a little bit of experience:

one, do not do too popular category website. For example, QQ space code and other sites, personal webmaster do too much, there are a dozen QQ station some webmaster, too much competition, difficult to have the light of day. Some popular keywords, personal website to do less, in addition to several portals and several personal websites, in front of the row containing the keywords of the blog post, this is what we want to do the site.

two, space, domain name, links, I do not say more, Admin5 on a lot of articles say very clear.

three, column settings, use keywords. TITLE is important.

four, updated daily. Even if the collection, but also to change the title and content, but to do every day updated, updated periods. Recently found the morning update, the effect is very good. Remember, you only pay more than others, it may get the favour of search engine, it may be more than the old station station. read more

Win apache under the home page open slow solution

has been busy installing server systems for the past few days, and has never been in touch with a server, a virtual host or a shared computer before. System providers are configured, as long as the upload files, you can run the web site. But the past few days or first contact. I chose the system is win2003+apache+php+mysql+zend+phpmyadmin., it is convenient to find a lot of installation tutorials, according to instructions, installation is not difficult. The problem is some trivial places that are not very clear, and make with it.

, but upload website program, install, import data, found the home page is very slow, about 3 seconds after the home page all loaded finished, and the other pages are fast. Search for a long time, check the configuration can not find the reason.

in the end what is the reason? Hard to find, suddenly thought of the web directory in the index.html file and index.php file, two exist. Then the Apache server which is read first? If it is to read the index.php, because the index.php is installed, since the installation had not executed index.php file, then go to the index.html file, then the read time will cause the page slow? I try the default page file sorting to index.html index.php, because the site is the PHP program, only to the two page document, so directly to the other default page file names. Indeed, web page open speed with the same page. read more

Three years of webmaster career brought me pain and joy

at home, for a long time did not write. Here is a summary of his three years in career experience, where the IT. computer


99 years of his will just on the primary school grade 3, see than their older partners often played red alert in the cafe, at that time did not know the Internet, but know the computer, remember 2 yuan an hour, he saw the construction of many things feel very envious. His heart envy.

When the

in 2000 was brought into the game world, start your own web surfing is red, or cafe owner taught. On the computer time really is very fast, when the Internet search system, not a minor one that I remember are generally play 1 hours away, remember the morning is 1 dollars an hour, Internet cafes more than 20 computer, so a Saturday, 7 day early in the morning we partner more went to Internet cafes to play, because the morning is less, the price cheap page most will play 2 hours. At that time all rivers and lakes, we have a chat room early play I will remember that. Remember the website HTTP:// even remember. Don’t know no way, so the Internet type. And then one day in the Internet bar to see the boss’s son was playing a game, you look very interesting, called the Westward Journey 2, NetEase. The hair get out of hand, deep into Online games. Every day after school, the Internet bars play for 1 or 2 hours, and then hurry home. Then the family didn’t realize that I would play that thing, because I was studying in the class very well,. read more

How to analyze website data clear the way of website analysis

How does

perform web site data analysis? This is another question for listeners when sharing traffic before, and sort out the appropriate content here.


is a schematic diagram of a web site analysis of the life cycle, collected in requirement analysis and confirm the data we need after (again, clear demand analysis is very important, it can be avoided in order to analysis and analysis), we can make full use of various tools of the website analysis report on analysis of data expansion.


site analysis tools in a very large amount of data, you may accidentally drowned in the sea of data, you must have a clear idea of what to know, use report or report view which can help you quickly find the answer. The following is the data module involved in the site analysis, which also provides a general idea of Web site data analysis. read more

How to choose a restaurant in different regions

operating restaurants, need to focus on site selection, only the correct location, and then the possibility of profit, entrepreneurship needs to integrate all aspects of information. Open restaurant location to consider the surrounding environment and dining objects, these are very important. Only mature, can be conducive to the development of the future.

