Extreme weather is the possibility of a unified holiday

heavy rain in recent days, for many cities is almost devastating, the rising water level of the Yangtze River, landslides, people even travel has become a problem, but also to go to work, go to school? Jiangshan street water nearly one meter; Fengtai road viaduct and road two-way closed due to water; Daming Road sub cellar Shan Road impassable due to water; Olympic Avenue Mount Lu Road, Mount Huangshan Road, Songshan Road, Mt. Hengshan road traffic disruption; Zijin Road, victory Village Road, houbiaoying road plot flooding situation is serious, the depths of 1 meters……

after the morning, a rare rainstorm yesterday morning, workers are very angry: driving out the jams even no way to go, many buses were halted, even the most reliable of the subway has closed site because of the heavy rain. A lot of people forced to wade impatient, the result is signs of danger appearing everywhere. read more

Entrepreneurship must do rule let you start on the road more easily

the most important thing is to do business with huge profits. Want to earn the first pot of gold, the most intelligent way is to start their own business when the boss. But for those who do not have any experience of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship is very difficult. How can we reduce the risk of entrepreneurship? Recommended here must do business already let you start on the road more easily.

1, to start to make money or money for

2, speeding the entrepreneurial success is the vision better than

3, the world’s richest man thinking mode can achieve the performance of />

4, you must first in the industry have an assessment of read more

Guangxi will build entrepreneurial supermarket to provide one stop service

now the whole society are actively encouraging the development of entrepreneurial activities in Guangxi, it is proposed to build an entrepreneurial supermarket, for the majority of entrepreneurs to provide a one-stop business service system.

to encourage public entrepreneurship, Employment Bureau in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region will rely on the Guangxi public employment service information platform and establish venture Guangxi employment network resource library. In the future, there are entrepreneurial intentions of the job seekers can be like shopping in the supermarket, in the search for the selection of projects like the pool of resources, and enjoy one-stop service.

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About how much money to spend on a cake shop all over the

entrepreneurship seems to be a normal life, the concept of Chinese entrepreneurs have also undergone great changes, do not seem to like the comfort of the day. Start challenging things become pursued, entrepreneurship is a good choice to consider, how to open a bakery cake shop to join? Good? Cake franchise fee? If you choose to join the shop, then, how much money to shop? For this problem, many choose cake shop join the person is not particularly clear, today for you to introduce


how much does it cost to open a cake shop?

cake shop to join the equipment investment: simulation program to 10 square meters of shops as an example. Start the assets of about 95 thousand yuan.

1, rent 5000 yuan

2, facade decoration of about 2000 yuan (including store decoration and light box)

3, shelves and sell the investment of about 1500 yuan read more

Full time to do micro business in the end depends on the

Whether it is

or WeChat buttoned space circle of friends, have been taking micro advertising frequently scraper, actually trust between acquaintances is the fundamental development of micro business, but in fact do sometimes derivative collateral damage to the trust between friends.

on the micro business debate intensified, with criticism, also highlighted the sound. There are too many onlookers in the micro business concerned can do, there is no prospect of the problem. Look at a case of wealth, is not really into the heart, and when later found, micro business has not imagined so beautiful.

do derivative must first put the mentality problem. Electricity supplier of the stall is too large, such as tennis courts, and WeChat’s table is too small, can be regarded as a table tennis table, want to use table tennis table used to play tennis, which itself is very difficult thing. So, do not expect to be able to become the mainstream micro electricity supplier, to overthrow what Ali, YY line, but unrealistic. read more

Breakfast for 23 years not to increase the price of Zhejiang the age of 83 breakfast grandmother se

although the material world change rapidly, but in the spirit of the world, there are still more than the same tradition requires passing the torch. This is also one of the traditional cultural sources that we can learn from the process of building a well-off society in an all-round way

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Fine cigarette sales ideas which

any new products in the market after the birth of if you want to create higher sales, natural also needs to grasp the skills, this will make the sales of products is higher, to get real brand promotion. As a new type of cigarette products, cigarette sales in the last few years, the performance of the market is very eye-catching, in order to meet the needs of individual consumers, based on the diversification of the demand to lead a thin consumer boom.

recently, the market has a new fine cigarette, Shaowu cigarette retail customers have their own coup, the author from the southeast of Shaowu city commercial cigarette store learned that she is from poly "powder", experience, integral, serial tracking force, do fine cigarette brand sales.

