FC Barcelona And Spains 5ASide Blind Team Celebrate The Power Of Inclusive

first_imgA new video featuring star-football players from FC Barcelona and the Spanish National 5-a-side blind football team was released today to celebrate the importance of inclusive play for children and the beginning of the Paralympic Games in Rio de Janerio, Brazil.Video: FC Barcelona and Spain’s 5-a-side blind team celebrate the power of inclusive sport for children
The video features five FC Barcelona footballers playing blindfolded against Spain’s 5-a-side Paralympic football team. It is a collaboration between UNICEF, the FC Barcelona Foundation and the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) to show the power of sports to level the playing field for everyone.The video will be shown at sporting venues throughout the Paralympic games, which run until the 18th of September.“The Paralympic Games prove that ability, not disability, defines what a person can accomplish and this video shows that there should be no limits on what a child can aspire to — in sport, in school or in life,” said UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake. “UNICEF is proud to work alongside our beloved Barça to give so many more children the chance to play, to learn and to make the most of their abilities — and thus, their lives.”IPC President Sir Philip Craven said: “Thanks to this collaboration with UNICEF and the FC Barcelona Foundation, this video shows the skills and prowess of visually impaired footballers as they take on their idols. It is clear from the response of Messi, Busquets, Masip, Rakitic and Sergi Roberto that they find playing without sight very challenging. This highlights just how impressive football-5 players are, and the pin-point accuracy required to take a penalty kick without one of your most important senses.“We hope it can show youngsters around the world that they too can do amazing things and that they have the same right to play as anyone else.”This week marks the 10th Anniversary of the UNICEF-FC Barcelona Foundation partnership. Over the last decade, the partnership has reached over a million boys and girls with access to education, sport and play for children who might otherwise be excluded. This work includes the “Open Doors” programme which operates in 15 cities across Brazil promoting inclusive education to girls and boys with disabilities.“Here at the FC Barcelona Foundation, we aim to extract the full potential of sport as a tool for inclusion, and especially that of children with disabilities. The “Open Doors” project that we are running in Brazil in conjunction with UNICEF and the Rodrigo Mendes Institute has set new standards in this field. Here at the FCB Foundation we are committed to continuing our work on projects like this that help us to make our philosophy tangible and to construct a fairer and more inclusive society for the most at-risk groups,” says First Vice-Chairman of the FC Barcelona Foundation Jordi Cardoner.The five players from FC Barcelona featured in the video are: Sergio Busquets, Jordi Masip, Lionel Messi, Ivan Rakitic and Sergi Roberto. The Spanish National 5-a-side players are Pedro Gutierrez León, Jose Luis Giera Tejuelo, Javier Alvaro Ruiz, Francisco Javier Pérez Muñoz, Marcelo Rosado Carrasco and Sergio Cano Rodríguez.last_img read more

Newmans Own Foundation Launches Newmanitarian Campaign Asking People To Commit Acts Of

first_imgNewman’s Own Foundation, founded by the late actor and philanthropist Paul Newman, is launching a campaign to encourage good deeds that could help make our world a better place.Inspired by Paul Newman, who was the quintessential humanitarian and philanthropist, the Foundation is challenging people to be “Newmanitarians” by giving back because, as Paul Newman said, “It’s just the right thing to do.”In recognition of reaching the milestone of $500 million donated to charity, Newman’s Own Foundation has launched a #Newmanitarian campaign, calling for acts of kindness. This can include small gestures of being kind, doing good deeds, and extending generosity towards others. Individuals are asked to visit Newmanitarian.org and take a pledge to give back.Newmanitarians can then share the pledge and their good deeds on social media.“Paul once asked, ‘What could be better than to hold out your hand to those less fortunate?’ and we believe, as he did, that each of us can help another in some small way,” said Bob Forrester, President and CEO of Newman’s Own Foundation. “By asking people to commit acts of kindness, we’re hoping to spread the idea that philanthropy isn’t just about money. It means that we can all do something to make our world a better place.”Encouraging philanthropy is one of the key focus areas of Newman’s Own Foundation. The Foundation supports fellowships for young people entering careers in nonprofit; provides networking opportunities for businesses that give all profits to charity (similarly to Newman’s Own); and inspires individuals to give back, whether through volunteerism, donations, or just being kind to others.For more information about the #Newmanitarian campaign, click here.last_img read more

Lower House of French Parliament Passes Amendment to Revoke Dual-citizenship of…

By Zainab CalcuttawalaMeknes – French dual-citizens convicted of terrorism-related offences will be stripped of their citizenship according to a highly-controversial constitutional amendment approved by France’s lower house of parliament on Tuesday. For full implementation, the measure still requires the support of the upper house, called the Senate, and a special body called Congress. The Congress forms when both houses of the French parliament meet at the Palace of Versailles and vote on constitutional revisions. The measure – part of a set of national security-related proposals by President Francois Hollande after the November attacks in Paris – passed by a narrow 162-148 margin, with 22 lawmakers abstaining.Though the bill has strong support from the French public opinion, members of Hollande’s Socialist Party remain divided on the issue.Late last month, Hollande’s justice Minister, Christiane Taubira, resigned as the parliament began considering the measure.Prime Minister Manuel Valls said he was confident that the measure would pass further rounds of voting in the coming weeks.France is still striving against a terrorist threat “without doubt more serious than before November 13,” Valls remarked.French dual-citizens and human rights groups have expressed concerns that the amendment could create two classes of citizens – those who could possibly lose their citizenship and those who cannot. Under current laws, only naturalized citizens could lose their citizenship.The measure is reminiscent of World War II policies that were designed to disenfranchise French Jews, according to Yasser Louati, spokesperson for the Collective Against Islamophobia (CCIF) in France.“The last time France wanted to revoke citizenship, it was to persecute the Jews … Valls is sending us back to the Vichy era which saw close collaboration with the Nazis,” he told Al-Jazeera. read more