The location of

read more

How to make a website powerful

makes a website powerful,

so far, the internet live more than 80 million 650 thousand websites, this huge network world imagine all sorts of strange things Nothing needed is lacking. to the development of the Internet, now the time is very short, it is the rapid development of abnormal. If anything develops too fast, there will be some loopholes or disadvantages.

back to reality, we know that we have seen understanding of the web site for the entire network is simply a drop in the bucket, then our own site, or are we in the management of business website, in the vast network in a what kind of position is what kind of level? Some people will say Alexa to search rankings don’t know.. Oh, I personally think that this world there is not much real significance, if blindly to the pursuit of this data, it is a waste of time too unreal. I think we should take advantage of the tip of the iceberg so that our website can play its due role and maximize its benefits. Reprinted cited source: learning network marketing blog read more

Dew on the new domestic record fully achieved some of the difficulties

domestic new records may really be achieved, the wind is blowing again and again, yesterday saw the space business into Beijing, what is the meeting?. Now let me talk about some of the difficulty of fully implementing the new filing.

one, international rice question,

is the first record filing requirements, and then analysis station, if the meter is registered in a foreign country, may achieve a certain degree of difficulty, people in the overseas registration, registration of foreign companies may not require all international meters are real, even impossible to Chinese by international rice, requirements Chinese international home record meter. It is also impossible for China to force foreign registrars to do so, just as last year many foreign registrars did not use cn.

we assume that, if the Chinese in overseas registration meters all blocked, not let our people open, may do, there will be a lot of foreign opposition, will bring a lot of pressure of public opinion. Against all pressure, China can not do so, nor will it. read more

came from the cold winter only because of the love of NBA

there is no doubt that this is a cold winter, especially on the Internet, it is cold to the bone. PPLIVE, uusee, popcorn and other video sites have layoffs, today the gaming company’s earnings release, has been considered to fall asleep can make money online games industry seems to have begun by the impact of the financial crisis is so weak.

in the Admin5 around, found a problem, the original small webmaster life is not good. But, in this cold winter, I stumbled to join the ranks of small and medium-sized webmaster. (Narrator: This is not what


, in fact, he is also an Internet person, the Internet is still know how the situation. Small and medium-sized webmaster is also difficult to understand. But why do I have to be a station? Actually, plainly, it comes from one word: interest. read more

How to use website structure to build high weight website

Hello, I am happy to joke _ embarrassments nets webmaster, today to share with everyone to do stand these days of experience. Today’s topic is: how to use the website structure to build high weight websites. Here, I want you to understand some of the concepts:

1. What is the weight


weight is the importance of a search engine to a web page. The higher the weight, that is, the more search engines add to the site, the faster and safer, and the more information they display to users.

What are the weight of

two and two search giants in


here we focus on Baidu and Google, a Chinese giant, an international giant. Their weight performance varies. Baidu’s weight is mainly reflected in the snapshot, Google’s weight is mainly manifested in the PR value. Further exploration, you can observe the station was included in the frequency and included percentage. Generally speaking, the weight of new sites is relatively low, and the standard of judging such websites is different. Is phased, combined with multiple indicators to carry out. read more

How to build a valuable enterprise website

first of all, let’s take a look at what the website does to the enterprise, what functions can be achieved and what helps the enterprise.

companies can use web sites to enhance their visibility,


site is facing global Internet users, and it is the window for enterprises to open to the outside world. According to IDC forecasts, 2008, global regular Internet users will reach 1 billion 400 million, accounting for about 1/4 of the total population of the world; by 2012, the total number of global Internet users (with independent access to the user as the standard amount) will be more than 1 billion 900 million households, nearly 1/3 of the total population of the world, so any business should not ignore this the huge population, should make full use of the website to serve them, enhance their visibility. read more

From the QQ domain name domain name on the significance of thinking

from 2007 to enter the stationmaster industry fought in a few years, there have been used in high and vigorous spirits, frustrated desire. It started out as a free forum and created hundreds of online wonders. Now I do website countless, general gaming sites and local portals have been brilliant. And I recently started building a QQ professional website in recent years. QQ is not only widely distributed, but also has a large number of development. The high degree of coincidence between service areas and objects is bound to result in fierce competition among these QQ types of websites. Although each relying on QQ as a carrier of professional websites have begun to take shape. But the QQ type website to search through the search engine, the domain name is not very old, advertising has been like a game patch, full name, did not get angry. See a lot of stationmaster is talking about the experience that he does a station, I also talk about the experience that closes QQ website domain name to choose. Thus lead to more profound significance of the domain name read more

How to make good use of local resource advantages in network business

cloud, mountain patron eat character. It was done in ancient times, and in modern times it could be done. If you go, I am afraid not only a waste of resources and waste of energy. Moreover, at present, if you do industry class sites, to achieve online shopping, if there is no line under the physical, how come in the virtual space transactions?. As far as the object is concerned, the things around you are the best.

