Successful entrepreneurs three elements not less wise remark of an experienced person

look at the successful experience of entrepreneurs, can always draw some similarities in the move towards success, will inevitably encounter setbacks, but learn how to solve, is a very important thing, if you are interested in business, take a look at the perfect three elements of entrepreneurship so!

elements: original view

has unique insights or unique technology is the key to success, but the point is also the most difficult to do. Obviously, your original ideas or techniques (of course, it is best to have the patent) is your strengths, like if you master the Macintosh operating system what computer Apple Corp drag you, master this key.

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The professor left the big city to be a farmer

now in rural entrepreneurship has become increasingly common, there are also a number of people in the city to see the rural area business prospects, have rushed to the rural areas of entrepreneurship, the venture will say next has such a social experience.

when another batch of farmers into the city, to get the city accounts as their goal, doctoral tutor Wang Zhengwu Shanghai Jiaotong University Department of food science, quietly choose to leave Shanghai to Nanjing South Village Longtan street as a farmer, he planted all kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables, not only farmers become the talk of the village also, continue to appear in Nanjing, Shanghai’s high-end market vegetables. See Professor Wang Zhengwu when he was wearing a peaked cap, wearing a jacket in the greenhouses busy. A pair of mud shoes, simple and honest smile, looks really like a typical farmer. read more

Shoe store investment success experience sharing

is now a lot of people who invest in the shoe store, even some of the start-up stores, but also have a lot of room for growth, there is a strong ability to absorb gold. Today, I want to say that the investment shoe store to get the story of the wealth of life, for all people, have a great reference value.

shoes to try out the entrepreneurial passion

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Lovers jewelry store to pay attention to what

jewelry store brand many, many friends want to open a shop of their own lovers. Lovers jewelry store has always been a big market. If the pavement is selected in the school or a large flow of people, the effect is better. So, if you want to open a shop like this, what should we pay attention to? Xiao Bian made a detailed introduction.

funds need to be fully prepared. Lovers jewelry store, from the preparation to the formal business, the cost of expenditure are: one year’s rent, renovation costs, the first purchase and part of the liquidity.

generally speaking, the operating area should not be too small, generally 20-30 square meters better. The decoration of the pavement is very important, the decoration is to give people the first impression, the decoration of the beautiful personality of the pavement, when people pass by, even if they do not want to go in to see, can give people a good impression. Open lovers jewelry store, the same thing, in the decoration of the shop price is likely to be high in the same place to sell, or even worse than the decoration of the store selling cheap points. read more

How to start a business simulation doll shop

a lot of people want to start, but there is no sufficient funds, in fact, some projects do not need high cost can easily start, first heard simulation doll, I believe you are unfamiliar, fake people’s image made out of the so-called simulation doll dolls, toys more than the usual personality, is the main service people children. This toy is more innovative, rare in the market, but the future market prospects. Therefore, the simulation of the baby to make money.

in accordance with the child’s own appearance of the simulation doll simulation doll doll launched in 2005 in Guangzhou market, immediately attracted. Many large cities are also eyeing the business opportunities. The doll is different from the Bobbi dolls, it is more personalized, because it is a replica of the "little master" of the appearance of the production, the main target for the consumption of 1 – to 14 year old children. read more

Poor boy trying to break out of their own piece of sunshine always after the wind and rain

I was born in the countryside, due to poor family, just graduated from junior high school early to the community. I have several choices when reading is not possible, because the family was poor, there is no way for me to read; left to help my father grow well, I also can not be reconciled, I feel so useless; many people choose to go out to work with fellow, though mutual care, in fact I one hundred do not want to, because I know myself, have to rely on their own will not go too hard; so I chose a person out of work, although the parents were very worried, a teenage boy went out, a few parents are willing to do? At that time, I do not know what courage to say: do I have to work with you like farming, planting a lifetime? At that time, the parents cried, I also saw the first time mom and dad cried so sad, perhaps this is my unintentional injury! I quietly wipe tears, but I did not give up the idea of a person out, I secretly vowed to break out of their own career! That night, we did not sleep! The mother quietly opened the box, unlock a layer, I don’t know what she wrapped, only know that after a long time, she took ten pieces of unity (ten yuan) into my hand, said: children, mother money, you go outside, more hungry. Buy something to eat. If it’s not easy to get out of work, go home early. Mom wants you to go home safely! I choked my head and looked out of the window…… read more

Henan provincial inspection teams to patrol feedback 9 units

in order to further let us clean and honest style, many local governments have carried out a series of activities to conduct inspections. Currently, the Henan provincial inspection teams visited a total of 29 companies and 1 colleges and universities, for which the unit gave a patrol feedback 9.