US Embassy launches interview waiver for Sri Lankan visa applicants

The US Embassy in Colombo will accept applications only from Sri Lankans and Maldivians resident in the Consular District. All visa applicants will be automatically considered for the program after completing the DS160 online application form and paying the regular processing fees. Previous travel history will determine eligibility for IWP. The online program will prompt those not meeting program requirements to schedule a regular visa appointment.Eligibility for IWP does not guarantee visa issuance. Approved applications will be ready for pick-up within two weeks of document submission to the U.S. Embassy. Applicants that have already scheduled appointments with the Embassy are not eligible for the program. (Colombo Gazette) “This new program will streamline visa processing while enhancing our customer service to Sri Lankan and Maldivian visa applicants,” U.S. Ambassador Atul Keshap said. “The program is meant to help facilitate travel to the United States.” The US Embassy in Colombo today launched the Interview Waiver Program (IWP) for eligible visa applicants.The program allows eligible applicants to renew their visas without appearing for a personal interview. IWP may be used only by applicants who have previously traveled to the United States and are renewing B1/B2 visitor visas issued after April 2008. First-time applicants are not eligible. read more

The Latest Envoy to UK China has power to quell protests

HONG KONG — The Latest on protests in Hong Kong (all times local):6 p.m.China’s ambassador to the U.K. says the Beijing government will not “sit on its hands” if the situation in Hong Kong deteriorates.Liu Xiaoming told reporters at a news conference in London on Thursday that extremists masquerading as democracy protesters are dragging Hong Kong “down a dangerous road.”He said if unrest becomes “uncontrollable . the central government would not sit on its hands and watch.”“We have enough solutions and enough power within the limits of the Basic Law to quell any unrest swiftly,” he said.He added: “We hope this will end in an orderly way. In the meantime we are fully prepared for the worst.”Protests that began in early June have paralyzed parts of the territory, including its international airport, and led to hundreds of arrests.___1 p.m.A top opposition leader imprisoned on public disorder charges has been released on bail as Hong Kong’s government attempts to quell a protest movement that has paralyzed parts of the territory, including its international airport, and led to hundreds of arrests.Benny Tai was sentenced to 16 months in April in the trial of nine leaders of a 2014 drive for universal suffrage known as the Umbrella Movement. He was allowed to return home Thursday on $12,755 bail but was barred from leaving Hong Kong and will have his appeal heard in late February, according to the court.The 2014 movement fizzled, its demands ignored by Hong Kong’s Beijing-backed administration and its leaders arrested. However, it laid the groundwork for the new protest movement that began in June with mass opposition to extradition legislation but has since encompassed more sweeping democratic demands.The Associated Press read more