I want to say first of all its advantages, the scope is limited, if you do a province as the keynote of industry website, that your range is where the village and township (town), county (city) area or, if you do a nationwide type industry website, that your web site in the province (municipalities, SAR). If you’re a global site, your site is nationwide. Self advantage refers to the advantages of resources covered by the website. It’s like saying "famous specialty" or something like that. read more

Let your station and Baidu fall in love

to share a personal experience ~ I’m not what master! Here is my summary right! We exchange! Hehe limited ability to Baidu and "love" (here I put Baidu to see a young man, your station is a girl) you must first understand a Baidu.

search engine collection process: 1, crawl web pages, each independent search engine has its own web crawler (spider). Spider follows the hyperlink in the web page to grab pages continuously. Because the application of hyperlinks in the Internet is very common, in theory, from a certain range of web pages, you can collect most of the web pages.

2, processing web search engines, after catching the web, but also do a lot of pre processing work in order to provide retrieval services. Among them, the most important thing is to extract keywords and build index files. Other things include removing duplicate pages, analyzing hyperlinks, and calculating the importance of web pages. read more

The rise of the sea Amoy website foreign goods domain name yanghuo com six digit transaction

renamed Chinese ( December 11th news, recently, the sea Amoy class domain name and domain name is the fruit in the market, the market continued to rise unabated. "Foreign goods", " of the domain names in Muskmelon" day before being shot to win investors.

The rise of the

sea Amoy website is led to the rise of the relevant domain, many domain name trading at high prices, for example, is the terminal acquisition, ready for sea Amoy website "foreign buy" price as high as $125 thousand, about 768 thousand yuan, and after that, similar to the "foreign goods" in the days before the 6 to number of price was bought.


: muskmelon

in the "" grape "carambola", and many other fruits have domain name after the transaction, the day before, and a "Muskmelon" is domain name investors home. read more

This is what the local gateway does

(Note: I witnessed a net Xiasha development in recent years, the local portal content, promotion, management and other aspects to talk about a regional portal development way shallow suggestions and opinions to share with you all, I hope everyone together to explore the local portal development. Discuss how to do the content of the local gateway, and then will gradually withdraw from other aspects of the discussion.


introduction: if you in the world’s major search engine search "under the" "Xiasha net" "Xiasha real estate" and "Xiasha talent" with "Xiasha" and other related a series of keywords will be found, Xiasha network ranked the forefront. Up to now, Xiasha net day visits amount to more than 200 thousand, day IP amount more than 50 thousand, it is the first portal website of Xiasha area. read more

Talking about garbage station QQ station is garbage station

" what is rubbish station, " has been webmaster discussion topics below to discuss what is the garbage station, because of the different opinions, so everyone on the garbage station view is not the same, everyone has everyone’s ideas.

is a part of the webmaster may think, rely on advertising to survive, no profit system of their own station for the garbage station, this part of the webmaster because I rely on advertising alliance not what the future development, so that this site is rubbish station


on the other part of the webmaster will say, QQ station is rubbish station, they are very obvious, is not what the feeling QQ station of practical significance, not what readable content, so talk about these times on QQ around the site is a garbage station. Of course, their point of view is not incorrect. Right, I want to say is that it is purely personal point of view Oh, profitable station is not good, profitable station is rubbish station, why? read more

Webmaster how much do your attitudes and skills account for

now domestic 80% grassroots webmaster are doing three things, show off yourself, confused, ask for food and clothing. What kind of person do you belong to in front of the computer screen,


in fact, before writing this article, I have always wanted to find a breakthrough point, and we discuss how to solve the grassroots webmaster widespread criticism, it was said to do stand is very simple, the operation model sets right, you can profit. But I do not think so, I think the fundamental reason is that grassroots webmaster can not "sustained effective self motivation."".

I would like to ask you, if you have ideas for the operation of the perfect, and perfect technology, is not really able to do a monthly income of 100 thousand? Or are, technology, is the lack of action, it is the source power of grassroots webmaster can not continue to self motivation. And what this article wants to talk about is the grass-roots station stationmaster how effective self motivation. read more