Henan provincial inspection teams to patrol feedback 9 units

in order to further let us clean and honest style, many local governments have carried out a series of activities to conduct inspections. Currently, the Henan provincial inspection teams visited a total of 29 companies and 1 colleges and universities, for which the unit gave a patrol feedback 9.

2016 in the first round of inspections has recently officially ended, the provincial 10 inspection teams to the provincial Commission Office and other 29 provincial units and 1 provincial universities a total of 30 units conducted a special inspection.

according to the provincial Commission for discipline inspection official WeChat breeze Central News, according to the provincial unified deployment, from May 24th to 30, the provincial 10 inspection teams to the provincial Commission Office and other 30 first round of this year’s special patrol unit the feedback of the inspection situation. Today, the newspaper continued publication of the provincial inspection teams of 9 units of inspection feedback.

provincial human resources and Social Security Department of the existence of the phenomenon of rent-seeking power

the implementation of human resources and social security policies, there are alternatives, discounts and other issues. Violation of organizational discipline, the presence of the county level cadres with super serious, illegal virtual institutions and other issues. There is the phenomenon of the abuse of power, the social security fund bank selection of state-owned asset disposal authority seeks profit. In the social security fund management, state-owned assets supervision, the use of special funds and human resources and infrastructure management there is a greater risk of integrity.

party secretary, director Liu Shiwei said, in strict accordance with the inspection rectification requirements, conscientiously implement the comprehensive strictly, to further implement the "two responsibilities", pay more attention to the cure, focusing on prevention, focusing on the system construction. Strengthen the Party style construction, efforts to create cadres honest, clean and clear style political and social institutions.

[shengfupinban] individual unit Juzhu serious violations of financial

not enough attention to clean government, the party governing party lost in loose soft. Project audit lax, there are not eligible for the enterprise to become a financial discount or science and technology to help the poor, resulting in poverty alleviation funds. In the implementation of the central provincial Party Committee on the precise poverty relief requirements there are gaps, and some are not in place. Financial management is not strict, serious violations of individual operating units of financial revenue and expenditure. Violation of the eight provisions of the spirit of the problem still exists.

party secretary, director Zhang Jijing said that the rectification task decomposition layers, a clear responsibility department, responsible person and the completion time, the establishment and implementation of the rectification and cancellation system, feedback on the issue of classification summary, by combing classified content, clear rectification, rectification goals, responsible units and the rectification period, strengthen tracking supervision. Do a catch in the end, to ensure effectiveness.


] the Provincial Association for science and technology hair allowance, illegal part-time reward

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