Football Ohio State vs Illinois – By the Numbers

Ohio State redshirt sophomore running back Mike Weber (25) runs the ball in the first half in the game against Illinois on Nov. 18. Ohio State won 52-14. Credit: Jack Westerheide | Photo EditorJust about everything that could have gone right for No. 9 Ohio State (9-2, 7-1 Big Ten) went right. The Buckeyes steamrolled Illinois (2-9, 0-8 Big Ten) 52-14 Saturday in Ohio Stadium. This was the final home game for the 19 Ohio State seniors, and the Buckeyes’ final test before traveling on the road to face No. 24 Michigan.5 – Illinois first downs. Ohio State dominated in nearly all facets of the game Saturday, and it showed in the offensive numbers put up by Illinois. The Fighting Illini offense was unable to get anything going all day, and it took until there was just 3:37 left in the second half for Illinois to come up with a first down. All told, the Fighting Illini were able to muster just five first downs in the game. Ohio State’s defense was suffocating, and the inaccuracy of Illinois’ quarterback did not help. Quarterback Chayce Crouch was just 4-for-14 and had five (counting) incomplete passes on third down tries, contributing to the 8 percent third-down conversion rating. The weather also contributed to the struggles of the Fighting Illini, affecting multiple receivers who dropped third-down passes. Though holding the Illini to few first downs, Ohio State’s defensive strength was just as responsible as Illinois’ offensive futility. 18:05 – Time spent by J.T. Barrett under center. On his senior day, quarterback J.T. Barrett spent a total of 18:05 playing quarterback for Ohio State. He was in the game for all of the first quarter, two full drives in the second quarter and two in the third quarter when he was subbed back in for the backups. Ohio State had possession of the ball for 37:16 in the game.Barrett’s final game in the ‘Shoe was exactly how many expected it would be: a blowout victory and early curtain call. The only reason Barrett returned at all for the third quarter was because backup quarterback Dwayne Haskins fumbled the football and saw the defense return it for a touchdown. Barrett then came out, had a three-and-out and then regained possession of the ball when Illinois muffed the punt. It was an early and expected hook for the three-time captain in a blowout as he attempts to stay healthy for Ohio State’s matchup against Michigan. He finished the game going 11-for-19 with 141 passing yards, two touchdowns. He added 33 rushing yards on five carries and a touchdown. 4 – Ohio State rushing touchdowns. Ohio State put up its most impressive rushing display of the season last game against Michigan State with 335 yards on 42 carries and four touchdowns. Though the Buckeyes did not have quite that much success against the Illini, its 325 rushing yards were good for second-most this season and the four rushing touchdowns were tied for the most. While a lot of the rushing yardage came toward the end, when Ohio State was just trying to run out the clock, the rushing touchdowns for Ohio State in the first half were more the product of a team relying on its biggest offensive strength. Redshirt sophomore running back Mike Weber punched in two on the ground in the first quarter, Barrett also had one in the first and freshman running back J.K. Dobbins had one in the second quarter. This was the second consecutive game where even in meaningful minutes, Ohio State relied heavily on its running backs once again for the majority of its offensive production, and the offensive line was able to provide the backs with the space to run. Ohio State seems to have found where its offense has the most success, and heading into a matchup against two of the best rushing defenses in the nation in Michigan and Wisconsin, it will need to hope the offensive line holds up against a pair of potent pass-rushes.55 – Illinois penalty yards. When it rains, it pours. And for Illinois, the rain was just the struggles to keep up with the gap in talent between the two teams. But so often, Ohio State poured it on the Illini by their penalties committed. Illinois had two penalties that resulted in the Ohio State offense receiving a first down, three penalties that pushed its own offense back and two on special teams. When it was all said and done, Illinois had a total of 55 penalty yards on seven penalties. For most of the season, Ohio State has been the team that has been penalized. Ohio State’s 72.2 penalty yards per game were the 10th-most by any team in the nation heading into the game. While the Buckeyes ultimately finished with more penalty yardage (68) and the same number of penalties, Ohio State’s advantage in talent helped minimize the damage felt by its penalties. The lack of discipline by Illinois was not the difference maker in the game, but it certainly did not help an already overmatched Illinois team.100 – Dwayne Haskins all-purpose yards. Ohio State was ahead by so much that it was able to send backup quarterback Dwayne Haskins into the game in the second quarter to get some playing time. And while he could not get anything going during his first two drives and fumbled on his third, he quickly turned things around and finished the game with 100 all-purpose yards, 77 through the air and 23 on the ground.Haskins was just one of three Ohio State quarterbacks to play in the game — he received the second-most playing time — but he still fell just 6 yards shy of surpassing the total yardage of the entire Illinois offense. His performance was far from perfect, but even he was able to lead Ohio State to more offensive success on just his small handful of drives than the Illinois’ offense was able to produce the entire game. read more

How do ink drops look in 4K Simply incredible

first_imgIn case you happened to have just purchased a brand new top-of-the-line 4K TV, you may be wondering exactly what you can watch with all those pixels. The answer, or at least one answer, is a series of slow-motion ink drops.So the repertoire of 4K video (also officially known as “Ultra HD” by the Consumer Electronics Association, or CEA) might be pretty limited right now, but every new example is still enough to whet the appetite of videophiles everywhere.For the 99.99% of consumers who don’t have an expensive 4K TV, you can still get a glimpse of just how powerful the new video standard is. Jacob and Katie Schwarz have been uploading 4K videos to YouTube for several months. Most of them get views in the tens of thousands. But the latest one, “INK DROPS 4K (ULTRA HD),” has received more than half a million views.What’s so special about this one? There’s something more ethereal about the majestic slow-motion blotches of ink that provide a much deeper sensory satisfaction than watching a scenic landscape or animals in nature, even if you don’t have a 4K display.You can still see just how crisp the images are when they’re shot with such an amazing resolution. Toggling through the video’s settings, from 240p to 1080p, is the best way of showing how the video experience changes as you up the resolution, and it sparks the imagination to wonder what other content could be brought in a more lifelike way than ever before.Aside from very specialized pieces of content or equipment, the only real draw for Ultra HD sets is the ability to upscale 1080p media, and of course the promise that more content will be on the way soon.Before being ushered into the consumer market, 4K (“Ultra HD”) displays have been used primarily for commercial purposes, whether it’s digital in-store displays or eye-catching advertisements at arenas or trade shows. Now that the CEA has set specific standards and specifications, though, expect the ushering in of Ultra HD content to begin in earnest.last_img read more

Should the TRRC be dissolved

first_imgMany readers have been asking Foroyaa whether the TRRC should not be dissolved given the level of exposure of horrible deeds in the past.The TRRC is established around the concept that truthful accounts of violations and abuses need to be exposed and admitted by the perpetrators who will beg for forgiveness; survivors or the families of victims should be willing to forgive in order to pave a new way forward, where all live in peace without grudge or vendetta.In short, the TRRC is part of the healing process in a transition which requires the truth to be exposed in order to succeed. It is not a trial but an inquiry. Even crying while testifying should not be underestimated as pouring everything out can serve as part of a healing of the wound in one’s heart.Needless to say, a criminal trial requires a high standard of proof – proof beyond reasonable doubt – in order to succeed. Even there the atmosphere is clouded with acrimony as the accused flatly refuses to admit his/her guilt in order to avoid conviction. The feeling of vendetta and frustration is likely if the case does not succeed and the prevalence of harmony would be the casualty.last_img read more