poly "powder": the southeast city commercial cigarette shop through two platforms, one is through the "WeChat" platform, push the fine cigarette brand culture, price, packaging and other publicity campaign; two is through the "Shaowu Lily and" push the public number of fine cigarette series of promotional content. By two large platform to push the brand culture, to promote the atmosphere of the campaign, to capture the fine cigarette fans". Southeast Commercial City boss, said: at present, I have a total of more than 1000 people in the circle of friends of WeChat, Lily tobacco members have more than 500, these are potential customers of fine cigarettes". read more

Open family rental shop to make money

as long as there is a market demand, start our brains, we can often open up the sale of unexpected good business. This is the main character of this article, with the family rental shop this innovative business opportunities, so that they earn a greater wealth.

shop business, taking advantage of it, there is a need for a profound understanding and keen observation of the environment, so as to fully mobilize the "genuine" can be used for their own services.

in Japan, the aging trend is becoming more and more serious, but young people have worked hard, so the old man’s life can not take good care of life. In response to this, some businesses have found a place where can be used.

"family rental shop" comes from the elderly can use money to buy what you want, the happiness of a family union". As long as you are willing, you can hire a professional wife, son, daughter, etc.. These professionals can be as much as possible to meet the needs of the old people, as if the family in general, so that they really feel the warmth of home. read more

Xiaobian teach you the right choice of toy stores to join the brand

investment venture, looking for a brand to join their own business than a worry, but also can reduce the risk of some investment. Now the toy industry is very hot, the toy has not only the patent of children, more new toys also attracted a large number of young people, to join investment, it is also a good opportunity to open a toy store is good, but be sure to choose a suitable franchise brand. Today Xiaobian teach you to choose the right toy store to join the brand.

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What are some of the tips for dessert

        what are the opening techniques of dessert items? Followed by the hot business now dessert shop, a lot of people have chosen the dessert project, the shop needs to operate skills, let us have a simple understanding of the following.

        skill one: the formulation of menu content. Menu content is important for kitchen production and customer choice. Customers can not afford to take the menu did not know that the product is good, but also can not let the kitchen look at the menu do not know how to prepare raw materials. A good menu can directly reflect the level of a restaurant and management level, but also affect the efficiency of the entire kitchen production and operation.

        skill two: personnel structure. Many restaurants will feel too much spending on staff salaries, while high wages have failed to improve efficiency. In setting up the personnel structure, because of unreasonable management leads to significant loophole, the staff did not do their best, so all the functions should be subdivided into every step, and make a comprehensive assessment system, to improve the staff’s enthusiasm and responsibility. Tip three: concept management read more

Japan’s toilet lid selling event triggered a reflection of University entrepreneurs

In the micro-blog

before a crazy reproduced domestic tourists panic buying Japanese toilet cover, from the side reflects the domestic consumers for foreign products blindly trust attitude, which also triggered a reflection of many college students entrepreneurial friends.

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Spring Festival promotion can attract customers with the atmosphere

a lot of people will look at the store’s popularity, this is an atmosphere of stress, so if a shop wants to do a good job of promotion, it may be from the atmosphere above the effort. I entered the twelfth lunar month, in the shop door hanging banners, red lanterns, publicity pictures, make customers feel the arrival of the holiday. At the same time, the "auspicious" as the flagship, the goods re placement, scientific and rational planning of shop space, good merchandising, sales of goods to meet the festival all OTC, does not comply with the holiday sales of goods shelf temporarily, try to give customers a unique and novel feeling. The cigarette counter moved to the door of the eye-catching place, with a large red cigarette packaging into a variety of shapes to attract customers. read more

What is the brand textile shop operation skills

for each family, home is very important, now people for the textile requirement is very high, many textile shop operators, all do not understand, do not know how to operate the brand, to achieve great success. In fact, the operation of home textile brand stores, mainly to do two points, one is the service, the two is to do a good job of publicity, do your home textile store popularity doubled, more profitable. Exactly how to do it? This paper made a detailed introduction, along with Xiaobian to understand it.

first, home textile shop timing appropriate

holiday time, what time to start the promotion is very important, product and product added value for your holiday, holiday, or before or after a certain day, grasp the good product set, Miss consumers to buy time, to get the same little effect. read more

Ninghai to make money dessert join

we all know. Dessert business has always been a very choice. In our life, the choice of dessert, of course, to choose an advantage, with the strength of the brand to join the project. I heard Ninghai to join the dessert items, is very good. Trusted choice!

Ninghai, dessert, various flavors have different characteristics, has attracted numerous consumers. Selection of high quality wheat flour, sweet and delicate and more delicious, many products, so that customers do not forget. Ninghai to join the company after dessert? Long time open innovation, launched different such as product characteristics, thus challenging the consumer taste and visual experience, combination, collocation diverse fashionable, amazing taste, single product constantly throughout the year.