2016 in the first round of inspections has recently officially ended, the provincial 10 inspection teams to the provincial Commission Office and other 29 provincial units and 1 provincial universities a total of 30 units conducted a special inspection.

according to the provincial Commission for discipline inspection official WeChat breeze Central News, according to the provincial unified deployment, from May 24th to 30, the provincial 10 inspection teams to the provincial Commission Office and other 30 first round of this year’s special patrol unit the feedback of the inspection situation. Today, the newspaper continued publication of the provincial inspection teams of 9 units of inspection feedback. read more

What are the secrets of Pan Chunjian’s money making

although it is said that the operation of cigarette products, if properly managed, can really make a lot of money. Now, however, almost any retail store will operate such a commodity, the competition between the industry can be imagined. So, if you can not grasp a certain business secrets, in fact, it is difficult to get a better business development. But Pan Chunjian has been in the process of the operation of the industry has been a good development, which naturally associated with the secret of her mastery. So, what are the secrets of Pan Chunjian’s cigarettes?

Wuming ASEAN area of the hundred mile Creek store is a snack shop, the owner Pan Chunjian warm and sincere. No one I have, I have excellent people is hanging in her mouth mantra. When the new listing, she is one of the most active otc. A customer into the shop, she always take the trouble to introduce, there are customers deliberately tease her said: "you say so good, this smoke really so good?"" Pan Chunjian smiled and said: I want to know the taste, but also personally taste, you buy a package to try to clear." A joke, a pack of 25 yuan of "Zhenlong (origin) is sold out. read more

Suitable for small venture shops

would like to invest in the business of most people want to be their own boss, which projects are suitable for small businesses and suitable for their own boss, let’s go and see! Working for others, not as their own boss". Want to invest in shops to choose their own business more than a year, and the type and location of the current shops are increasingly diverse. So investors how to choose their own shops?

supermarket shops

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2016 the nner Mongolia Autonomous Region college entrance examination network volunteer should pay

college entrance examination and development linked society, is completely different from the previous version of the paper to fill volunteer, and now the Internet has become the entrance fill volunteer after a very important event, various matters related to natural candidates also need attention. So, in 2016 the Mongolia autonomous region college entrance examination network volunteer should pay attention to what?

first, the candidates are not allowed to use the plug-in software to fill the volunteer, where the use of plug-in software to fill the volunteer, the use of a stop for 5 minutes, can not be modified during the reporting period.

two is the candidates and parents need to pay close attention to the online voluntary reporting arrangements, do not miss the online voluntary reporting. read more

How to manage a jewelry store chain strength

with the improvement of living standards, people demand for fashion accessories are also increasing in popularity of jewelry industry acclaim, many entrepreneurs have to set up a jewelry chain to entrepreneurs, and jewelry stores have a strong strength to help partners easy money.

to analyze your project what is suitable for your city, the first plan, to make a feature, have a distinct theme, one is others do not project, the project is not much, the risk is great.


A is already on the market project, doing better than others, this method is more feasible. The project location is good, to looking for positioning of the silver jewelry silver jewelry store location, store location can not just sell themselves era has passed, there are wine wine, who most likely to let customers see, let the customer get the most easily available, can we talk about the management of other aspects, or in vain. read more

Fudan female school tyrants resign entrepreneurial creative flower annual income of over one million

open shop is how many women have dreams, but some people just take it as a dream, and some people have not given up. Fudan female school tyrants choose to start from the state-owned enterprises to start, from the use of the network to start a creative florist, and ultimately realize the annual income of over a million, the achievements of a female entrepreneurs legend.

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What kind of people are prone to failure

entrepreneurial success and failure, in some cases can be avoided! Some unrealistic ideas, after all, will make the investment lost miserable. So, with the small series to see which five kinds of people prone to failure? Are you one of them?



3, love the price war

4, do not pay attention to those who invest in />

5, the lack of legal awareness of the people of

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Ren Liang Hua high school dropout open glasses shop make millions

dropped out of high school, in the current era of emphasis on education, even if it can make money, seemingly also can not make a big fortune. However, the protagonist of this article, but by virtue of their own efforts, to subvert the idea of the people, has become the goal of more entrepreneurs to learn.

he was myopia, he did not graduate from high school, he had been looked down upon, but he is now a million into the glasses shop owner, he is more and more Yong Ren ren! End a plate, when, after unsuccessful attempts to open shop, frustration and not overwhelmed by this man of the northwest, one he finally let their entrepreneurial dreams become a reality, now let Liang Hua newly opened glasses shop has reached millions of annual income!

due to genetic causes, Ren Liang Hua childhood myopia, primary school wear glasses, high school did not study, early drop out of school to go home to work. Waiter, technician, help people run errands, he has done above, and even learn to buy to do sales, but did not earn any money. After several twists and turns, Ren Liang Hua thought of his eyes, also think now myopia so much, open a glasses shop, do not worry about not making money? read more

Venture started 50 thousand yuan in WeChat and micro blog operating snack bar

After graduating from the University of Shenyang,

, who graduated from the University, opened his own snack shop, but unlike the store and shop, he is the scope of business in WeChat and micro-blog. Operating for more than half a year, He Yongyi has nearly a hundred fixed customers, she also often share their business online. Just graduated from

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