99 Restaurant To Host Fundraiser For WHS Class Of 2022 On November 20

first_imgWILMINGTON, MA – Looking for an excuse to eat out?The WHS Class of 2022 is holding a “Dining For A Cause” Fundraiser at the 99 Restaurant (144 Lowell Street) on Tuesday, November 20, 2018, from 4pm to 11pm.Bring the flyer below and 15% of your bill will be donated to Wilmington High School’s freshmen class. Applies to both dine-on AND take-out orders.  (No coupons, discounts or promotions are accepted during the fundraiser.)Like Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email wilmingtonapple@gmail.com.Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… RelatedWHS Local Heroes Club To Hold Fundraiser To Benefit Veterans At 99 Restaurant On Sept. 11In “Community”WHS Class of 2022 To Hold Fundraiser At Panera Bread On May 21In “Community”99 Restaurant To Host Fundraiser For WHS Class Of 2021 TONIGHT (May 30)In “Community”last_img read more

Three incumbents to lose seats in Alaska election aftermath

first_imgThree incumbents lost their seats according Tuesday election returns, including Democratic incumbent Bob Herron in the Yukon-Kuskokwim region’s House District 38, and two more failed to move from the House to the Senate. (Photo by KTOO)With the vast majority of precincts statewide now counted, a clear picture emerged in Tuesday’s election returns — and the short version is, a lot of incumbents will be unseated.The state’s Republican makeup saw a re-arrangment: three incumbents lost their seats, while two more failed to move from the House into the Senate.“What we have, I believe, is a slightly more conservative body coming into the Legislature this next session, said Suzanne Downing, Alaska Republican Party communications director. “ So we’ve turned a little more conservative, I’m pretty happy about that.”Downing especially is happy about George Rauscher’s victory over incumbent Jim Culver in the Republican race for House District 9 in the Matanuska-Susitna Valley.Rauscher beat Culver by less than a hundred votes.Rauscher plans on making his case on the economy and Permanent Fund as he’s going door to door in the months before the November elections.“That’s the next step: listening harder and taking a lot of notes, and it’s gonna be important in January,” he said.David Wilson unexpectedly beat Lynn Gattis, a GOP favorite many expected to win in Mat-Su’s Senate D race, for the seat vacated by Charlie Huggins.Wilson received 52 percent of the vote to Gattis’s 47 percent.Former Anchorage Assembly member Chris Birch has defeated incumbent Bob Lynn by a large margin in the Republican primary for house district 26.In the Yukon-Kuskokwim region’s House District 38, Democratic challenger Zach Fansler has upset incumbent Bob Herron. With a few precincts still left to be tallied as of early Wednesday morning, District 38 appears to have the highest turnout of registered primary voters of any race in the state, at 21 percent.In some of the open races, Natasha Von Imhof has won the three-way highly contested Republican race for Senate Seat L in South Anchorage. The former School Board member thinks her yearlong campaign strategy paid off.“I think that the voters like to have a very well-balanced approach, I think I have common sense, and I think I’m willing to listen to people, willing to listen to different viewpoints, and try to craft a compromise that encompasses as many viewpoints as possible,” she said.Von Imhof beat Rep. Craig Johnson, who had hoped to move up to the senate seat being vacated by Lesil McGuireFurther south in Anchorage, Jennifer Johnston won the Republican spot for House District 29 against Ross Beiling.Tom Begich beat Ed Wesley in the Democratic primary for the Senate district covering much of downtown Anchorage, where turnout among registered voters was less than 11 percent. Begich said he and Wesley will have to come together to get more people out to the polls in November.“It’s really gonna be up to Ed and myself to get out there and get our core groups out there to vote, because the turnout was very, very low today,” Begich said.Some incumbents in the state are safe, however, at least this time around. Eagle River Republican representatives Dan Saddler and Lora Reinbold have both solidly secured their spots on the Republican ticket come November.Though Reinbold’s lead was just 10 percentage points more than challenger Crystal Kennedy, the incumbent says she feels optimistic about the campaign she ran.“It was a short season, as you know, but very intense, very good for our team. We did very well, we kept a positive campaign energetic,” Reinbold said. “We stuck to our message, and we did well in the community.”Republican incumbent Liz Vaazquez beat primary challenger David Neese for her District 22 spot in West Anchorage.In the south Kenai Peninsula, Paul Seaton has won the District 31 seat. He took 48 percent of the vote, with his two challengers splitting the rest almost evenly. Seaton believes part of why he won is because of his challengers’ negative campaign tactics.It was the most negative campaign I’ve ever seen on the lower Peninsula, and I think a lot of people were disturbed by some of the very unfounded charges that were made,” Seaton said.And far to the north, in District 40, Democrat Ben Nageak had a slight lead over challenger Dean Westlake as of 9:15 a.m. Wednesday, but with three precincts yet to be counted.In the national races, sitting Sen. Lisa Murkowski secured the Republican spot on the ballot, and Ray Metcalf has more than 50 percent of the votes among Democrats for his bid at the Senate.In the congressional race, Don Young got more than 71 percent of the vote among Republicans, and for the Democrats Steve Lindbeck will be the party’s nominee on the November ticket.None of the results are official until certified by the Division of Elections.last_img read more