How to

Ninghai dessert?

joined the shop, leisurely suction gold constantly, more market prospects. Headquarters to carry out research and development of hardware facilities, and continuously improve operational efficiency, reduce the difficulty of operation, the real service in store operations. Fast out of food, double turn table, income does not cost. Double turn the table faster to profit, let you easily capture the wealth of life. of temptation, the market shop, quickly won gold, to create a bright future for you. read more

Join the choice to create a new leisure clothing fashion trends total business

in our lives, the quality of life gradually increased demand. So, the choice of casual clothing to join the business, is a very powerful choice. How about casual clothes? Create a good quality of life!

with the development of modern people’s self-awareness, how will the body in the best condition has become a hot topic of modern people, everyone began to participate in the gym, members of the club, but not perfect physique self presentation, together with the popular casual clothing to join, will be more pleasing to the eye.

how much is the casual dress?

The characteristics of

fusion leisure clothing mature, natural, and strive to be the fashion movement of life, showing the latest trend in modern urban fashion sports brand, and can meet the daily work, leisure and outdoor sports etc.. read more

Open a coco tea juice shop how much money probably need a

milk tea to join the market what brand more popular? In recent years, the rise of milk can be quite good. We will find in the major commercial street can see the shadow of milk tea. Tea can not only delicious and healthy. COCO huge market of milk tea contains the possibility of unlimited wealth, and COCO milk tea business is simple, the profit advantage is obvious, the investment business, choose the same with the strong, is the choice of successful protection. COCO tea brand strength, worthy of trust, is the best investment to get rich!

so open a coco tea juice shop about how much money? Look at the following introduction you know.

coco milk tea join advantages:

coco tea developed different tastes, the traditional beverage brand famous, in recent years, attention to the election materials, the drink series is clear, bright and coordination. C drinks focus on the original ecology, can not be separated from fresh fruits and vegetables, milk and high quality ingredients, for other beverage shops are rare, forming a unique flavor, beverage industry has become the most popular features. To find out the specific circumstances of the project it! read more

Lai Biandan Chongqing small noodles which the whole joining process

has been, we all know that Chongqing facet, in our lives, has been very popular choice. However, for business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the Lai Biandan Chongqing small noodles, competition is very big, but the profit is very high. So, what are the Chongqing small noodles Lai pole join process?

Lai Biandan facet of how to join


1, consulting: investors on a pole Chongqing small noodles telephone and fax, door-to-door, online message and other ways to understand the situation of Lai pole Chongqing small noodles to join the national system, including the strength of the enterprise, the enterprise management status, development vision and corporate culture, and understand the union condition and obtain relevant information.

2, visit: Lai Biandan Chongqing small noodles join? Lai Biandan Chongqing small noodles join? Investors to rely on pole Chongqing small noodles join headquarters site inspection, visit the distribution center and headquarters outlets, and communicate with the specific matters and the Au headquarters staff. read more

The fresh taste of exquisite life time

for catering entrepreneurs, need to have a keen perspective, clear market decision. Know what is the current market demand, to know what is the prospect of unlimited. For example, now the hot drinks market. As a hot beverage industry, Shanxi Datong fruit time store has helped many entrepreneurs realize the entrepreneurial dream. This makes Shanxi Datong fruit shop has become very hot time to join, today Xiaobian for you to share the fruits of Shanxi Datong fruit shop to make money secret.

first of all, entrepreneurs should be clear development goals. Join Shanxi Datong fruit shop is a gradual process, it is impossible in a very short period of time there will be revenue. Want to Shanxi Datong fruit shop franchise business is good, it is necessary to do a good job in the daily operation of Shanxi Datong fresh fruit shop. From product research and development, production to sales, which should be done in every aspect of the non serious, so as to ensure the smooth operation of the store. read more

A stone Yiguo multi join advantage

as a modern Hot pot of delicious, delicious flavor has been attractive, Hot pot market has always been the hot field of investment business, one stone Yiguo selected materials, carey cooked, for consumers to bring the wonderful experience.

since the reform and opening up, the development is very rapid, has been the main force of China’s food and beverage industry, mainly due to:

1. it is a cultural

Hot pot pot is brass, the fire is red, the bottom of the pot is China for thousands of years of history the food cooked, add various food which is new and fresh, can exist in the pot at the same time, a variety of flavor sauce is mixed, taste is various, when you can eat Hot pot choose your favorite. One stone Yiguo join? The characteristics of Hot pot on behalf of the diet food culture of the Chinese nation for thousands of years of heavy, also reflects the modern China open, inclusive, unity of thought. China’s hot pot culture is the country, but also the national culture. read more