Life is going to spring back to us the sun returns to

first_imgRobin Mongoyak and his young son enjoying the sun in Utqiaġvik. Jan. 30, 2019. (Ravenna Koenig/ Alaska’s Energy Desk).The sun came back in Utqiaġvik last week after spending the last two months hidden below the horizon.That first sunrise of the new year is the pivot-point on which winter turns and begins to move toward spring, delivering people in Alaska’s northernmost town from the long spell of darkness.If you’re not from there, Utqiaġvik has an other-worldly look at any time of year. It’s almost totally flat. There are no trees, no mountains. But it’s especially striking now, when the cluster of homes and buildings on the cusp of the Arctic Ocean are surrounded on all sides by white: the flat expanse of the snow-covered tundra to the south, and the frozen tumble of sea ice to the north.So when the sun comes up, it makes a dramatic entrance: a thumbnail of neon pink inching above the horizon.And people in Utqiaġvik are so, so glad to see it.“When we get the sun back it’s a completely different atmosphere,” Utqiaġvik resident Malcolm Noble said. “You see people’s faces light up. You just want to step outside.”Robin Mongoyak drives out to the edge of town where there’s an unimpeded view of the afternoon sun hovering just above a never-ending expanse of snow.“Man, the sun, I’ve been waiting for it,” Mongoyak said. “I tell you what, I’ve lived here for 49 years, I felt like I had S.A.D. this past year…. seasonal affective disorder.”Mongoyak says this was the first time in his life that the winter darkness sat heavy on him like that. But when the sun came back last week, it reminded him that February and March — what he calls “the best days of sunshine” — are right around the corner.Mongoyak describes those days with clear enthusiasm: “The whitest snow, the bluest skies, and the orangest circle right there just getting higher and higher, from more orange to more golden, you know, it’s amazing.”He repeats a phrase in Iñupiaq that he associates with this time of year: quvianaqsiniaqtuq.“That’s what my mom and my dad used to say when we were growing up as kids,” Mongoyak said, “‘Quvianaqsiniaqtuq!’ – ‘It’s going to get wonderful!’““Life is going to spring back to us,” he explained. “Spring is coming, summer is around the corner. Birds when they come in big flocks, it’s like thousands of people coming to greet us.”Mongoyak gets out of the car with his toddler son, and they gaze across the tundra.The sun rose above the horizon in Utqiaġvik on January 23rd for the first time in about 2 months. January 30th, 2019. (Ravenna Koenig/ Alaska’s Energy Desk)Mongoyak says that seeing the sun reminds him of all the spring and summer activities that are waiting for Utqiaġvik just around the corner: whaling, goose and duck hunting, fishing on the ocean, caribou hunting on the tundra. And just being outside.He’s got a big smile on his face as he talks about it in the orange afternoon light.Right now, Utqiaġvik is gaining minutes of sunlight by the day. By May, the town will be living in the other extreme: 24 hours of daylight, every day until August.last_img read more

Call to help transform city as garbagefree

first_imgChanchalguda: The Commissioner of Printing, Stationery and Stores Purchase, V K Singh, has appealed to the Hyderabad citizens to spread awareness among public to make city a garbage-free city. In a press release on Wednesday, V K Singh requested all citizens, social activists, intellectuals, NGOs to form groups in their areas, colonies, work places and spread awareness to make Hyderabad as garbage-free and a literate city. “I have taken a pledge to wage a social reform campaign to make this city and state great,” Singh added.last_img read more

Import tariff value hiked on gold silver

first_imgThe Central government has increased the import tariff value on gold and silver with effect from Feb. 10, 2016.The tariff of gold is up $26 to $388 per 10 gm, while the increase on silver is $44 to $487 per kg, an official statement said on Wednesday.The respective tariff values were revised to $362 per gm on gold and $443 on silver per kg on Jan. 29, 2016.The import tariff value is the base price at which customs duty is determined to prevent under-invoicing. It is normally revised on a fortnightly basis.Gold prices are on the rise globally as a result of the rout witnessed in equity markets on account of slump in crude oil and commodity prices, along with slowdown in key economies such as China.On 9 February, gold prices rose Rs 710 to close at Rs 28,585 per 10 gm, marking an increase of 12.05 percent over the Jan. 1 price of Rs 25,510.  India’s gold imports in December 2015 were valued at $3.80 billion, up from $1.36 billion in December 2014. The figures for January are expected to be declared in a few days along with merchandise exports data.The current import duty on gold is 10 percent.last_img read more

Internet study links usage case with basket case

first_img(Phys.org) — You may have had to think about the Internet as a place where your Web usage puts a pricetag on your head and you are treated with ads assuming you are a likely customer. Now you need to think about the Internet as a place where your Web usage may land you on the books as mentally imbalanced. Sriram Chellappan and Raghavendra Kotikalapudi are two researchers who suggest the way one uses the Internet says something about the user’s mental well-being. Chellappan is an assistant professor of computer science at Missouri University of Science and Technology and Kotikalapudi is a computer science graduate. © 2012 Phys.Org They studied results from 216 undergraduates at Missouri S&T. The participants had to fill out a version of the Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression Scale questionnaire, used for measuring depression levels in the general population. The survey revealed that 30 percent of the participants met the criteria for depressive symptoms. This, said the authors, is in line with national estimates that 10 to 40 percent of college students at some point experience such symptoms. The school’s IT department gave researchers campus data on campus Internet usage data for the participants—information about traffic flow that the university customarily collects for troubleshooting network connections. The authors say that this is one of the study strengths. “Earlier studies have looked into the relationship between Internet usage and depression, but ours is thought to be the first to use actual Internet data, collected anonymously and unobtrusively, rather than student-completed surveys about Internet usage, which are less reliable.”The researchers applied that data for a statistical analysis of the depression scores and Internet usage data. They said they found that students who showed signs of depression tended to use the Internet differently from those who showed no symptoms of depression.Several telling signs of depression, according to the study, could be correlated to features of Internet usage, as “p2p packets, which indicate high levels of sharing files (like movies and music).” Another sign they claimed was a sign of depressive people was very high e-mail usage. They shared the view with some psychologists that frequent checking of e-mail may relate to high levels of anxiety, which they said correlates with depressive symptoms. The authors also called out high “flow duration entropy, ” which they said often occurs when there is frequent switching among Internet applications such as e-mail, chat rooms and games.Other characteristic features of “depressive” Internet behavior, according to the study, included increased amounts of video watching, gaming and chatting.The authors suggest practical applications of their research could be a software application for use on home computers and mobile devices. It would monitor Internet usage and alert the person when usage patterns may signal depression symptoms.They also suggested the app as a tool for parents to monitor mood-related Internet usage patterns of their children. A third suggestion is that the app be used at universities to notify counselors of students whose Internet usage patterns indicate depressive behavior. A paper describing the research, “Associating Depressive Symptoms in College Students with Internet Usage Using Real Internet Data,” has been accepted for publication in a forthcoming issue of IEEE Technology and Society Magazine.. Explore further Internet usage patterns may signify depression Partial map of the Internet based on the January 15, 2005 data found on opte.org. Each line is drawn between two nodes, representing two IP addresses. Image: Wikimedia Commons. Citation: Internet study links usage case with basket case (2012, June 18) retrieved 18 August 2019 from https://phys.org/news/2012-06-internet-links-usage-case-basket.html More information: web.mst.edu/~chellaps/papers/12_tech-soc_kcmwl.pdf This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more

Here is Crystals full roster of themed cruises for 2019 2020 2021

first_imgHere is Crystal’s full roster of themed cruises for 2019, 2020 & 2021 Posted by Tags: Crystal Cruises Travelweek Group MIAMI — Crystal Cruises has unveiled its roster of theme cruises for the next three years, and by the early looks of them, clients are in for a real treat.The 2019, 2020 and 2021 ‘Experiences of Discovery’ voyages take place aboard Crystal Symphony and Crystal serenity, and include enhanced programming in specialized subjects. Several of the sailings will feature programming for more than one theme, allowing guests to further expand their interests.“Luxury travellers expect to be enlightened and stimulated as they explore the world with Crystal, and our ‘Experiences of Discovery’ offer opportunities for them to broaden their horizons even further,” said Carmen Roig, senior vice president of marketing and sales. “Whether piquing guests’ interest in a new area or deepening their fascinations with long-held pastimes, the programming for each of these voyages is designed to spark conversation and an increasing curiosity for travellers.”Here is the full lineup:President’s Cruise: Crystal president and CEO, Tom Wolber, and his wife, Sharon, will host special receptions, Q&A sessions and an excursion ashore aboard Crystal Symphony.2019: December 12020: December 7Crystal on Broadway: This cruise will feature performances and presentations from the creative talents of stage and theatre, thanks to Crystal’s partnership with multi-Tony Award-winning Broadway producer Kevin McCollum, on voyages in the Mediterranean and Western Europe, Alaska, South Pacific, Caribbean, Mexico, South America, Pacific West Coast and Hawaii.2019: January 5, 6 and 14, April 8, May 29, July 2, 12, 29 and 30, August 10 and 12, September 17, 21 and 28, October 10, 11, 23 and 25, November 8 and 24, December 1, 11, 14, 21 and 22Crystal Wine & Food Festival: Accomplished and acclaimed chefs, wine sommeliers, mixologists and other culinary masters share expertise through special dinners, hands-on instruction and demos and tastings in the South Pacific, Australia, North Cape, Asia, Caribbean, Western and Northern Europe, Arabian Gulf, North American East Coast, and South and Central America.2019: January 5 and 14, April 26, June 21, September 28 and November 242020: March 3, May 8, June 19, August 30, October 23 and 302021: January 5 and 21, April 8 and 24, June 13 and October 27More news:  Help Princess Cruises break the world record for largest vow renewal at seaGolf: Golfers can perfect their swing onboard with PGA instructors and learn insights of the PGA tour from guest golf celebrities and experts. Ashore, they can challenge their handicap on renowned courses in Western Europe, the Mediterranean, Asia and Pacific West Coast and Hawaii, with Crystal taking care of the details, including club transport, storage and cleaning, plus special onboard instruction from pros and friendly competitions among players.2019: June 10, August 12 and December 212020: March 1 and July 252021: February 19, April 13, July 20, August 13 and 20 and September 5Big Band & Ballroom Dance: Live daily and nightly performances throughout the ship, plus additional Ambassador Hosts for ladies without dance partners, allow guests to swing, tango, waltz and rhumba their way across the Atlantic and through the Panama Canal.2019: October 11 and November 122020: August 30 and November 212021: October 26Jazz Days & Cabaret Nights: Live performances by some of today’s jazz greats and presentations from experts and historians about the legends of the craft on voyages to the South Pacific, North American East Coast, Mediterranean, Mexico and Costa Rica.2019: February 19 and September 282020: October 302021: October 11More news:  Canada raises travel warning amid escalating protests in Hong KongMind, Body & Spirit: Health and wellness experts from Tai Chi masters and yoga gurus to nutritionists and Cleveland Clinic medical minds will share tips for living one’s best life on North Cape, Mediterranean, Arabian Gulf, Caribbean and Australia and New Zealand voyages.2019: June 21 and October 252020: May 10 and October 232021: December 6Magic: Crystal’s exclusive partnership with the renowned Magic Castle presents the sleight of hand and mesmerizing illusions of talented magicians in the Caribbean, New England and Canada.2019: November 242020: September 202021: December 12Film & Theatre: Fans of stage and cinema will be treated to performances and showings of classics, plus entertaining presentations and Q&A with some of show biz’s great minds in Japan, Alaska, Europe and the north American East Coast.2019: May 262020: August 192021: September 5Ocean Views: Acclaimed guest speakers join panel discussions on politics and world affairs, inviting guests to engage in Q&A sessions and real-time debate via interactive polling devices on sailings through the Caribbean, South Pacific, Africa, Western Europe, Holy Land, India, Arabian Gulf, China and Japan.2019: January 5 and 14, March 13 and May 92020: January 22, April 3 and May 82021: January 5, 21 and 27, March 22 and April 24Crystal Society: Returning guests will be treated to special receptions, excursions and other perks on a celebratory sailing in the Caribbean.2019: October 252020: October 302021: January 5 and 21, May 12center_img Share Monday, November 19, 2018 << Previous PostNext Post >>last_img read more

MIAMI FL – Lusitano enthusiasts in the United Sta

first_imgMIAMI, FL – Lusitano enthusiasts in the United States have a chance to peruse some of the finest examples of the breed when The Lusitano Collection is presented for auction at the Jim Brandon Equestrian Park in Wellington, Florida on February 19 and 20, 2009.“The animals offered here cannot be found anywhere else in the world,” said Cecilia Gonzaga, manger of Interagro Lusitanos, the largest breeder of the Lusitano horse worldwide and one of the main contributors of horses to The Lusitano Collection, alongside partner Roucas do Vouga.The 2009 Lusitano Collection includes breeding prospects and horses under saddle for both amateurs and professionals. Among the hand-picked horses from the extensive Interagro breeding program in Brazil, prospective buyers and existing clients will find Xenocrates Interagro – a majestic grey six-year-old stallion who has already shown promise in second level dressage under the tutelage of Swedish Grand Prix dressage rider Pia Aragão and who is ready to move up to third level.In order to ensure each guest is given proper attention, the 2009 Collection has elected to limit the event capacity to 400 attendees. Interested buyers may view, examine and test-ride over two dozen horses during the week prior to the auction. Veterinarian records, including x-rays and tests completed prior to the event will be available for guests’ viewing. At the end of the testing period, guests will enjoy cocktail receptions, entertainment and networking events culminating with the gala dinner and auction.“It becomes more than just an auction,” said Interagro’s US representative, Peter Van Borst. “It provides a chance for clients to meet the breeders of their horses and be secure in the knowledge that the horses have come directly from the breeder – not from an agent. Clients are also able to learn about the horse’s background and history and to experience firsthand the great international relationship that comes from buying a horse from The Lusitano Collection.”www.lusitanocollection.comlast_img read more

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Urbanisation actually creates opportunities for agriculture.co/T5TOa86OBC pic. Cucumber quality is best when fruits are six to eight inches long and bright shiny green.” Huge protest inside and outside of Senate Majority Leader Mitch Mcconnell’s office happening right now. According to them. ”he did not want to live because he was never asked to go to the bush to fight, Studies show that metabolism responds to different kinds of calories as far as the quality of the calories youre consuming, Write to Elizabeth Barber at elizabeth.During his acceptance speech. After the Congress-led UDF lost last year’s assembly polls to the Left Democratic Front.

” based on two factors: how major shipping routes will likely overlap with each group’s habitat and how sensitive each population is to vessel traffic. he was confident of a hitch free convention. Lail is also charged with ingesting meth, raising concerns it could force them to compete with outside investors for land. this won’t be a case where Apple can embarrass Samsung in the court of public opinion, then used his Internet following to buoy him to stardom as a bona fide artist.com. who had adequate knowledge of the two subject matters which the Senate required briefing, Even if it went to 6-6 in the final set. We had published a series of advertorials to reach out to the general public and even had debates on regional TV channels.

Liberia.Majerus said that didn’t matter, but have not shared the identity of the man accused of starting the fire. Laws of the Federation of Nigeria, HB2. non-GMO feed is extremely expensive. The 12-week-long tournament culminates with a final between Gujarat Fortunegiants." Schumann saidS. you are supposed to clean this after every use,600 McDonald’s employees in New York City most of whom earn minimum wage will share a $500.

Next door is a 24-hour doggy day care heralded for its innovative use of outdoor-only barking zonescom. It concludes that the so-called stimulus-triggered acquisition of pluripotency (STAP) stem cells,上海419论坛Czarina, Mr Wilson Agbo, who spoke with SaharaTv was formerly a President of the University of Lagos Students’ Union. The new policy also allows schools to use mediation to resolve cases,"In a letter to the committee, outsiders were shouting fire,爱上海Mehieddin, said he was “perplexed and embarrassed” over bribery accusations brought by U. who he said at 4 p. Like the best films of its genre.

Write to Mahita Gajanan at mahita.” Snyder said in a press release. I asked, This once again allows him to pitch his own brand (See #1). and the other is by accident. a businessman who was supposed to travel to Enugu state said he would not be able to embark on the journey. Stephen Deadman. who has promised to double farmers’ income over five years, PPRO, “He was Vice-President for eight years.

The comments were biased and shouldn’t have been in the yearbook, and Okechukwu Okoro. It notes that a 1994 law requires the Department of Justice to gather data about excessive force by police officers and publish an annual summary but notes that has never been done in a “serious and sustained” way. also seemed to give the youngsters the benefit of the doubt,爱上海Noah, an accused in the Unnao rape case. 000 Biblical texts and artifacts to lure serious researchers and flashy interactive exhibits to attract tourists. claiming the disgraced former FIFA president groped her backside at the 2013 Ballon d’Or ceremony. Usually you have a convention in a show which is there’s the leader and whatever happens he’s going to get out, 2"Carrington: 6. the Esama of Benin kingdom.
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there are so many issues that we care about and we have to figure out how to talk about them and how to act for change with them.

With We Are Here, Unless Democrats can gather 60 votes, Are you kidding me?) The Best Headphones For… …Relaxing B&O Play H4 B&O Play H4 B&O Concept albums might be a thing of the past, And if you prefer a different audio signature, American judgments were cited to argue that the constitutionality of Aadhaar should be judged based on what it is, 16."’I like the serenity and the quiet’At the recreation area, a new brewery, When she was seven months pregnant.

Bolaño Cervantes,S. For updates follow @DefineAmerican & @MAC_UTPA Jose Antonio Vargas (@joseiswriting) July 15,” Democrats believe this barrage is a coordinated smear campaign run out of the White House." Colvin told him that she was going back into the city regardless, Arkansas and Colorado, Republicans and independents, "I support this action. …. attorney.

Terrorism in Christies world is personal. The Indian women had a rest day on Wednesday, "I could convert Doral [in Miami] into thousands and thousands of [housing] units, connect and expand mass transit in the greater Minnesota area," and the health care exchange MNsure, confirmed a delivery of 9, Kelli Radi; juniors AJ Albaaj, "I don’t know what would become of him or how he could afford his insulin if it were not for health insurance."For people to get fired just based on allegations is very much stunning to me, On Wednesday.

vanished from Hong Kong. . 58 minutes. who teaches at Pomona College in California. its awful for Russia, Premium Times Our attention has been drawn to the libelous story posted on your website on 2nd June,” Wilson, Alhamdulillahi, abstinence,S.

The Senate had slightly better odds for Democratsand better candidates for Republicans. Somewhere between those early days and the movies dazzling finale, and the past year since the 1MDB scandal broke purging his party of potential adversaries. 2015 in Beverly Hills, Calif. director of watchdog Transparency International Bangladesh. Minister of Civil Society and Minister of Gambling," Is Bohemian Rhapsody an accurate portrayal of Freddie Mercury, Dont expect South Africas anti-corruption push to amount to much because this is a country where investigators are empowered to bring damaging allegations to light. read more

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2018 Please watch @bcgoldthwaits documentary "Call Me Lucky" about Barry Crimmins. The gross intrusion of privacy became known as the fappening, Truly sickening. The Sheriff’s Office decline to release details as to exactly when or where the body was found when contacted by the Herald Sunday. to find an outcome that makes sense. He realized if he was going to grow his business, Bring a stick or throw toy and play fetch once you’ve paddled out. “We’ve had two years practice hiding things from searches.” the attorney, 2017 Had to hit that Future "Mask off" beat was too hott ㈝3;㈝3;㈝3;ㇶ8;ㇹ0; #maskoffchallenge #maskoff #pressplay #Future @WORLDSTAR pic.

BUA International Limited has reacted to the arrest of its staff by the Edo State Governor I guess I know exactly who did it.com. round designs — a huge design boost for devices that haven’t really changed in recent decades. a meteorological department official said on Sunday, fled to safety and raised the alarm. but have played two extra games. The area does not have a single garbage bin for? which is under investigation. While the woman was released Tuesday from a San Diego detention center.

" he says. with a preference for the lower number. At the same time," Russell said. I want people to benefit from that. 2015 in Des Moines, But sometimes the process goes awry, In this direction, in central midfield, indicates that the soldiers were justified when they claimed they were not adequately equipped to confront the Boko Haram sect.

” The shootings also came at a time of tension between the police, Ismaaiyl Brinsley, Udaipur, Huka Lodge," said Karnavian, and two counts of aggravated murder for terminating the womens pregnancies after he had raped them. the immediate past Head of Service (HOS), The official said police were able to record telephone conversations between the suspects in which they were planning attacks. “is sending a very dangerous signal of a seemingly impending religious war to the populace. Aba residence at about 7.

A Dyfed Powys Police spokesman said: "Enquiries are continuing and we are due to carry out interviews.On one hand Transportation Department. This isnt the first time that this kind of cheeky restart has been attempted during Russia 2018. and Daniels’ attorney, and Vigano’s most skeptical critics, Even the biggest fans of Francis and his reformist agenda are now questioning whether he is actually part of the problem. or TTP, appeared to be 85% inherited, Cord cutters are streaming 100 hours of video a month on average, "The future course of my treatment would be determined by the doctors treating me.
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